49ers add Martin Mayhew to front office

Former Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew has been hired by the 49ers as a senior personnel executive.

New 49ers General Manager John Lynch made that announcement Thursday as the team formally introduced Lynch and new head coach Kyle Shanahan. Lynch and Mayhew were teammates with the Buccaneers in the mid-1990s.

Lynch has no previous front-office experience. Mayhew was G.M. of the Lions from 2008-15.

After being fired during the 2015 season, Mayhew was hired last winter by the Giants to be their director of football operations/special projects. Mayhew attended law school at Georgetown after his playing career and was first hired by the Lions in 2001.

22 responses to “49ers add Martin Mayhew to front office

  1. Mayhew actually did a fairly good job in Detroit. Detroit fans will never admit that, however. He took an 0-16 roster and turned it into one that made the playoffs multiple times.

    His 1st round picks were good to great, with the exception of Laken Tomlinson.

    His 2nd round picks were horrible.

    His mid/late picks were hit or miss. Not much better or worse than most GM’s do.

    I think this is a great hire for Lynch/49ers. He has GM experience and is coming from a great franchise in the Giants. Can’t hurt having him around for a 1st time GM like Lynch. So long as they don’t hand him the keys to the 2nd round.

  2. They now have Mayhew and the guy they got from the Broncos who has plenty of experience and connections.

  3. The 37-year-old Peters spent the past eight seasons with the Broncos climbing the ladder from scout, to assistant director of college scouting, to head of the department. Before that, he was a scout with the New England Patriots from 2003-2008.

    “That will be a huge plus for John because Adam’s been in the league for a long time and knows a lot of different things,” Elway told Branch. “How to organize personnel, whether it’s on the college side or the pro side. So to have guys that know how to organize that, he’ll see how the process is run and after that it’s relatively easy. Just to have those people — to have good people around him who can teach him all those things.”

  4. If John Lynch makes it through all six years, he’ll have a top ten draft pick 6 years in a row. He doesn’t know the first thing about how to build a football team, and it’s becoming more and more obvious with every news release. Sad, but it’s the 49ers. We’re used to it.

  5. Between Peters and Mayhew, Lynch is building a heck of a staff. And Elway stated he would NOT have let Peters go if Lynch had not been involved. This guy has a ton of cache around the league. Don’t think for a second he doesn’t. The 9ers went from a dumpster fire to about the best possible outcome they could had this side of Walsh’s ghost rising and re-leading the franchise. So far. So good.

  6. Mayhew built the 0-16 Lions. He is that good.

    The average mock draft would have been better than Mayhew’s selections. He only lasted as long as he did because he was an upgrade from Matt Millen – which really isn’t saying much at all.

    And then he let Suh leave Detroit without any compensation – proving that he was a total idiot.

    The 49ers can spin this any way they want, but the man was totally incompetent.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time a player of Suh’s caliber was allowed to just leave without any assets in return? It doesn’t happen with competent management. ‘Nuff said.

  7. And now the Millen Part Deux analogies are complete.

    Good luck Niner fans. This guy looks and talks the part, but he was the guy advising Millen on who to pick and then couldn’t get a team stocked with Calvin, Suh and a #1OA throwing for 5000 yards a playoff W in 7 years on his own.

    You guys applauding this move have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

  8. 9rs fans, love ya, in advance of all the years of suffering he’s going to put you through I’d just like to say I’m sorry, so so sorry.

  9. Detroit native here…

    @lionfan123… and fairly good… fairly good got him fairly fired.

    I could be ‘fairly good’. Lions were ‘fairly good’ for years. Not the 49ers will be fairly good.

    Do you REALLY want ‘fairly good’ when rebuilding what has ALREADY been a dysfunctional system.

    Sheesh. SMH.

  10. lionsfan123 says:
    Feb 9, 2017 5:09 PM
    Mayhew actually did a fairly good job in Detroit.
    Lol what?

    Where did he do a good job?

    Drafting Suh then signing him to a player friendly deal so he could bolt ASAP?

    Drafting out of shape and lazy Nick Fairly?

    How about Titus Young who was out of the league in 2 years?
    Trading up to Draft Mikel Leshoure?

    What about Ryan Broyles who had like 10 career catches?

    OH wait, was it drafting a TE that can’t catch or block over Aaron Donald, who would have been excellent insurance in case we couldn’t sign Suh?

    Was it offering 10 million a year to Cliff Avril?

    Or signing Levy to a huge extension when he was hurt?

    Derrick Williams was also a stud player huh?

    Doing a quick math, 23 of his picks are already out of the NFL. Ranging from 2nd round to 7th round.

    Here are a list of Mayhews draft picks that are Starting in the NFL
    QB Matthew Stafford 1st round
    LB Deandre Levy 3rd round
    DT Ndamukong Suh
    LB Tahir Whitehead * May get cut
    RT Riley Reiff *May not resign
    Punter Sam Martin
    RG Larry Warford *Probably wont resign
    CB Darius Slay
    DE Ezekial Ansah
    CB Nevin Lawson
    C Travis Swanson *Injured
    TE Eric Ebron *If you consider that guy a starter
    RB Ameer Abdullah* If you consider him a starter/Injured
    LG Laken Tomlinson *Benched, only started due to injures

    14 starters in 6 years. With a good amount of those guys not being able to start on other teams. With 23 out of the league. How in the hell is that a good job?

  11. So the trick is to hire 6 people to do all the parts of a GM job, then have John Lynch walk around smiling and waving. Genius.

  12. charliecharger says:
    Feb 9, 2017 6:16 PM
    If John Lynch makes it through all six years, he’ll have a top ten draft pick 6 years in a row. He doesn’t know the first thing about how to build a football team, and it’s becoming more and more obvious with every news release. Sad, but it’s the 49ers. We’re used to it.
    Ha, 4 years ago we were in the championship game, 5 years ago the superbowl and 6 years ago in the NFC championship game.

    Getting used to losing? That’s coming from a Chargers fan? Hahahaha.

  13. Best GM in the history of the Lions, anyone saying stupidity statements like “bad move” clearly hasn’t paid attention to the Lions track record of one playoff win in 60 years.

  14. He drafted TE Eric Ebron over DT Aaron Donald.

    Then his 2 starting DT’s left the next season after that draft.

    Never will I forget that stupid pick. Luckily Ebron is getting better but Donald is arguably the best DT in the NFL.

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