Dwight Freeney says what many think: Super Bowl week sucks

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Falcons defensive end Dwight Freneey is at his third Super Bowl, making him the Falcon with the most Super Bowl experience. And Freeney is letting his teammates know what a lot of people think about all the hype surrounding the big game.

Asked today about the process of waiting two weeks to play in the Super Bowl after winning the conference championship, Freeney answered, “I think the process honestly sucks.”

Freeney said it feels like an eternity wading through all the endless media hype and waiting for the game.

“Because you’re waiting two weeks,” Freeney said. “It’s not like a bye week where you get take your mind off of football for just a second, do whatever you want to do. No, it’s like you’re focusing on the game for two weeks straight. You just can’t wait until it gets here, partially just so you can stop talking about it and just do it. I think that’s the agonizing part about this whole entire process. It’s just that wait until the Super Bowl. That’s the pain, the pain is the wait until you get there.”

The good news for Freeney is his media obligations are over: He doesn’t have to talk to the press again until after the game on Sunday.

33 responses to “Dwight Freeney says what many think: Super Bowl week sucks

  1. I get that the time leading up to the Super Bowl is a big money maker and some people relish all the hoopla. But, I agree with Dwight. It sucks. It’s boring and I’m sick enough of seeing and hearing Goodell that I just shut it off. Game day can’t get here soon enough.

  2. It’ll be worth it in hindsight, Dwight!

    Falcons 31
    Patriots 27

    No wait: Falcons 55, Patriots 9

  3. I remember that year when they did away with the the two week break and everyone was complaining it wasn’t enough time to hype up the game.
    They should just play it on Saturday and make it Superbowl Saturday so that I don’t have to go to work the day after this unofficial holiday.

  4. I guess after you’ve been there a few times, the glitz is sorta yesterday’s news and all the hoopla can have a counterproductive effect on the players who have to endure the media circus instead of just focusing on the important part of their job.
    For veteran players it’s about football and not all the “Brand” promotion. We need more Dwight Freeneys in the NFL today to make football great again!

  5. Cardinals fans wish him all the best in the SB. He did a great job for the Cards the year he was here, and the fans would have liked to see him re-signed.

  6. Why any team has ever released Freeney, I’ll never understand.

    Especially when you look at how the teams tend to do after letting him go.

  7. This is why, as a diehard Pats fan, I don’t watch super bowl week. NFL “up to the minute.” Who cares?! Sunday can’t be here fast enough for our fans and Atlanta’s fans. Now, my bruins suck, but since I live in Chicago now, I can watch my wife’s Blackhawks and the week shall gobble!

  8. I can’t remember a super bowl most people were less excited for. I live near Atlanta and am from Pittsburgh and it just seems like no one cares anymore. Even the pats fans don’t seem to care…

  9. Love the two-week break. I like that both teams are given a chance to heal up and play at their highest possible levels. I like that there’s another week of coaching prep. It all works for me.

    The media is the pain point. I don’t know when the press became such an insufferable tangle of gossipers and busy-body social justice warriors, but the entire industry is beyond repair. Journalism needs a massive reboot.

  10. Didn’t they drop the second week for a hot minute in the ’90s? Why did they stop? We do not need 2 weeks. For me, I despise both teams and am looking forward to the commercials more than the game. But even last year, when my team was in the game, the 2-week wait was absolute torture (as was the game, of course).

    Stop the madness. Eliminate the off week!

  11. The SB should be played the week after the championship games and halftime should be regular length. Nobody who is an actual fan wants to wait two weeks to see the game OR a half hour between halves, particularly to see the likes of Katy Perry or Lady Gaga (one of the dumbest names ever). They could either eliminate the worst game ever, known as the Pro Bowl, or have it the sunday following the SB

  12. Just a wild guess, but I bet the players appreciate the time to heal nagging injuries a little more so they can play at a higher level.

    But yeah, the superficial media stuff must be very tough to deal with.

    I wonder what player was asked the same question the most number of times?

  13. ilovefoolsball says:
    Feb 2, 2017 4:00 PM
    I remember that year when they did away with the the two week break and everyone was complaining it wasn’t enough time to hype up the game.
    They should just play it on Saturday and make it Superbowl Saturday so that I don’t have to go to work the day after this unofficial holiday.

    Having been a participant in the Super Bowl process back in ’86 in New Orleans, where we had also been on the road for the conference Championship game in Miami two weeks earlier, I can honestly say we needed the two weeks to get over the first hangover, and get proper preparation and game planning done for the monster party and hangover we would have after the Super Bowl. One week is just too short of a turnaround for something this big, especially if you are in a city like New Orleans. It’s insane.

  14. Tired of 2 weeks of listening to predictions, what team A has to do to beat team B, on and on, over and over, again! It is sickening, but all the NFL wants is money, money, money!!

  15. I don’t watch one bit of anything about the super bowl. I could care less about the player interviews and always just watch the game. The rest of the hoopla is useless and idiotic

  16. factpurveyor says:
    Feb 2, 2017 7:31 PM
    This week would be better if the NFL released the PSI information that was collected during the 2015 season.

    Cannot fathom why fans would trust the league to report factually on anything after Deflategate. If we’ve learned anything from this debacle it is that it exposed a premeditated and hateful attempt to delegitimize Tom Brady’s career. All you’re asking for is more of the same. Can we let this die now? All except for three or four future revenge games that is.

    Think about what the ramifications are for the rest of the league for the next ten years. Because of D-gate the Patriots have discovered they possess not just one, but three franchise QBs on their roster, three pro bowl RBs and three or four head coaches and GMs on staff. The league punched themselves in the face, TYVM. They won’t be doing that again. The only way out for the other 31 teams? Improving their on-field production. Many have, which is how it should be. Kudos to the Cowboys, Seahawks and Falcons. The rest will have to live with it.

    Prediction for Superbowl LI, Pats 36 – Falcons 17. Yes, I am a homer, and proud of this club.

  17. Just more political BS and fake raa-raa patriotism. The commercials are now giving us obvious political crap. Paid obvious fake military displays that leave a very bad taste. The game is even political. The pats QB and coach are called out because of their beliefs. Not much fun remaining in this game, not much at all….

  18. Get where he’s coming from but I think he would have a different mindset if he tweaked an ankle or was diagnosed with a concussion in the Championship game and then had 2 weeks instead of 1 to heal or pass the protocol.

    The 2 weeks media hype sucks but I would rather put up with it and see all starters healthy than have someone miss the Super Bowl because of an injury that could have healed in 2 weeks but not 1.

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