Report: Eagles ask Jason Peters to take a pay cut

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With the Philadelphia Eagles set to begin the offseason with some of the least salary cap space of any team in the league, the team is asking left tackle Jason Peters to take a pay cut, according to Adam Caplan of

The Eagles are estimated to have just over $7 million in cap space for 2017, via That amount would be the fourth least space of any team in the league behind the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys.

Peters is scheduled to make $10.45 million in base salary next year and carries a salary cap charge of over $11 million, the highest of any player on the team next season.

Peters was named to his ninth Pro Bowl this past season and has been a first-team All-Pro three times in 13 seasons with the Eagles and Buffalo Bills. It could be a tough sell for Peters to believe he needs to accept a pay cut coming off another Pro Bowl campaign, but the Eagles will likely have to find some ways to trim cap commitments for next season.

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  1. I hope that they can come to an agreement. However, they should be looking to trim some cap space in other positions as well. Hopefully, they can sign a WR as well as draft one. So they can move Matthews back the slot where; in the past, he’s been most productive.
    Should be interesting to watch, we’re only a few days into the offseason, we’ll see.

  2. I wonder if they regret giving Chase Daniel, a guy that they signed knowing he would be a back up, 3 years, 21 million yet…

  3. I love JP but his pro bowl selection was a little deceiving this year. He was an alternate named on past reputation more than his play. He led the league in false starts and got beat PLENTY. I can see the birds easily moving on from him if he won’t take the cut. And I wouldn’t blame them.

  4. Philly had to deal with this when Mathis and Cole were cut. People loved them, but it was the right decision to move on. We have all loved having Peters there as the rock for a really long time, but it might be time to cut bait and start new with a cheaper development guy to grow with Wentz.

  5. The goal is to have enough money to keep Bennie Logan on board.

    Peters is only the first place they will look to save money and get younger in the process. But it makes sense to start with him, since he’s older and Lane Johnson has played well whenever he has had to play LT. Peters’ response will go a long way in determining some of the other moves they make. If he doesn’t budge, then they’ll likely move on from him and that would free up a lot of cap space. But if he does budge, then they save less and start looking at Connor Barwin’s number while sharpening the axe. It’s just my opinion, but I think Barwin is more expendable than Peters at this point.

  6. therealtrenches says:
    “It’s just my opinion, but I think Barwin is more expendable than Peters at this point.”

    Connor doesn’t fit Gym Shorts D and played out of position last year and should be gone before TC. Sad but true. Barwin had some great years incl the long suffering BILLY DAVIS years, but his time has come to move on.

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