LeSean McCoy says he’s league’s best back, ranks the others


Bills running back LeSean McCoy is making the Super Bowl media rounds, and McCoy said on ESPN Friday that he believes he’s the NFL’s best running back.

“I still feel like healthy, there’s no back that can touch me,” McCoy said.

Asked later in the interview to clarify, McCoy said “a healthy me, for 16 weeks,” is the league’s best running back. McCoy, who clearly has a healthy ego, said he believes Le’Veon Bell of the Steelers is No. 2 on the list, followed by David Johnson of the Cardinals and DeMarco Murray of the Titans.

McCoy acknowledged that Ezekiel Elliott of the Cowboys is “top five” but said Elliott needs “to do it again” after an outstanding rookie season.

Elliott led the NFL with 1,631 rushing yards in 2016. McCoy was sixth with 1,267 yards in 15 games.

65 responses to “LeSean McCoy says he’s league’s best back, ranks the others

  1. Of course Shady thinks he’s the best, lmao.
    There’s Bell and Johnson in a dead heat at the top. And while it may be hard to justify putting Elliot in their company after just one year I don’t have any trouble putting him above Shady. And that’s coming from a Giants fan

  2. Wow, I hate to admit it, but I agree with him. He has that extra gear that he kicks into and he’s hard to stop. I like Elliott, but he runs behind a better line. His problem is heath.

  3. It’s easy to rank players purely based on stats, in which case McCoy is probably no better than the 5th best RB. But numbers aren’t everything. He’s elite, same as Bell & Johnson. And he’s right that Zeke needs to do it again.

  4. Yikes. You just list total yards without saying how many carries each had and what their average is? That’s malpractice right there man.

  5. As a Bills fan I would say he’s wrong, but he’s not that wrong. Bell would be number one in my opinion, and mccoy would fall somewhere towards the lower end of the top 5 depending on what type of back your team is set up for.

    As far as lateral moves and the ability to make moves in open space, he may be the best in the league. That speed and agility comes at a price though. In terms of blocking and goal line work, he’s not the best due to his size. Just depends what you need out of your back.

  6. So I guess I have to look it up myself. Oh smack! McCoy:5.41 per attemp. Zeek: 5.07 per attempt. So shady was right.

  7. People used to care about RB rankings back when having a top back was somewhat correlated to winning.

    Now it’s just utterly meaningless, and a team like Buffalo can lead the league in rushing and not win anything.

  8. Normally, I like to smack down talk like this, but I can’t disagree with him.

    Sure line, scheme and game condition play into it (you don’t run much when you are down 3 tds) but he is right.

  9. While I think there may be a few better, there is one thing for certain: Shady has not lost any explosiveness from a couple years ago when a lot of thought his “Best” argument was better. If there are better backs, the list is short and the margin is very small. The dude still has it.

  10. biggs13 says:
    Feb 3, 2017 6:45 PM
    Jay Ajayi is better than all of them. Phins Up!
    He is too easily shut down by decent defenses and piles up stats against the bad ones.

  11. Um in week 14 when the Bills played the Steelers Mr McCoy rushed for a whopping 27 yards while Bell for the Steelers could only muster a measly 236. Hmmph.

  12. Haha Joe
    Like Toronto matters in any sports conversation…
    Shady is right. He is the best back playing on a bad team…

  13. juanweiner says:
    Feb 3, 2017 8:12 PM

    Um in week 14 when the Bills played the Steelers Mr McCoy rushed for a whopping 27 yards while Bell for the Steelers could only muster a measly 236. Hmmph.
    In fairness to McCoy, Bell was running against a Rex Ryan defense, and Tomlin has been known to give Bell the ball over and over again (at least until his body inevitably breaks own again).

  14. McCoy was on another level this year and Bell And Elliot had complete O-lines, Bills had exceptional left side but LM still dominated even though defenses knew he was coming which other RBs can’t say. I’d say David Johnson #1 and shady #2.

  15. Let’s see. He ran for a 5.4 yard average (1267 total yards) last year. He also averaged just over three catches for 7.1 yards and blocked like a high school cheerleader. He did not return kicks or punts. Best back in the NFL? I could not stop laughing after I read his delusional opinion of himself. He was the only weapon on a team bereft of weapons. His YPG average was the highest of his career. He’s 28 and on his second team after being dumped by the Eagles! Let’s see how he does this year! If Buffalo buys into his fantasy they’ll be fourth in the AFC East next year.

  16. Any back who is in the top 5 should at least SAY he’s #1… I’m a Bills homer, and don’t think he’s #1, but I like that he says it.

  17. If the Cowboys offered Zeke straight up for McCoy, how quickly would the Bills have Shady’s butt on a plane to Dallas? If the Bill’s called Jerry and offered Shady for Zeke, does the phone call get cut off before or after the laughter starts?

  18. Not even close… shady is a hype man where is all this mouth running when your hemmed up on a hamstring strain for 8 weeks listed as probable while your bAck up has to run play in and play out takeing the real beating of a full season By the way the other good running backs that are listed actually played hard and they are good and there head coach still has a job so look at the truth before runny that mouth and not your legs

  19. joetoronto says:
    Feb 3, 2017 7:04 PM

    Buffalo, where nothing has ever been won and talk is cheap.

    As cheap as it gets.
    Not as cheap as you. Still living in parents basement with no job is about as cheap as you can get. There fixed it for you, loser.

  20. No doubt Shady is one of the top backs in the league – whether he’s the best is just a bar room debate, especially considering the handicap he’s playing with as part of the Bills offense. Certainly he’s in the top 5. His shiftiness, acceleration, and extra gears remind me of the best back in Bills history.

  21. Thing is, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need a top back to win football games. You need two or three good backs with complementary, but different skills, and you need a good O line.

  22. He’s good. And personal stats are important if you want to get into the HoF. Unfortunately for McCoy, Winning the Offseason, is not really a statistic. Winning the SuperBowl is. Blount has done it once already and has a chance for a second tomorrow.

  23. I’m surprised that there are so many folks who seem to doubt or even question that Elliot is going to do it again… He’s gonna rush for 2000 yards next season. Book it.

  24. Ahh yes Shady, the guy who could take a 4 yard gain up the middle for a first down or bounce it out on the hope for a home run and instead take a loss. Not the decision maker I’d put at the top of the RB list.

  25. I don’t even want to be a Dolphins Homer but the numbers don’t lie and you all should be ashamed for not even including Jordan Howard who was #2. For the record Ajayi and Bell had nearly identical numbers with Ajayi #4 and Bell #5. Go ahead and write off Ajayi but he had a terrible Oline for half the season. When the starters were in he averages 5.8ypc the best in theleague. Still the best in my opinion are Elliott and Johnson. I will save you the trouble. The facts for 2016:
    1. Elliott
    3. Murray
    4. Ajayi
    5. Bell
    6. McCoy
    7. Johnson
    8. Blount
    9. Freeman
    10.L. Miller

  26. I love me some shady. Hope his legs hold up in time for the Bills to get a real qb n do sum damage

  27. Ah, look kids, it’s Joey Widerightyouloseagain. One of his 4 or 5 ID’s. Guess when you live in Toronto, you don’t work for a living, no NFL, no life, no wife, no hope…..you have time to be pathetic.

  28. cueghost says:
    Feb 4, 2017 10:19 AM

    I’m surprised that there are so many folks who seem to doubt or even question that Elliot is going to do it again… He’s gonna rush for 2000 yards next season. Book it.
    It’s a meaningless stat. It doesn’t matter. Dallas can arbitrarily decide to throw less and hand Elliott the ball more (like Pittsburgh does with Bell) just to pad those numbers.

    If they do, they won’t win anymore games, and, if they are lucky enough to make it back to the playoffs they’ll likely find a new and creative to lose.

  29. Talk is cheap, I guess when you play for the Bills, you had better praise yourself, because there is nothing else to praise. Wrong McCoy you are not the best, and frankly not many care about what you say.

  30. There is David Johnson…..then there is everybody else.

    LeSean – hippity hoppity – McCoy might be in the top 5…



    Don’t forget, RB’s aren’t just RB’s anymore. Total yards from scrimmage and receptions are basically equal value to yards per carry.

    This isn’t 1985 anymore

  31. A guy that good better have the confidence to say he’s the best….he wouldn’t be my first choice because he’s always missing games but like he said when healthy dude is a beast….also agree with the other top 5 picks and EE needs to do it another yr before being in the discussion

  32. McCoy is number two in the league right behind LeVeon Bell. Then Johnson, Elliott and Murray.

    Agree that Elliott must wait to move up until he produces at least another season with top back numbers. A perfect example of this is Todd Gurley who’s not even mentioned above.

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