Joe McKnight’s killer indicted on second-degree murder charge

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The man who admitted to killing former NFL running back Joe McKnight has been indicted on a charge of second-degree murder.

A grand jury in Jefferson Parish, La., handed down the indictment on Thursday, per WDSU-TV in New Orleans.

Ronald Gasser Jr. was first arrested in December for manslaughter four days following the killing of McKnight in a road-rage incident.

McKnight, who was 28, played for the Jets and Chiefs and had played last season in the Canadian Football League.

10 responses to “Joe McKnight’s killer indicted on second-degree murder charge

  1. Gun ownership may be a right but it comes with heavy responsibility.

    This redneck bozo apparently never got the message.

  2. Due process, check,

    now let’s finish it with a trial.

    This won’t be popular with the street justice, burn & loot crowd but that’s how it’s done here. Of course if he’s found not guilty then folks best check their insurance policies and fire extinguishers.

  3. This was the right call. That guy apparently had a history of being involved with nonsense. Hopefully a jury of his peers will see it the same way. I seriously doubt the jurors in that county will convict the animal though.

  4. xavier179 says:
    Feb 2, 2017 5:24 PM
    In Louisiana they will water it down until it is a misdemeanor.

    I will concede the JP sheriff did not acquit himself very well during the initial presser, for those who remember that. I believe they originally charged him with manslaughter to get him in custody. That was the least he could have been charged with at the time. For the charges to be upped to Murder 2 this late in the game, they had to do a lot of police work. For them to have done the amount of investigation necessary for them to be comfortable enough to go to Murder 2, I would seriously doubt they’d be willing to go down to a misdemeanor, especially given the fact this clown killed someone.

  5. Imagine that, due process works.

    After all the braying, whining, crying, shouting, pouting and general inanity following the initial arrest and the fact that they didnt gun the guy down in retribution immediately after.

    Too many people are more interested in their own overreactions than anything else.

  6. Good. I am a gun owner who has at times legally carried in my car. This one seemed like it needs to go to trial. A jury presented with all the facts can sort it out.

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