Deshaun Watson “caught off guard” by Dabo’s Michael Jordan comparison

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The decision made by former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson not to participate in last week’s Senior Bowl sparked plenty of discussion, and the comments made at the Senior Bowl by Clemson coach Dabo Swinney comparing an NFL team passing on Watson to NBA teams that passed on Michael Jordan made headlines.

Swinney didn’t back down from those comments either. He called Watson to tell him he had made the comparison.

Watson appeared on PFT Live at the Super Bowl on Friday and told Mike Florio that Swinney’s comments had his phone “going crazy” and caught him off guard.

“I asked if he was putting pressure on me, and said he said he was putting pressure on the teams,” Watson said. “He told me, ‘That’s how I really feel. I just have a lot of confidence in you.’

“He said the teams that pass on [me] are really going to regret it.”

Watson said that he talked to both Browns coach Hue Jackson and Senior Bowl executive director Phil Savage about his decision not to play for Jackson and his staff at the Senior Bowl. Watson said he wasn’t fully healthy after a 15-game college season and wanted to focus on getting healthy and “getting settled” in California, where he’s training for the NFL Scouting Combine and the workout circuit.

Watson said he plans to compete and participate fully at the Scouting Combine.

“That’s something I’ve always dreamed about…getting the invitation and just going there and competing,” he said. “I’m excited to go show what I have.”

6 responses to “Deshaun Watson “caught off guard” by Dabo’s Michael Jordan comparison

  1. I have much more respect for competitors than I do for people that just protect their personal image/brand.

    Good for him.

  2. Skipping the Senior Bowl is completely acceptable, in my opinion.

    It’s not close to being the same as skipping a bowl game, when you’re leaving your teammates who you’ve built bonds with, to compete without you.

  3. After Goff at 1, Wentz at 2′ Dak @ 130 something. We had never seen nor heard of, but the were white. Watson an SEC back to back National title games against Alabama with a record of 1-1, and he’s not worthy why? Because he’s black. If you disagree, you’re lying to yourself. Who knows better than his coach? Cowboys and every other team in the NFL would have listened to his coach a Mullen it would have been known how special this young man is. Like he just happened overnight? I knew the first game he played against the Rams, I had never in my 50 years as a football fan seen a young QB, meaning Rookie take such a command of an offense like he had been in the league for years ASTONISHING! Yet there are people still questioning why he’s successful instead of being wowed by his talent, focus, maturity and leadership skills. He has prepared himself for this very success and he’s a good kid. Perfect, no, none of us are. I am proud he’s a Dallas Cowboy and the NFL got their drawing piece as well. We all benefit from this young man’s success and every other young focused players throughout the league. I am proud and happy for Jameis, for Mariota, for Wentz, Cousins, and another of my favorites Derek Carr these young QB’s are our futures happening now. Watson should be drafted by the team that needs the QB the most and in my humble opinion should be Cleveland Browns or I guarantee San Francisco will!

  4. I’ve followed Clemson for years and watched D since the beginning. It doesn’t matter what any of you experts think, you don’t know and someone should take your keypad away. D will absolutely raise the level of any team with sense enough to draft him. I bet most of you picked Alabama to repeat, that shows what you know? D is 2x better than Goff and Wentz and he’s going to make some organization look brilliant for drafting him and the ones that pass will feel much like they did about missing on Dak.

  5. I’m still not sold on Watson as a pro because we don’t know what he can do in a traditional offense, but 2 things he has done very well from the first time he stepped on the field against a stacked national championship team in FSU on the road, he stood in against the blitz, and he took a hit very well without getting rattled. It was the same thing I saw in Tony Romo when nobody knew who he was. Now, whether he can learn it on the chalkboard like Prescott picked up so quickly or how Mariota seems to be picking it up or Cam Newton, that’s anyone’s guess and the teams will have to see in interviews. However, I’d absolutely take him over Kaizer and Trubiski especially. The only other guy I’d consider high in this draft is Mahones because of his quick release, which reminds me of Derrick Carr’s and Jimmy Garrapallo’s, in that was what stood out about them.

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