Leonard Fournette says skipping bowl game was coach’s decision

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LSU running back Leonard Fournette did not play in the school’s bowl game at the end of his final college season in what was described at the time as a mutual decision by him and coach Ed Orgeron related to getting healthy ahead of this year’s draft.

The decision drew a range of responses with the negative ones centering on a player putting himself ahead of the team. Fournette will surely face questions about not playing when he sits for interviews with teams at the Scouting Combine or elsewhere and he’s telling a different story about the call to sit out with the pre-draft process about to get rolling in earnest.

“To be honest, it really wasn’t my decision,” Fournette said during an appearance on NFL Network. “My coach brought me into the office. He told me ‘You have a lot on the line.’ He didn’t want me to play. I cried like a baby. It was hard for me. That was my first time not really traveling with the team and I couldn’t play in a game with my brothers. I’m going to miss them.”

However the decision went down, Fournette’s job in the next few months will be convincing coaches and personnel execs that he’ll be fully invested in their teams and showing them that he’s healthy after missing several games with an ankle injury. If he can do the latter, it’s a good bet someone will roll the dice on the former sooner rather than later.

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  1. Fournette doesn’t have any convincing or proving to do to anybody. He doesn’t have to plead his case to anybody. He has a couple years worth of tape out there, and it’s not getting erased any time soon. If teams like the Browns, 49ers, and Jets don’t like him, then he’ll be available to teams like the Patriots, Broncos, and Packers who will jump on him in a heartbeat.

  2. It was the smart thing to do. Most of the losing franchises are not very smart, so they will probably pass on him, but the smart, winning organizations will take him. Look for him to be the starting RB on a playoff team next year.

  3. It was the only choice and it doesn’t matter who’s it was. Only a tool would risk this kind of life changing money for the team that will forget about in a few years.

  4. I don’t care- why should a college player care about lining NCAA and network pockets – bowl games for all but the top 4 are just product for TV

  5. this whole “he quit on his team” thing is sad and lame (pathetic).

    this isn’t the military, and it’s not a war guys, get your rabid militarism, and /or ptsd under control please; your pills?

    he has a life beyond the bowl game;

    you’re welcome.

  6. Very hard to believe the coach sat him especially with the long line of LSU player already in the NFL. (Beckem, Jeremy Hill, Patrick Peterson, Jarvis Landry etc).

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