Tom Brady’s jersey went missing after the game

Not everything about Tom Brady’s night was perfect.

The Patriots quarterback was upset in the postgame locker room, since he couldn’t find the jersey he wore as he won his fifth Super Bowl and fourth Super Bowl MVP.

Via Martin Rogers of USA Today, Brady thought someone took the jersey from his locker after the win, and called in team security and equipment staffers to help him look for it.

It was right here. I know exactly where I put it,” Brady said. He then spent several minutes digging through bags looking for what is now a holy artifact.

“This is not good,” he said. “It was right here and now I don’t have it. Not good.”

Asked as he was leaving the stadium if he found it, he replied: “No. It is going to be on eBay soon, I guess.”

While many would consider that valuable, it’s a priceless memento for Brady, who will probably have plenty of help searching in the days to come.