Texans bump up ticket prices

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They say everything is bigger in Texas and that will be true of the price of Texans tickets next season.

A couple of days after their stadium played host to Super Bowl LI, the Texans announced that the average cost of tickets will go from $97.32 to $103.69 for the 2017 season. It’s a bump of 6.55 percent and comes a year after the team hiked prices nearly six percent.

That bump didn’t have an effect on sales as the Texans ran their streak of sellouts to 154 games and 15 seasons in 2016. That likely helped convince the team they could push a little higher in 2017, although the team didn’t use that as part of their explanation.

“Houston Texans fans are a prime reason NRG Stadium has earned the reputation as one of the best gameday experiences in the National Football League for 15 consecutive seasons,” Texans senior vice president of ticketing and event management John Schriever said in a statement. “With this year’s pricing structure, our goal is to deliver an unrivaled and compelling fan experience as well as remain competitive on the field each and every gameday.”

The Texans ranked 13th in the league in average ticket price last year and say they anticipate being in a “comparable” position this year.

16 responses to “Texans bump up ticket prices

  1. $103.69 per game average? I think that I’ll stay in my living room with good WIFI coverage, clean bathrooms, no adjacent drunken yoyos and watch it in glorious HD

  2. Sold my season tickets -5- years ago, haven’t been to a game since. In all likelihood I’ll never go again. The NFL experience is just not worth it …..

  3. The fans’ idea of “remaining competitive” and the teams’ idea of “remaining competitive” are two entirely different things.

  4. Once you buy PSLs, the team has you over a barrel.
    What’s to prevent them from raising prices to either exceed the salary cap rise or the rate of inflation.
    A team could raise prices 10% every other year and what can you do about it?
    Either pay up or sell your devalued PSL.
    The PSL buyers in San Fran got taken to the cleaners.

    If you don’t buy the tickets your PSL is voided.
    Then the team can price tickets so they just barely sell out or just barely miss selling out, to maximize revenue.

  5. the nfl experience: nothing like paying high prices to see a 1 hr game played out in 31/2 hrs, paying top dollar to park, drink fluids, and crappy food….

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