Terrell Owens didn’t make the Hall of Fame

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The 2017 class for the Hall of Fame will be announced on Saturday evening, but it looks like Terrell Owens will not be among the group celebrating the addition of a yellow jacket to their wardrobe.

Owens was a finalist to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the second straight year when the Hall of Fame selectors met in Houston on Saturday. Owens sent out a tweet on Saturday afternoon that announced that he will not be among the people getting a bust in Canton this summer.

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News was in the room and passed along word that Owens’ candidacy was discussed for over 32 minutes. That was shorter than the amount of time devoted to former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, both of whom were put up for consideration as contributors along with Seniors candidate Kenny Easley, Owens and the other 14 finalists.

98 responses to “Terrell Owens didn’t make the Hall of Fame

  1. The fact he couldn’t avoid the ‘#flawedprocess’ speaks to a good part of the reason he did not get in

  2. It’s ok. Just go get some popcorn and go do sit-ups in the driveway. This feeling will pass. And if at all possible, reflect on the fact that you were a ego maniac that tore locker rooms apart.

  3. Owens numbers get him in. He was never trouble to his teammates. He was a typical diva wide receiver, maybe the first. Maybe this will be a lesson to Beckham and Antonio Brown (doubt it).

  4. bmack1224 says:
    Feb 4, 2017 6:58 PM
    Are You Serious? I can understand NOT making First Ballot. But Owens is the 2nd Greatest WR next to Rice. It’s a Damn Shame.

    That third sentence is beyond hilariously wrong.

    1. Rice isn’t even the best. 2. TO MIGHT be as good or better. 3. Moss is the best WR of all time.

  5. How much people like the guy shouldn’t have anything to do with what he did as a player.

    The HOF is about as useful as the probowl at this point.

  6. Owens was a pain off the field but that shouldn’t matter. It’s what he did as a player on the field. He was fun to watch on the field and I hate him as a person, but let’s be real.. he should be in.

  7. Terrell Owens career stats and all-time NFL ranks:

    15,934 career receiving yards (2nd)
    153 career receiving TDs (3rd)
    1,078 career receptions (8th)

    If you just saw the stats you would say that person is not only a Hall of Famer but should be in first ballot. But because it’s T.O there going to make him wait.

  8. This is ridiculous. How is Marvin Harrison in the Hall of Fame, but Terrell Owens not? I’d choose Owens in his primer over Harrison every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Even NFL.com wrote an article on March 8, 2016 listing Terrell Owens to #6 to Harrison to #9. So why is Harrison a first ballot, and Owens isn’t? Owens didn’t do drugs. He didn’t get in trouble. He only ran his mouth. What a bunch of haters.

  9. HOF is becomming a joke.

    Owens is clearly first ballot. Great numbers, FAMOUS, as in FAME, as in Hall of FAME?

    You can’t talk about WRs of this era without mentioning Owens and Moss.

    What a freaking joke.

    This is coming from a Ravens fan who was spurned by Owens. Not a 9ers or Eagles or Cowboys or Bengals fan. Just a fan of the game, and of how Owens played.

    He was also entertaining as hell. Not having guys like him is also a part of why rating are down. Where are the larger than life personalities?

  10. bmack1224 says:
    Feb 4, 2017 6:58 PM
    Are You Serious? I can understand NOT making First Ballot. But Owens is the 2nd Greatest WR next to Rice. It’s a Damn Shame.

    Owens was More Complete than Moss. Owens was a better Blocker, Better Route Runner and unlike Moss wasn’t scared to go up the Middle and unlike Moss didn’t Quit on his Team. Moss was faster and had better Hands but overall Owens >Moss.

  11. Are You Serious? I can understand NOT making First Ballot. But Owens is the 2nd Greatest WR next to Rice. It’s a Damn Shame

    No, Randy Moss is second and it’s not even close.

  12. That third sentence is beyond hilariously wrong.

    1. Rice isn’t even the best. 2. TO MIGHT be as good or better. 3. Moss is the best WR of all time.


    Owens was More Complere than Moss. Owens was a better Blocker, Better Route Runner wasn’t Scared to go up the middle and unlike Moss Didn’t quit on his team. Yes Moss was faster and had better Hands But Owens can run that 9 Route also and is 2nd all time in catches. Owens was More Complete

  13. As much as he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, what is the first thing you think about when you hear the name “Terrell Owens”? More than likely it’s not good. To his credit, he was never in trouble with the law but he was a constant headache for his teammates and his antics got really old. I just can’t separate his behavior from his statistics. Maybe that’s wrong but sadly it’s a fact. More than likely many others feel the same way given how little they discussed his candidacy. He alone is the one to blame for that and NOBODY else.

    I still think he’ll eventually get in but don’t expect me or a whole bunch of others to shed any tears for him. He created this situation for himself.

  14. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    Feb 4, 2017 7:07 PM

    He torched the Patriots in the Super Bowl on one leg !
    All the way to a 2nd place finish! Congrats!

  15. 1.Rice
    2.Moss (historic underachiever–should’A been goat)
    3. Tim Brown

    *Owens actually HURT his teams.

  16. What a joke these clowns voting on locker room antics and not stats ..the fact Harrison got in last year over him..a guy made by PM who caught 6 yard slants vs a legit force on every team he played for…hall of fames mean nothing to me until bonds makes b ball and to gets in canton

  17. Is it the football hall of fame or the friendliest to reporters hall of fame?
    Lame. On the field is all that matters. TO was a beast, unstoppable. I didn’t like his antics, but he is a first ballot hall of famer

  18. newmancave2016 says:
    Feb 4, 2017 7:09 PM
    Word is Dawkins didn’t either. A total disgrace.
    It’s not a disgrace. Wait until you see who gets in and then complain. If one defensive back gets in, it should be Ty Law. If two get in, maybe Lynch joins him.

  19. It’s time to stop paying attention to this HOF. Clearly the people on this selection committee are more concerned about making headlines – and making themselves important – than in honoring the best players in the history of the sport.

    They’ve become like MLB umpires and (some) NFL referees – wanting the event to be ABOUT THEM – when it should be all about the athletes.

    Like him or not (on a personal level), Owens was one of THE BEST WR’s in the history of the game. The numbers back that up and the eye-test backs that up.

    It’s time the HOF flush-out those on the selection committee who are clearly involved in this process for personal, ego gratification and not for the greater good of the game and the men who played it at the highest level.

  20. Kind of hard to ignore the impressive stats. Apparently it’s HARDER to ignore the fact that three teams decided that it was better to let a player capable of generating those stats go due to the fact that he was so disruptive to their respective teams. Maybe instead of #flawedprocess TO’s hashtag should read #flawedteammate. I’m ok with him jacketless. Makes it easier to do those sit ups…

  21. So sick of the NFL and the HOF. Reporters who NEVER played high school ball holding grudges and judging s player over so called off field issues. TO has never had legal problems ect. Everybody posting saying he’s #2 or #3 ect. Bottom line nobody argues he not too five. I personally think Rice is overated look at his QBs other WRs ect. I think Owens is three behind Chris Carter then Randy Moss. No way he’s not a first ballet though

  22. “He was never trouble to his teammates.” That statement makes me think you were too young when he was playing. Owens caused more problems in the locker room than any other player of his era. He not only demanded the ball constantly, throwing tantrums when he didn’t get it, but he publicly attacked his teammates and divided locker rooms into those with him or against him. This cannot be dismissed as “off the field” antics as it directly affect the play of his team on the field. He belongs in the Hall of Fame eventually, but people need to understand that football is about more than individual stats. It’s about how you help your team win and that means more than stats.

  23. pastabelly says:
    Feb 4, 2017 7:01 PM
    Owens numbers get him in. He was never trouble to his teammates. He was a typical diva wide receiver, maybe the first. Maybe this will be a lesson to Beckham and Antonio Brown (doubt it).
    He has the stats but it’s a hall of fame, not records. HoF is more than stats, it’s about lauding greats – and unfortunately also a popularity contest. And your assertion that he was never trouble in the locker-room is just wrong. And he was certainly often trouble outside the locker-room and that plays into why he didn’t get in.

  24. Not a knock on Steve Largent, but Owens career was far better than his & he’s in. T.O. had 200 more catches, 3,00 more yards & 53 more td’s. The voters are showing their dislike of his personality … not his true worthiness as being a HOF member.

  25. This is getting ridiculous. It’s supposed to be the “Hall of Fame” but I think they need to change the name of it to “Hall of Stats” or maybe “Hall of Good PR”. Owens was obnoxious, but he was a beast – it’s not even about stats with this guy. I’m tired of everything being about just stats and longevity. Like Sayers, if you saw him play, he was clearly in a league of his own. And was there anyone more “fame-ous”?

    And by the way, it’s a shame that Jacoby is still not in the Hall of Fame. It’s unconscionable that the best player and anchor of the best offensive line in football isn’t in the Hall. Dumb.

  26. Actually, word on the street is Terrell Davis is *in*.

    motleytrap says:
    Feb 4, 2017 6:58 PM

    Tagliabue, Joe Jacoby, Terrell Davis also left out.

    Heard Jason Taylor is in.

  27. good! next to that is to see his cousin (aka. ochocinco) not making it.
    these two are clowns in the nfl

  28. He has hall of fame stats and there is no question about that. Obviously the voters are making a big deal about the fact that none of the teams he played on wanted to keep him around regardless of how good he was. Every team that had him let him walk. players of that caliber have to be monsters for teams not to put up with them.

    Watch his episode of A Football Life, the only QB that played with him that agreed to appear on the episode was Steve Young who had him early in his career. That really speaks volumes.

    I’m ok with them delaying his induction. He’ll get there one year and he’ll be able to talk about how he’s been persecuted and they will regret inducting him at all.

  29. bmack1224 says:
    Feb 4, 2017 6:58 PM
    Are You Serious? I can understand NOT making First Ballot. But Owens is the 2nd Greatest WR next to Rice. It’s a Damn Shame.

    No way Rice is best ever either…please!!!

    No one will ever have the impact that Randy Moss did…..unstoppable, the freak…His athleticism absolutely off the charts.

    Owens, may someday get in…someday, but others much better.

  30. It’s too bad that the HOF voters are doing what they said they wouldn’t: holding their personal opinions of a player against him. The HOF is all about what a player did ON the field, not what you think of him off the field.

    OJ Simpson absolutely (still) belongs in the HOF based on what he did ON the field, not what’s happened off the field. TO on the field was a beast and arguably one of the top 2-3 WRs for a number of years in the 2000s. He absolutely belongs in the HOF, regardless of what people think of his personality.

  31. Sorry but the very fact that a 5 foot nerd with a comb over like rick Gosselin has a vote is an absolute joke which makes the process a joke

  32. I never cared much for Owens’ “look at me!” style, but as a Patriots fan, I can never forget the incredible effort he put out in the Super Bowl – on a bum leg, at that!

    He deserved a better QB performance than he got from puke-on-the-ground McNabb.

    The man had guts that day, Hall of Fame or not

  33. T.O. should get in — he EARNED it. Yes, he had some ‘tude – but that guy busted his tail. Even as a blocker or a hustle player — no one worked harder. Owens made himself into something special, and most certainly Hall of Fame worthy.

    T.O. should have been already.

  34. Thats some straight up junk. Just like Jacoby not getting in. Those players, wout a doubt, straight up baller and a mauler…Just goes to show some real morons driving the bus.

  35. Football is the ultimate team sport and Terrell was the ultimate me first player. He WILL be a HOFer, however, I hope this is a lesson to the divas that your attitude toward your team is a part of your ultimate enshrinement.

  36. Teams couldn’t get rid of him fast enough because he was hurting their chance to win. It all began in that big loss to Chicago when Terrell dropped a clutch pass across the middle that was right in his hands. It cost the 49ers the game. The S.F. Chronicle had a photo of the drop. Owens’ eyes were looking right at Brian Urlacher, instead of the ball. Owens couldn’t take the pressure and blamed his coach, QB, and everyone else. In his defense, I think he had received some “valued” advice about speaking his mind (Mooch knows what I’m talking about). That was the beginning of the end for him, as far as being a plus. After that, he was just a big minus everywhere he went.

  37. I’m not a TO fan, but this is why sportswriters should not vote athletes into the HOF. Way too much of their induction is predicated on their relationship with the media. Say what you want about TO and his attitude. He gave those bloggers something to write about week after week and he gave his heart and soul to the game and hardly ever left anything on the field. His numbers speak for itself. This is an abomination.

  38. TO is a jerk, but snubbing him a second time only makes the HOF look bad and undermines everyone who IS in.
    He is not a borderline case, and wouldn’t even be the 10th worst human being enshrined

  39. HA HA! While his totals likely put him in, he was also known for having a LOT of dropped passes and was not necessarily likeable when he played.

    Due to the yearly limit imposed by the HOF, there will always be some deserving candidates that have to wait a few years before they get in. If you look, a lot of the WRs have had to wait. If the guy waiting is the one that was a prima donna and a jerk while playing, all the better.

    He will get in, and just needs to wait another year or two.

  40. Hopefully in 10 years Terrell and Brandon Marshall will be in the HOF because of the sheer numbers they put up, and their consistency year in and year out. Just MO.

  41. Drew Rosenhaus ought to build him is own little muesum – he never gave a rip about his teammates before, why would want to share the spotlight with other players now?

  42. All-time lists should be split into 2 … 1 list for over their entire career, 1 list for at their peak for just 1 game

    Career… Rice, Owens, Moss,
    Peak: Moss, Rice/Megatron, Owens

  43. Look TO personally dismantled a Championship team in Philadelphia because he was worried about his contract. The move to Dallas didn’t help him and the situation shortened Donovan Mcnabb’s career and led to Andy Reid leaving the Eagles. Not HOF worthy. Sorry.
    If he had shut his mouth and been a good guy he’d never have left San Francisco and would be in the Hall of Fame today.

  44. This sounds like payback by media members. What a joke he’s not in. He may have been one of the biggest divas of all time in company, but he deserves his spot in the Hall. Shame on the vindictive and narrow minded people who rejected him.

  45. Get used to it TO. Remember, the HOF balloters are not the players but REPORTERS. If you tick them off you are put into HOF Siberia.
    Jerry Kramer of the Packers should have been in the HOF decades ago. But for some reason never fully spelled out, he was largely banned from the HOF.

    I suspect TO’s ‘personality’ while playing might have ticked off those very self-important people who cover professional football.

  46. Brian Dawkins: For me, [Owens] ruined my Super Bowl chances for two years after [2005] because of what broke out. It took us a couple of years after that to get back in the groove.

  47. It would not surprise me if TO’s political views had a hand in this as well. He supports the President, does he not?

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