Rob Gronkowski does Rob Gronkowski things, vows to return for six

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski wasn’t available to help win the Patriots’ fifth Super Bowl, but he said during the team’s victory parade he’d be there for the next one.

Of course, Gronkowski also took off his shirt and chugged some beers, in full Gronk mode for a throng of adoring fans.

“What’s up, Boston? Want to know something? When we get six, your boy right here is going to be part of six, baby,” Gronkowski said, via Phil Perry of “This team worked so hard to be where they’re at. I love these guys so much. I know I wasn’t part of playing in the game, but, please, I love being a part of this team, and this is just so amazing.”

With Martellus Bennett about to become an unrestricted free agent, and their lovable star coming off back surgery, the Patriots are going to need more than eight games out of Gronkowski next year.

Like at least nine. You know what I mean, baby.

17 responses to “Rob Gronkowski does Rob Gronkowski things, vows to return for six

  1. Just proves how great the Patriots system makes EVERYBODY… No Gronk, no problem. If Gronk played on the Browns he’d be seen as just another good player.

  2. .
    ” Gronkowski also took off his shirt and chugged some beers, in full Gronk mode for a throng of adoring fans. ”

    This is why Gronk is so popular with fans. First, he plays like the Tasmanian Devil. Secondly, we live in an age where players employ staff to craft and sell their ” personal brand “. Gronk’s personal brand is to whip off his shirt in 35° weather and chug a few frosties with fans. To hell with the image consultants!

  3. “Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy football works.” — Book of Gronkilations 9:3.

  4. Yes, they will need a healthy Gronk come next post season. It’s a much different and better offense with Gronk. Bennett did a nice job and you can win with him, but the field opens up more for Edelman and company when Gronk must be accounted for.

  5. Good morning Patriot Hater 🙂

    Did you know that’s not the sun you’re seeing this morning? In fact that’s the glow all the way from Foxboro Mass from those FIVE SHINY GLOWING RADIANT LUMINOUS GLEAMING BEAMING SPARKLING Lombardi trophies!


  6. They will sign some failed guy who everyone calls a bust and he will instantly become a pro bowler. It’s just what they do. As a fan of another team it makes me sick, but you still have to give them props. The Patriots are the gold standard of sports franchises. Period. Full stop.

  7. He was an important part of the team. The road to the Superbowl was paved by many games he was instrumental in. He deserves to get and wear this ring as well.

  8. Why does this goon get a pass for this behavior? Is it because he’s white? I mean JR Smith got a lot of heat for taking his shirt off for the Cavs parade and he wasn’t chugging beers and acting like a buffoon in front of thousands of kids in person and millions who will or did watch on TV. This guy is a joke, an immature child and the fact that media just thinks it’s “Gronk being Gronk” is embarrassing. This clown needs to be suspended or at least treated to the same level of scrutiny that a black player would face for doing the same thing. Just ask LeSean McCoy who tried hosting a party for 21 and over girls only. He got heat for that while this clown hosts a cruise doing the same exact thing. Wake up.

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