Report: Shanahan targeting Saleh, Henderson as co-defensive coordinators


New 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will target Robert Saleh and Jerome Henderson as co-defensive coordinators on his first staff, Alex Marvez of The Sporting News reported Monday.

Saleh spent the last three seasons as linebackers coach with the Jaguars. He’s been linked to the same job with the Chargers, where ex-Jaguars coach Gus Bradley is the new defensive coordinator, but a co-coordinator’s job with the 49ers would be a promotion.

Henderson spent last season on the Falcons’ staff with Shanahan. A former NFL defensive back, Henderson spent four seasons as the Cowboys’ secondary coach prior to joining the Falcons.

Shanahan’s hiring was made official on Monday, though he’s had essentially two weeks to at least contact potential assistant coaches. He’ll be formally introduced by the 49ers later in the week.

Marvez also reported that Jon Embree (tight ends), Jeff Hafley (defensive backs), Mike McDaniel (wide receivers) and Jason Tarver (linebackers) will also be targeted by Shanahan to join the 49ers’ staff.

22 responses to “Report: Shanahan targeting Saleh, Henderson as co-defensive coordinators

  1. Co-defensive coordinators? A move designed to make it look like both are stepping up so neither of their current teams can block them from leaving perhaps?

  2. A young know-it-all with a 6 year contract. You saw what he did in crunch time at the SB. He reminded me of Bill Musgrave, God bless him. Damn the torpedoes, throw it deep…
    This will end well. They’re going to be on the hook for 3 ex-coaches in a year.
    The Niners can’t get out of their own way. They should ask Eddie how it works.
    He actually succeeded at it…

  3. This is sad. Jed is a 38 year old “owners’ representative” who ran off a winning coach, promoted an incompetent assistant into the HC chair, hired and fired Chip Kelly and has given 6 year contracts to a broadcaster with no former front office experience as a GM and a first time HC who has no history of success at the playoff level (and indeed is now being blamed for the loss in the Super Bowl). Yeah! This is going to be the next Patriot organization. York said the fans can’t fire the owner … but Mommy can!

  4. I sit here wondering if anyone, anyone at all has A N Y thing positive to submit. Anyone? Apparently not. Well, at least I will wait and form a judgement/opinion AFTER I have something substantive to go on other than, “… well in the past he did this or that, so that tells me that he will, blah, blah, blah” – oh please! Then again, what do I know, right?

  5. time2speakup says:
    Feb 6, 2017 9:42 PM
    I sit here wondering if anyone, anyone at all has A N Y thing positive to submit. Anyone? Apparently not.

    How about this…I like the way you incorporate a number into your name…positive enough skippy?

  6. @msarcher1 oh I don’t know cause he won assist of the yr and help create the top offense this yr? He’s improved every offense he’s been apart of and one of the main reasons ATL even made it as far as they did…two plays doesn’t define a coach.

  7. Is “co-defensive coordinators” like “co-people”?
    As a redskins fan, no need to look any further than the Seattle playoff game a few years ago…Alfred Morris had 80 yards at halftime, and genius boy ran him 3 times in the 2nd half! This happened over and over in Washington…now, with SF, he has nothing close to the talent he’s leaving…I keep hearing how great he is – please, someone tell me what this guy has accomplished…without Julio jones the falcons are nothing but average, at best…

  8. ‘Third an one in the SB and the boy wonder calls a deep pass, setting up the blind side blitz which cost his team the game. Perfect guy for the 9ers.’

    wasn’t blind side da

  9. There’s a theory you can help the the inexperienced find their way by surrounding them with people who know the ropes. San Fran clearly doesn’t believe in that theory: First-time GM, first-time head coach, co-defensive coordinators who have never been anything but position coaches before….

  10. Anyone who says shanahan isn’t a good coach because he’d take a few plays back from the SB is either haten or doesn’t know football. His body of work speaks for itself and he’s built to be a great HC in this league.

  11. This has happened the last two years…The so called 9er faithful will chirp on here for 7-8 months on how they love everything Santa Clara is doing….Then by the 3rd game of the season, you won’t hear a word out of them…

  12. I reserve judgment on shanahan & lynch for at least 2 seasons. It will take that long or longer to bring this team to at least not be over-matched in games.

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