49ers officially hire Kyle Shanahan

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The 49ers have officially announced the hiring of Kyle Shanahan as their new head coach.

Shanahan has 13 years of NFL experience and was most recently offensive coordinator of the Falcons. He previously was offensive coordinator for the Browns, Texans and Redskins. The 49ers spoke to Shanahan at their first available chance last month and again in later January, but he couldn’t officially be hired until after the Super Bowl.

In 2016 Shanahan was Associated Press Assistant Coach of the Year, Coordinator of the Year by The Sporting News and Assistant Coach of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America.

The 49ers will formally introduce Shanahan, the 20th head coach in franchise history and third in the last three seasons, later this week.

“It is truly an honor to be named head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, one of the marquee franchises in all of sports,” Shanahan said in the team’s release on the hiring. “I must thank Jed and the York family for entrusting me with this great privilege and tremendous opportunity. I would also like to express my gratitude to Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn and the Atlanta Falcons organization for their support and the experience of a lifetime.”

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  1. The Falcons caught lightning in a bottle this year, and almost won, if not for the bone headedness of Shanny Jr.

    The Falcons now have to contend with the concept of keeping the team flying high. The Seahawks couldn’t do it, but at least, they won one before their core started to crack under the weight of lost coaches, and players “wanting to get paid”. It will be interesting to see how the Falcons handle it, having lost to the masters of that trick.

  2. As a niner fan , I was pretty stoked when he had his team up 28-3. When the Patriots started coming back, I thought ‘ok now we will see what kind of play caller he is”. And yikes. He had a hand in the meltdown. Belichik adjusted more than he did. He wasn’t helped by Matt Ryan holding the ball way too long and taking sacks. I thought Ryan’s performance very not clutch. One thing I do like about Brady is when his team is losing he looks pissed and very focused and determined. Ryan looked bewildered and resigned by comparison.

    Still little Shanny didn’t come away blameless. Hope Jed gets a bit of a discount now.

  3. Reality check 49 fans:
    No Super Bowl wins
    Never put a staff together
    Never chose a QB
    Messed up the Super Bowl against Patricia and McDaniels (who has 5 Super Bowl wins)
    No front office, contract or personnel experience (Lynch might be a good guy but he’ll be learning on the job for the next six years)
    Owners Representative:
    Been in charge for ten years and essentially fired Jim Harbaugh.
    Celebrate your new coach and “cooperative” front office. It will last six months.

  4. This is a great day to be a 49er and could be a turning point in the organizations history. Matt Ryan was the #3 pick in the draft 11 years ago, and never quite lived up to that billing. He was good sometimes, mediocre others. Just about the time it looked like he was getting into the top 10 group, he’d let you down. Then along comes Kyle Shanahan and turns Ryan into an MVP. We all saw Ryan in the super bowl yesterday, and we’ve never seen a guy look so lost in the headlights. He was never an elite QB, but Shanahan made him a winner. Kyle, like his dad, is a true QB guru. You need a lot of things to be successful in the NFL, but nobody can do it without a great QB. Kyle Shanahan is a rare coach who can win without an elite QB.

  5. It must be thrilling to be getting the offensive coordinator of the team that just did the biggest choke job in Super Bowl history and pro sports history. Couldn’t figure out anything in the 4th quarter, just choked it all away.

    Congrats 49ers, you continue to lose in getting coaches. Enjoy the choker

  6. Remember yesterday morning, when PFT posters were seriously talking about Matt Ryan’s Hall of Fame qualifications????

    Yeah, that was funny 😉

  7. Given I wasn’t paying much attention to the game until halfway through the second half but to me it looked more like the Atlanta D was either worn out after halftime or they thought they already had the game. Yeah, don’t agree with some of the play calling in the second half but he was trying to keep the pedal down and a lot of mistakes happened. All through the 4th quarter that D looked either out of energy or thought the game was already over. Can’t blame Shanahan for all of it.

    I’m a Cowboys fan that didn’t care about either team and only making an unbiased statement.

    I’m sure most teams with good O would take Shanahan as their HC right now to see if he can make it.

  8. 49ers officially hire a man with Chris Simms initials tattooed on him. 49ers unofficially concede to at least three more years of being awful.

  9. Kyle will do just fine. I wouldnt blame him for the meltdown. Ryan takes a sack. Kyle didnt tell him to do that. Put them in 2nd and long. How you gonna run the ball when they have more players defending the run than you can block? Have to throw it. I am sure nobody told that idiot LT to get a holding call after a nice completion. Yea it was all on Kyle. Bunch of butt hurt Falcon fans. Niners, Kyle is gonna do what Chip thought he could do. Win.

  10. Some of that SB loss is on Shanny for not running the ball, but that problem is solved now that he’s in San Fran without a QB where he’ll be forced to run the ball.

    Much of that SB loss is on the Atlanta defense that forgot a football game is 60 minutes and they only played 45. The fact is the Atlanta D was overmatched and couldn’t stop the Pats when it really mattered.

    Kudos to Grady Jarrett for being a bright spot on that Atlanta D; he was a monster in the 1st half.

  11. kamthechancellor says:
    Feb 7, 2017 9:24 AM

    Santa Clara is the new factory of sadness. So glad to have those two automatic wins for the next ten years.


    Didn’t his offense dismantle your overrated group of frauds?

  12. What he does with SF has nothing to do with ATL. Totally different situation. He has only ran the offense as a coach. He now has the entire team to think of. Not only on field but off field issues. The best thing a first time coach can do is surround himself with experienced coaches that can help him from being overwhelmed . Having a first time GM and a first time HC does not sound like a good match. Hope they can turn it around. At least they will have two wins this season when they play the Rams. Seattle should start printing playoff tickets now. Is there an easier division to win in the NFL ?

  13. Didn’t his offense dismantle your overrated group of frauds?

    Do you really think what he did with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones & DeVonta Freeman can be replicated with…exactly who do you have on that JV team? LOL

  14. Well, we know he won’t spend much time looking for a running backs coach. Why bother.

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