Bruce Allen: Kirk Cousins contract not as complicated as people think

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Whether the mouthpiece has been head coach Jay Gruden or team president Bruce Allen, the message from the Redskins about quarterback Kirk Cousins remaining with the team for the 2017 season has been clear.

They say Cousins will be their quarterback, but the question of whether he’ll be playing on another franchise tag or a long-term deal is one that hasn’t been answered at this point. Cousins believes that a long-term deal will give him “full freedom to lead” and it would allow the team to avoid yearly questions about their future at the position, although that wasn’t enough to find agreement on a contract last year.

Allen is confident that won’t be the case this time around.

“You start out with optimism, of course,” Allen said on ESPN 980, via the Washington Post. “And I don’t think it’s as complicated as everyone wants to make it. And we’ll get together with his agent, and I’m sure we’ll come to an agreement.”

Things aren’t always that simple, of course, and Cousins’ camp may not feel that what Allen and the Redskins have to offer is quite as difficult to resist as Allen seems to think. If that’s the case, March 1 may bring another franchise tag and an extension of the time to find the simple answer that Allen believes is out there.

14 responses to “Bruce Allen: Kirk Cousins contract not as complicated as people think

  1. Just cut the crap and sign him now. You’re not going to find anyone better in the draft (immediately) or in free agency unless somehow Brady, Big Ben, Matt Ryan, or similar become available.

  2. If Bruce Allen supports it, they should do the opposite.

    From hiring Gruden to bringing back those god awful yellow pants, nothing he’s done has worked out well.

  3. He started 2 years. Year 1 69.8% 4166yrds 29TD 11INT 101.6 Rtg
    Year 2 67% 25TD 12 INT 97.2 Rtg 4917 yrds
    Ok, you know know what you have and if you don’t sign him there will be a line, a long line.
    Nobody that knows anything about football believes this is complicated at all. Washington for some reason believes it has leverage or will be able to do a sign and trade. All Kirk has to do is sign the franchise tender to the HUGE contract offer that begins where the franchise tender starts. It really is simple. The only complicated piece is where Washington thinks they have options and/or leverage. Yes he was a 4rth round pick, he didn’t let that define him. I’m a Bronco fan, I hope he isn’t signed and makes his way to Denver.

  4. You need a long term contract to be a leader??? Why don’t you be a leader for the good of your teammates ? Your fans? Your owner and coaches? It’s all about the money.

  5. if they make him a fair offer, I think he’ll take it … he likes the Redskins team and just wants the year to year bs to end.

  6. Not complicated , pay him like an elite QB and get average QB results which means no playoffs , no Super Bowl .

  7. Can you win a Superbowl with Cousins. Yes.

    Can you win a Superbowl with Cousins when you have to pay him elite money? That’s the question.

    Look at the Ravens and how much they have declined since Flacco signed his big contract. Paying Cousins that money means that he is going to have to do more with less unless they get some real gems in the draft.

  8. @bjwbrown– nailed it. That’s exactly the issue, and that’s the entire issue. Is there an easy answer? Not necessarily, but that’s the quandary as it exists

  9. Alper, once again, great article. You, Jackson, and Crabtree have journalistic integrity and as readers, we appreciate it. Also, as a Native American from Rez 254 Ouchitas Devil’s Lake North Dakota, I say sign Cousins LONG TERM asap; he’s the best QB the Washington REDSKINS have had since Thiesmann. Those who are insulting him here in this thread are simply doing it out of spite; they really don’t feel that way. If it wasn’t for the REDSKINS shoddy defense, they would have ran away with that division this year. And yes, I’m among the 96% of Native Americans who don’t care about the word REDSKINS because I’m red-skinned, NOT thin-skinned.

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