Tom Brady says his mother is “doing better”

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s Super Bowl week was already big, but it carried an extra emotional burden when his mother Galynn was able to make it to the game after undergoing cancer treatments.

And after she saw her son author the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, Brady said he’s encouraged with how his mother has responded.

Mom’s doing better,” Brady said on WEEI, via Mike Reiss of “She’s been through a lot. My dad has been through a lot. It’s been a really hard year for them. Our prayers are with her. She’s the best mom in the world, so it was nice to win for her, nice for her to be there. . . .

“She didn’t make it back to a game all season; it was so hard for them, but I just wanted her to try to get her rest. She’s been going through a lot, a lot of intensive treatment. But the prognosis is good. She’s not quite through it yet, but hopefully there is some healing energy from our game. We just love her so much. Hopefully she really turns a corner. We all pray for that.”

Brady became choked up last week when asked a question about his hero, and mentioned his father. And as reports emerged about his mother’s condition, it’s clear Brady had more on his mind than a fifth ring, or avenging any old slights.

19 responses to “Tom Brady says his mother is “doing better”

  1. It’s pretty cool when you can ball so hard that it heals the people that care about you (and that you care for) the most.

  2. All the best on a speedy and complete recovery.

    BTW, first thing I thought when I saw that photo was ‘That guy looks like Kevin Youkilis”. Imagine my surprise to find out it is.

  3. We are all praying for it. If anyone can stage an epic comeback against cancer, it’s a Brady.

  4. I am truly happy that his Mom is doing better. Prayers for her continued improvement……

  5. It’s lucky that Brady’s mother has a multi-millionaire son who can pay for the best health care in the world for her, while he’s fully behind his buddy Trump’s and the rest of the sociopathic Republicans agenda of denying health care for the poor who just don’t have the luck of being millionaires themselves.

    Stop trying to present Brady as a decent human being who gives a damn about his fellow human beings. His empathy extends to him and his immediate circle, and everyone else can go to Hell.

  6. TB12 is the best football and at life. If you hate him, you really just hate yourself.

  7. LSUStrong says:
    Feb 8, 2017 9:11 AM
    All the best on a speedy and complete recovery.

    BTW, first thing I thought when I saw that photo was ‘That guy looks like Kevin Youkilis”. Imagine my surprise to find out it is.


    Youk is married to Brady’s sister.

  8. Good news. Doesn’t matter if you hate him or not. Think about if it was your mother? I’d give my left arm to have my mother back. And I’d give my right arm to have my father back too. Great news for Tom.

  9. Nothing but best wishes to Brady’s mom.

    But isn’t it wonderful to know that the mothers of the 105 other Super Bowl players are all in perfect health! That would seem to be the true miracle here; one that you’d think the sports and medical medias would be all over. Imagine the headlines:

    “105 out of 106 Super Bowl moms in perfect health!”
    “Mrs. Brady the ONLY Super Bowl mom with serious health issues!”

  10. To Fordmandalay:

    You’ve done it. You’ve found the secret Republican playbook. All Republicans hate poor people and are anxious for the excess poor (those not serving some purpose that makes the lives of the rich better) to depart this earth.

    After all, it isn’t possible that we all want the same things but disagree on the best way to achieve them, is it? Demonizing those with whom you disagree is easy and fun, but doesn’t really advance the conversation.

  11. Fordmandalay…

    Brady is a decent human being. He is rich because he works hard to earn everything. To put stupid politics and hate into everything is vile. Brady has to contend with adversities while trying to do his job for his team and teammates. We don’t know what he or anyone else goes through everyday. We didn’t know for over a year that his mother has been sick while he also was being dragged through the mud with Deflategate. He put up a brave front, did his job, and won the SB for his mom. He won it for love of his mom.
    Brady’s mom is lucky to have a multi- millionaire son? Lucky because of the money? Well cretin, it’s not luck. It’s hard work.
    Brady’s mom is not lucky but blessed to have a son who loves her so much that he defied great odds so she can be proud of him. Luck, blessing, is not always about money. Often it’s for love and caring.

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