James White may boycott White House trip, too

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Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty may have company when it comes to not accompanying their Patriots teammates to the White House.

Running back James White told SiriusXM NFL Radio that he’s still pondering whether to make the traditional trip to Washington.

I’ll wait ’til the time comes and decide then,” White told Alex Marvez.

Bennett said before the Super Bowl that he wouldn’t visit the White House if the Patriots win. In the aftermath of the victory, Bennett reiterated his position.

But there’s a good chance Bennett won’t even be a Patriot by the time the trip occurs. McCourty, a first-round pick of the Patriots in 2010, is a cornerstone member of the defense; his position on the issue could influence other teammates, including White.

If the sentiment spreads and the number of Patriots making the trip shrinks, the first visit to the Donald Trump White House from a major league title-winning team could be awkward. The awkward moments could continue as other teams from other major sports qualify for what usually is considered one of the perks of winning a championship.

91 responses to “James White may boycott White House trip, too

  1. You are free to do as you wish, but keep in mind what your value is in the market.
    Do you want to be remembered for your 20 pts in the SB, or making a political statement?
    Choice is yours…………..
    Regardless of who’s in office, I would love to get the tour beyond the nickel tour that the rest of us get. Yes………I live in DC and have seen the WH.

  2. Meanwhile, the Caucasians on the team are still pouting about Brady’s four game suspension, which affected the team and society at large not one iota.

  3. Take the trip, fellas. It’s a solid tour, and maybe you meet somebody on the inside to talk with that restores some confidence that the executive branch isn’t just Donald, no matter how much it seems like it. OR you go through the tour, be a good soldier, then talk up a storm after the trip with more media outlets if that’s what you wanna do (looking at you, Marty). You also get to roll your eyes when that inevitable moment when Donald compares his own ascendancy to your SB season. You’re not in the NBA, you can’t pull people certain directions the way LBJ can, there’s simply too many NFL players and too many team changes in an NFL career for you to expect to have that kind of an impact by boycotting the trip.

  4. Who cares at this point? The US is screwed by people not actually getting out to vote. The NFL is in a downward spiral because they can’t determine whether or not the pats are good for business. We as the public no longer care about this. Go ahead and thumbs down me pats fans, you only reiterate my point.

  5. If they sense any kind of momentum building for this, Kraft will quietly intervene behind the scenes. If a couple want to skip, fine. However, if they try to get ” major statement” about it, he’s not going to let a team event be used to embarrass the President of the United States and he has the personal capital to get a plurality there.

  6. No mature person who has a job, bills to pay and kids to raise.. gives a crap about who goes or doesn’t go on a trip to the White House. We also don’t care who may or may not be going to Disneyland either.

  7. I don’t know why someone wouldn’t go. Going to the White House as a champion, the honor itself, is more prestigious than going to the White House as a champion with a Democrat in office if you are a Republican or a Republican in office if you are a Democrat.

    I guess I could understand some of the older Pats who’ve been before deciding to skip, but if Im a new Pat regardless of my personal opinions of Trump I’d go just because it’s part of all the hoopla. Who knows if you haven’t been before you’ll get another chance.

  8. Protesting by doing something that most people can not do (visit the president) is not a strong form of protest.

    It is not the beginning of a movement. It is not comparable to sitting at a counter, staying in your seat on a bus, walking into a desegregated elementary school, or marching for a cause.

  9. The white guys will be there, you know, Brady, Belichick, Hogan, Edelman, Kraft….after all they do call it the “White House”.

  10. Oh no what are we to do, rich entitled athletes won’t visit the president. I have to get up and work tomorrow, I don’t know about the rest of you.

  11. I’d really like to see some other (ahem the white guys) teammates show some solidarity and refusal to support Trump bigoted, earth destroying policies.

  12. All a bunch of BS designed to make themselves look like informed SJWs. Most of these clowns could not tell you specifics as to why he is bad. They just regurgitate the crap that is spewed and have no clue that most of the stuff is made up and repeated endlessly.

  13. That would be ineresting if there were reprisals for those who didn’t attend. I think Bennett is already gone because of this and they will mask it as being business as usual when they choose not to resign him. If guys who are actually signed don’t attend, do the Krafts take it as a slight and try to move anyone out of town? Mankins and Moss both commented on their frustrations with ownership and were moved out of town shortly after. The Krafts are great owners, but they can be petty like anyone else. The problem is you can’t trade away half the team. I hope the team just reapects those who don’t attend. Brady didn’t visit Obama.

  14. And Brady didn’t go last time the Patriots won. Stop trying to make this about Trump!! There are MANY guys who haven’t visited the White House in MANY sports with MANY different presidents. Just………stop.

  15. Tell all the racist to stay away from the WH. IF the Muslim was still in the WH these clowns would go.

  16. These guys are getting a lot of pressure from their community to make a statement against Trump, a man they don’t know, have never met, and are drawing conclusions from a very biased media and an hysterical left wing base. To throw the towel in and just say no doesn’t do anyone any good. One never knows when they will be the catalyst that will make a difference. It matters not to most of us whether the whole team or parts of the team go to the White House for a truly American experience but the sports media really needs to stay out of it no matter their personal decisions to attend or not attend. The race baiting that goes on in media today is appalling and, quite frankly, getting tiresome.

  17. He’s just jealous that despite all of his hard work, he’s still not part the greatest come-from-behind victory in American history. #trumpisyourpres

  18. The White House should just go ahead and un-invite them. Make the decision easier for them.

  19. too bad..nice player bad decision. your boycotting the visit just hurts yourself. You seem like a good guy and appreciate winning football games don’t be a a sore loser in the game of life. Even if you have differences with the man suck it up and respect the office!

  20. It is time to stop all of these types of visits to the White House. It is becoming too political and too divisive. The President’s time can be spent much more productively.

  21. First off, it is their prerogative to go or not. However, they really should be smarter than to buy the line of BS being spread that Trump is somehow a racist, if that is their reason for opting out.

  22. I don’t get it. Just go and be honored with your teammates. If you have issues with this administration then just organize a march or protest while you are there.

  23. yes trump is our president I voted for him I’m so glade he’s doing a good job I could care less if these guys don’t go and more than 50% of the country feels the way I do so really I hope they don’t go like anyone cares

  24. So politics being brought into sports.

    Guess you will see more of Lewis next year,White going

    back to the side lines. Bennett will be gone White set aside

    and anyone that is not part of the core will be gone.

    Ruining team unity is against everything BILL wants

  25. Be a man and just skip it. Give this guy a second term and we’ll be back to separate bathrooms, and cotton picking. “Make America Great Again” was code for white guys need to run everything.

  26. This wouldn’t be the first time that players didn’t want to visit the White House upon winning their respective championship. I don’t get the awkwardness. If they don’t want to go then don’t go.

  27. Do any of these players really think anyone cares if they attend this dinner, to give them accolades, or not? This is a great AMERICAN tradition to be treated royally at the White House……their loss!

  28. Before all the haters’ “But Brady skipped the White House 2yrs ago” comments:

    Brady did so because Obama had already, very unprofessionally, publicly joined in the Deflategate BS and the denouncing of Brady’s accomplishments. So Brady, rather than respond, merely stayed away, also not to deflect from the rest of the team. But even those who did go had to suffer a very rude, troll-like wisecrack from Obama about ball pressures. Trump lacks diplomacy, but people also forget that Obama could be classless – Obama was also rude and threatening to the Brits over Brexit.

  29. Come on James. You’re bigger than Rosie O’Donnell (well maybe not literally). Trump is the very essence of patriotism. He’s defying conventional wisdom (i.e. so-called progressivism and big bad globalization) to protect those disenfranchised at home — you remember them, right? The American worker. Do you really not care about people like me. I worked my buttocks off to get my PhD against the harassment from liberal faculty. Then the Software Revolution dropped a bomb on the value of traditional degrees. But I learned the siftware. Still, despite 15 years experience, 5,000 application s, and letters to 6,800 recruiters with whom I am connected on LinkedIn, I have been unemployed for all but 4 months since losing my job in June, 2012 to looming sequestration. I have watched as Indian and Pakistani after Indian and Pakistani — who have maybe 1 or 2 more years experience with the software — come in on H1B visas to take my jobs.

  30. Stop the trips, waste of time and money, and I for one could care less. Game is over move on, and I am a Pats fan..

  31. I hope that a lot more Patriots decide not to go.

    The world is a big popularity contest to Trump.
    This is the only kind of thing that he understands.

    He will be busy comparing the visit’s crowd size for weeks, and then releasing alternative facts about it.

    Although it would be funny to see Cheeto Jesus’s tiny, soft, orange hands get crushed by a real handshake.

  32. Out of respect for basic human decency I will appreciate Patriot players taking a stand. Please don’t go!

  33. I use to really enjoy reading the news on PFT and MMQB

    not boycotting but real disappointed that either one of these cant just leave politics out of it.

    work my butt off to pay the bills etc. i want one day to simply read about the sport i love and care about

    if a player does not want to go to WH ok, his/her prerogative, its not news to me.

    its privilege to be honored with your team, its not a I sport

  34. Wake me up when it matters. He’s free to do what he wants and it’s no big deal. I don’t know why any player should be required to go to the White House or given a hard time for not going no matter whether the President is a Republican or Democrat. The importance of that is no different than these idiotic celebs with their stupid videos ranting against Trump. In the great scheme of things, it just doesn’t matter.

  35. It will probably be as awkward as Goodell giving Brady the Super Bowl MVP trophy, which is to say, not at all except for those with a vested interest in portraying and/or perceiving it that way.

  36. Black players skipping out on visiting a white president? Racism? It was the underlying term tossed around when white players had discussed not visiting the Obama Whitehouse. Let’s see how the media handles this.

  37. Whatever. Its their prerogative. Me? I would go no matter what I thought of the man in the office. Just to visit the office would be an honor to me. Just to be asked in fact. (And I suppose getting asked is an honer they all got whether wantedd or not). I doubt Brady felt too much for Goodell when he shook his hand. But he still shook it.

  38. Brady doesn’t visit Obama, and he is a racist. Several players boycott Trump, and theyre civil rights activists?

    Love that double standard.

  39. Maybe it’s small gestures like these that will add up to big changes when they are needed–like in the mid-term elections.

    And the impeachment that should follow.

  40. Might just be the owner the coach and QB and however else voted for 45 at the WH, but of course the alternative facts will say the entire team plus was there…

  41. 1) He is free to do as he pleases.
    2) Not sure when or why this whole “tradition” of sports teams visiting the WH started. It serves no real purpose now except allowing the players to act out on their personal political stance.
    3) As previous stated, I would go regardless of who is sitting the office because there is a very real possibility that you would never get another chance. And on that thought…it’s very likely that Bennett, McCourty and White will all be out of the NFL before someone they like better is elected President.

  42. Black guy won’t visit racist, zenophobe and sexist white president and people go nuts. White all star QB won’t visit first black president and you hear nothing.

  43. dirtdawg54 says:
    Feb 8, 2017 9:19 AM

    Black guy won’t visit racist, zenophobe and sexist white president and people go nuts. White all star QB won’t visit first black president and you hear nothing.

    One is targeted over what the media claims he is, even if the evidence points otherwise… one made specific accusations about a specific white all star QB…. seems like 2 totally different situations.

    So don’t go, your loss. You will no longer be remembered as the player who had a great superbowl and scored more pts than any other player in the game. you will just be know as one of the guys that skipped the visit to the white house because you thought the president (whom you don’t know personally) was racist or going to ruin the country.

  44. While visiting the White House is a great honor, there is nothing honorable about this president. Why would you want to visit with someone who is going out of his to deny your equal rights.

    I highly doubt White House flunky’s Bannon, Sessions, Conway, ect will be hanging around anyone not named Tom Brady.

  45. It’s all self serving and an attempt at the spotlight. If you were like the 99.8% of the rest of us, you would have to go to work tomorrow and not be concerned with such things. Spoiled brat.

  46. I’m sure we’ll still hear about how it was the LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF ONE TEAM TO VISIT THE WHITE HOUSE, EVER…PERIOD!!

  47. trump is nothing more than a con artist, and there is ample proof of this going back decades people.
    Having said that….I think they should do what they want, but should consider they won as a team, and should be honored as such together. No matter what moron sits in the oval office.

  48. White and the other two “protesters” were last seen cashing checks from well-known Trump cheerleader and super good pal of the president, Robert Kraft.

    I guess their commitment only goes as far as their bank accounts.

  49. Um, if Melania is there, I’m there. Case closed. We haven’t had many former swim suit models as the first lady. Also, I want to see that wall damage where Hillary threw the vase at Wild Billy.

  50. This makes sense…

    If he goes he’ll take more from the visit than he gives…

    Most of the left takes more from the government than they give…

    Indeed, this makes sense..

  51. Hence my reasons for ignoring all NFL Teams, except one. The Dallas Cowboys. They would never insult the league or Players Association. Now you know why the leagues popularity is falling like a rock!

  52. “If they sense any kind of momentum building for this, Kraft will quietly intervene behind the scenes.”

    I don’t think your statement fits w/Kraft’s character.

    Not that it matters but Kraft is a democrat himself and more importantly spends more time with his players than almost every owner. I’d doubt he’d harm that relationship over something so tangential to the NFL.

    Also if you were paying attention during deflate-gate when Kraft didn’t exercise his right to litigate, you can infer he sees value in choosing his battles. The current president could learn many lessons from Kraft, sadly I don’t think that’s the reason Trump sought his friendship.

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