Eric Berry says he won’t play on franchise tag this year

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Chiefs safety Eric Berry said last week that he wants to stay in Kansas City and that his agent has started communicating with the team about a contract that would make that happen.

According to Berry, they’ll have to come to an agreement on that front if he’s going to be on field for Kansas City in 2017. During an appearance on NFL Network Thursday, Berry, who waited until the end of August to sign his franchise tender last summer, indicated that a second straight franchise tag will not meet with his approval.

“I’m definitely not going to play this year on the franchise tag,” Berry said.

Proclamations in early February about what a player will do come the start of the regular season should always be taken with a rather sizable grain of salt, but the Chiefs have another reason to avoid using the tag on Berry. They may need it to ensure defensive tackle Dontari Poe stays off of the open market in March.


20 responses to “Eric Berry says he won’t play on franchise tag this year

  1. While I understand and want Berry to remain a Chief, its not like these guys playing on the Franchise tag aren’t getting paid. He made 12 Million for 1 year last year. Not Chump Change.

  2. I feel like recieving the tag one year isn’t a terrible deal but you shouldn’t be able to tag the same person 2 years in a row. You already had them for 4 years and an extra year if they were a 1st round pick. So basically you can get them for 6 years if you tag then their first year eligible for free agency and all of this without any long term security for the player.

  3. Rich people problems. Give me $12 million a year and I’ll play safety, hand out water on the sidelines, be the tackling dummy, cheer lead during commercials and hand wash every jock strap.

  4. If he does get tagged I find it hard to believe he will sit out and ignore the 13+ million reasons to play on the tag. Hopefully they work out a deal to keep EB around for years to come.

  5. He will be a Raider this year and it’s true, giving Alice that massive contract really hamstrung the Chiefs.

  6. I totally get the NFL contracts are considerable worse than those of the NBA or MLB, but the bottom line is the NFL union agreed to the franchise tag option.

    If Berry has a problem with this, he needs to take it up to the NFL union and not hold the fans or the KC Chiefs hostage.

    Does Berry understand that he got paid the year he missed while recovering from cancer, or did Berry give that $$ back ?

    Play this year.

  7. He would be the PERFECT piece next to Karl Joseph. Although he may not want to cover up Sean Smith’s errors again……

    I get not wanting to play on the franchise tag again. Yes, $12,000,000 is a lot of money. But if he hits the open market, his guaranteed money will be 3 times that and when weighing the options, who wouldn’t take the latter?

    Out of any UFA, he’s the guy I want. He INSTANTLY makes ANY defense better.

  8. Berry’s not going anywhere. The Chiefs will get a deal worked before the deadline, and he will retire a Chief. When a team drafts a player, and he has a career that Berry has had, the money is always important. But also important is the loyalty the team shows should be taken into consideration. The Chiefs stood by Berry when he had Gogkins Lymphoma. They did not try to get out of paying him. How many teams would have not only kept him on the roster, they paid him 12 mil? Not chump change.

    As for Poe, he is a 350lb nose tackle with back problems. He is gonn’a want a max contract. If anybody walks, it will be Poe.

  9. Chiefs are already over the 2017 cap. If you lose Foles and Charles and you still do not have a huge amount to offer.

    He will get so many offers if he goes free agents route

  10. yes he got 12 for a yr, BUT if he got guarantee he’d be back for another 12 mil yr…its about security/insurance ppl. i just hope he saved his buckets in case KC calls his bluff

  11. Berry will be 28 and has a great chance at a big contract 49 mil 4 years including a signing bonus. He turn 29 in December.

    Meaning that another year he’s going to try an negotiate what would be his most likely final contract during a season that he turns 30.
    Not many teams give big, or give long contracts to 30 year old DBs.

  12. Love EB but the sad fact is the Chiefs already have his replacement in house.
    They didn’t overpay Brandon Albert, Rodney Hudson, or Sean Smith. They don’t do that anymore.
    So unless they can make a team friendly deal with EB he will be gone too.
    Dontari Poe’s replacement is already in house as well so it won’t surprise me if the Chiefs let them both walk.

  13. It’s all good. Chiefs went to the playoffs and lost, at home, again. Fat Andy rocks and we won the SB in 1970. We are happy.

  14. Right, as if you’re really going to turn down more money than most people would take several lifetimes to make.

  15. The 8 points Berry scored against ATL were more impressive than Alex Smith’s entire body of work for the whole season.

  16. Doesn’t a 2nd consecutive year of franchising a player mean you have to give them a 20% increase? Either way it’d be great to have that option.

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