Martellus Bennett: You know they overpay Super Bowl champs

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Like his team as a whole, tight end Martellus Bennett got off to a rough start in the Super Bowl before finishing with a flourish.

Bennett was flagged for holding twice in the first half (one was declined because of LeGarrette Blount’s lost fumble), but came up with a 25-yard catch on third down early in the fourth quarter to set up a field goal. He was also the target on a pass in overtime that resulted in a pass interference penalty on De’Vondre Campbell that set the Patriots up on the 2-yard-line.

James White scored two plays later and the Patriots had a win that Bennett credited to the team’s work ethic. He may be able to credit the win for a boost to his bank account. Bennett is headed for free agency and

“I’m going into free agency as a Super Bowl champion. You know they overpay Super Bowl champions,” Bennett said on NFL Network.

The Patriots traded for Bennett as a complementary piece to go with Rob Gronkowski, but showed he could play a larger role while Gronkowski missed time with injuries at the start and end of the year. He’s had a 90-catch season in the past and has shown an ability to play well in a variety of systems in his time with the Cowboys, Giants and Bears.

He’ll turn 30 next month and the Patriots don’t have a habit of overpaying for players who have reached that point in their careers. That may make a return engagement for Bennett unlikely unless he finds he’s wrong about what effect the win will have on his earning power.

69 responses to “Martellus Bennett: You know they overpay Super Bowl champs

  1. Bennett was great. White balled. Edlemen, which I hate made an immaculate reception. Brady solidified his status as greatest of all time.
    Yo haters,
    No cheating scandal this year.
    No Brady first 4 games.
    No first round pick.
    No gronk.
    Down by 25 in the third.
    That’s the best accomplishment ever in football. Congratulations

  2. Somebody needs to tell Martellus he’s not as good as he may think he is.

    Ever see this guy run after the catch?

    One and done with the Pats.

  3. Everybody seems to hate this guy but I think he’s cool. At least he doesn’t hide behind a persona, he seems to say what’s on his mind and is always very direct and honest. It’s weird that he got so much flack in the thread about opting out of the White House visit, considering “HE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS” is why most of the poorly-educated, ill-informed group comprising the GOP’s base voted for President Trump/President Bannon

  4. didn’t take long for him to forgot what it takes to win championships…..Go get your big payday and enjoy your one ring for the rest of your life. Meanwhile here in Foxboro we’ll be going for #6

  5. Hey Martellus…you were mostly invisible in this game.Teams have to be dopey to bring you into their locker room.

  6. Both Bennett brothers sure love chiming in on every topic under the sun. I guess they are making up for all that time that the media never bothered asking them questions because they were average at best.

  7. I guess he will need to decide whether he wants to win and be paid a fair wage or play for a lost and get paid a bundle. Maybe he should give Darelle Revis a call for some advice.

  8. .
    Duel purpose TEs are a rare commodity. Some team with a a rail car full of available cash will overpay, but at least they’ll be getting a quality player in return.

  9. I think the difference between what some other team will pay him and what the Patriots would pay it would probably be better staying put.

    That said I never blame players for going for the money its what most of us would do even more so after winning a Super Bowl Ring.

  10. Yes “they” do, but the Patriots don’t. They didn’t win five super bowls by overpaying for free agents. Free agents come and go, but the Patriots keep winning. I’d overpay for Brady and Belichick, if such a thing is possible, but other players and assistant coaches don’t matter. Charlie Weis thought the same thing as Bennett, and Charlie was right. But it wasn’t the Patriots that overpaid, it was someone else. I hope Bennett gets a huge payday so that he can take care of himself and his family, but it might mean he has to move on. There is another free agent somewhere that has a lot of money but has no ring. He’ll sign at a bargain price.

  11. He’ll be back with the Pats. I don’t see anybody relevant overpaying for his talents. If I’m right, he’s not going anywhere because he really does seem like he likes winning over losing.

  12. He loves it in New England, but business is business. The Patriots will offer a good, competitive contract, but he will be able to get more money elsewhere. So he will have to decide. Choice is good. If he stays with the Pats, great. If he leaves, well, thanks for being an important part of a championship team and best of luck in the future. The Pats are fiscally disciplined and smart. He can be replaced. Everyone but Brady and Belichick can be replaced.

  13. Hey, Bennett, the only call for you that has come in is on line 1.

    It is the Browns calling with money. Go for it since the Patriots are not going to pay you big time.

  14. His time in Dallas, I thought he was a good tight end ans was surprised that Dallas let him go. Now I’m glad they did. Can you imagine him and Dez in the locker room and how it might hurt Dak’s and Zeke’s future?

  15. Only guy on the Pats I like. Come to Baltimore Marty. Be the #2 behind Pitta and form a 2 TE tandem with a QB that has more physical talents than anyone you’ve ever played with. Flacco has the best arm in the league and can hit you anywhere. Bonus points that he stands up against racism and hates Trump.

  16. Hes right that someone will overpay. And since he has limited years left he probably should go for it and no hard feelings if he does. Feeding the family for the rest of his life has to be the priority. Pats will throw out a fair contract but not an overpay. If he wants to stay and win his agent (who wants to be getting a cut from an overpay) will lean all over him. So NE should not hold their breath for any fair deals. Nice if it happens but unlikely.

  17. I loved the idea of having the two tight ends in NE this year, whether to accent each other or to keep things moving if and when one of them (Gronk) got hurt. But listening to him after the game was a real turn off. Playing up how other teams don’t give him credit etc etc, dude isn’t even the best TE on his team, much less the league

  18. It was a great interview. Funny and honest. Helped snapped me out of the “what the hell just happened” feeling most of us had after watching the end of that game.

    everyone should watch it before they post ignorant comments based on the title of this post and the few bits mentioned in it. He spoke about doing his job and chipping the DE. That he was used to catching lots of passes but he bought in to the team concept and would do whatever they wanted. The over pay statement was a joke he said to Deon on the side… a very true joke.

  19. Just be happy with the Super Bowl bonus. Yea, test the market but don’t be greedy. You’ll be disappointed.

  20. It was nice having you, Marty. Thanks for holding it down and gutting through the injuries while Gronk was out, we probably don’t make the Super Bowl without you. But this ain’t the place to get paid, it’s the place to win rings. You got your ring, and I ain’t mad at a man trying to get one last pay day at 30, but please believe the checks won’t come from a Foxboro address.

  21. Bennett was an incredible asset for the Pats at the beginning of he year, and then at the end when the Gronk was laid up. But he was a hired gun, and I don’t think thee were any illusions about him “getting paid” from the Pats. It was about him coming in, doing a job at a reasonable wage, and see ya later.

    Long is different. He has the taste for victory now, and probably doesn’t have a need to get maximum cash. He knows how much more time he has left, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him ride the rest of his career on the NE D-line. And, as a Pats fan, I like what I saw this year, and I like that he’ll contribute from here on.

  22. Not the Patriots. The Patriots don’t even overpay Brady,the GOAT. The Patriots already has a reserve contract for Rob Housler a TE. Don’t know who he is but BB sees something in him. BB always have back up plans. I wish the Pats can keep Marty. I imagine he’s a fun teammate.

  23. Bennet was fantastic this year. When they asked him to block he blocked. When they asked him to make catches he made catches. When they asked him to work his rear end off he did so.

    He is well liked in the locker room and even with his fairly unique personality he was always careful to enjoy himself but not shoot his mouth off or make trouble. He was ecstatic in regards to winning instead of losing and watching the playoffs from his couch.

    Would love to see him back with the Pats next year. I’m sure they’ll happily continue to pay him in the 5 mil a year range he’s in now. But if he wants bigger money he’s probably gone. Only time will tell

  24. Who is going to pay Bennett? He’s a decent and serviceable tight end, but there’s a reason he’s been on four teams. His shelf life is limited. The Pats should draft a tight end in the 2nd or 3rd round to back up Gronkowski. Why pay Bennett? Pay Butler and Hightower. Ryan and Bennett are as good as gone.

  25. If he’s all excited about getting “overpaid” then he won’t be here next year and that’s fine with me. He did some nice things for us, but it was always a thin balance between his production on the field and his production in the media room. I tend to find “I got mine” types who go contract-hunting after a ring are more often than not shadows of their former selves wherever they end up next.

  26. flaccojumpball says:
    Feb 6, 2017 4:43 PM
    Only guy on the Pats I like. Come to Baltimore Marty. Be the #2 behind Pitta and form a 2 TE tandem with a QB that has more physical talents than anyone you’ve ever played with. Flacco has the best arm in the league and can hit you anywhere. Bonus points that he stands up against racism and hates Trump.


    Cmon man if he wants to compete for last place in the AFC North he should head to the Ravens…..otherwise, he should look elsewhere…

  27. I saw every Pats game this year and as a receiver I was fairly unimpressed with him. Pats can get themselves another TE to back up Gronk easily enough.

  28. @flaccojumpball

    Bennett had the most TDs and yds per catch this year in his career with Brady and picked up a ring (no coincidence), but Flat Line Joe Flacco and his 29th in the league passer rating is who he needs to be with? What “physical talents” helped him achieve that?

    Great advice.

  29. Most likely will leave in free agency. He did not make a financial sacrifice to play with the Patriots this year—he was traded and therefore continued under his previous contract. He most likely does not have the mindset to accept a below market deal. Can’t blame him.

  30. He had a good game. And was obviously enjoying himself during the interview. His comments about being overpaid were a very small part of the interview. And while it will probably end up that his next contract is higher, it will be with another team. And good for him. He came in, did the job the team asked him to do, adapted to their requirements well. No reason for him not to cash in.
    All I can say is thanks from a Patriots fan and good luck with whatever comes next.

  31. All this talk of not overpaying Brady? Come on folks. You think Brady asks for a contract he deserves they’d have said “Sorry Tom, we’ve loved having you here. We don’t overpay”
    He’d be the exception to the rule. I know it,you know it,Brady knows it,Kraft certainly knows it.

  32. Which veterans will line up to play for the Patriots on a one year discussed contract?

    If I was a free agent tight end, defensive end or tackle, or a corner or linebacker with strong cover skills I would tell my agent to make it happen.

  33. A good player but the Pats don’t overpay anybody, that’s a big part of why they are the Pats.

    I’ll miss you Marty and I wish you well when your new team isn’t playing the Pats.

  34. Pro Football is many things, the most important of which is – a BUSINESS.

    Belichik is the best GM in the games, and that necessarily means he is the most ruthless – he’s already thinking about next season. Since our 1st title 15 years ago Brady is the only one left, and EVERY one of the other players since then got here because of Belichik – draft, free agent or trade. We won it 2 years ago and this year’s 53 man SB squad had 23 new players (or was it 30?) from that 1st squad.

    We New England/Boston fans are living a charmed life right now – we know that and we appreciate it. We have 4 major league sports teams and in the last 15 years we have 10 championships between them – 5 Pats, 3 Sox, 1 apiece for the Celts and the Bruins.

    I haven’t done any history on it but I would be surprised if there is ANY major sports area in pro history that can make a claim like that.

    We spend lots of money on t-shirts & hats.

    Now we have to start worrying about the upcoming NBA trade deadline!!

    Ah, mon Dieu!!

  35. RussianBreadMaker says:

    Feb 6, 2017 4:02 PM

    Both Bennett brothers sure love chiming in on every topic under the sun. I guess they are making up for all that time that the media never bothered asking them questions because they were average at best.
    Well, both of the Bennett brothers now have Super Bowl rings! And will make millions of dollars next season to play football. What do YOU have?

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