Report: Kyle Shanahan interested in bringing Matt Schaub to 49ers

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When Super Bowl LI comes to an end, Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will be leaving that job to become head coach of the 49ers.

Among the first orders of business in his new role will be figuring out who will be the team’s quarterback in 2017. Colin Kaepernick is expected to opt out of his contract while Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder are set for unrestricted free agency, so the player who will fill that role is likely to come from elsewhere.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that current Falcons backup Matt Schaub may be in the mix. He’ll be a free agent in March and Schefter reports that Shanahan, who also coached Schaub with the Texans, is interested in bringing him along.

Schaub could serve as a bridge quarterback if the team drafts another quarterback in April. There are other options for the 49ers to explore on the quarterback front, Schaub’s experience with Shanahan could make him part of the team installing a new offense in Santa Clara this offseason under any circumstances.

37 responses to “Report: Kyle Shanahan interested in bringing Matt Schaub to 49ers

  1. Kyle interviews the new Niner’s GM, thinks about who will be their QB, loses the game plan the other day. Glad to see his head is really into tonight’s Super Bowl game, LOL!

  2. .
    If it’s Matt (pick 6) Schaub vs the Seattle secondary, I’m taking the Seahawks and giving the points.

  3. Generally you’d like a QB who throws more touchdowns than pick sixes. Maybe Shanahan is the new Chip Kelly. Ready to show us all how smart he is.

  4. That could be a good stop gap hire. I’d be down with Schaub or Hoyer year 1, maybe year 2 depending on who is drafted and when.

  5. There will be no joy in Santa Clara until the Yorks sell the team. Shanahan will fail like those before him, because he won’t be the root of the problem. Sad situation for a once-proud franchise that is now a shell of its former self.

  6. If you’re installing a brand new offense, it’s a good idea to have as many people around, especially QBs, who are familiar with that offense. Shanahan and Lynch have 6 year deals, so they’ll have the opportunity to build the right way. Schaub would be a great guy to bring into the organization and run the offense until someone else comes along that is better. It might happen in a week, or a couple years, but you have to start somewhere.

  7. So Shanahan is tampering with players on his current team before he’s even left it.


  8. If you’re looking to draft a QB look for the one who is cool in the clutch, when the whole season is on the line, when the National Championship is on the line and you’re facing the Alabama defense and you’ve got to do it.

    DeShaun Watson. Yeah the guy does throw a few too many interceptions but that can be fixed, yeah he’s only 6′ or so tall but that hasn’t stopped him yet.

    He’s a winner when the chips are down and that is ALL that matters with a QB.

  9. Schaub would be brought in to be the back up. He will be needed in the QB room to mentor whoever the other two QBs are and help them learn Shanahan’s offense. The only way Schaub is starting is if they draft a really raw QB (which this year they all are) who isn’t ready. Or they don’t care as much about winning and see roster evaluation to be just as important for the first time HC and GM. Either way, what a bad year to need a QB. Give up a lot of Jimmy G, bring in Cutler to be mediocre, Hoyer to take a beating, gamble on Mike Glennon, try for Kap or Taylor when/if they become available. I’m excited for the off season either way.

  10. This is at least the 3rd QB that I’ve heard he is interested in bringing to SF. Kirk Cousins, Jimmy G, and now Schaub. Who else is going to make the list?

  11. Tampering, Ha! You can not tamper with your own players. Kyle is under contract with the Falcons. He can tell Shaub anything he wants right now.

  12. eminds me of lovie smith repeatedly bringing mccown back.

    maybe shanaynay wants a backup qb who already knows his system.

    still though…”matt schaub”.


    That’s all I have to say. Good luck Niners! Look at the bright side – you’ll always have the eighties and nineties.

  14. Wow, Matt friggin Schaub.

    The 49ers are in need of divine intervention, they are a complete dumpster fire with no end in sight.

  15. I could only see bringing Schäuble in as a backup to help the starter learn offense/nuances if shanahan offense. Shuns days as a starter in nfl ended long ago.

  16. Schaub. Seriously? For what reason. He sucks just like Kyle Shanahan and his dumb play calling in Super Bowls. Just wondering what Shanahan’s IQ is? 5. Get out of the NFL you idiot.

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