Joseph Randle charged with assaulting fellow inmate

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Less than 18 months ago, running back Joseph Randle started six games for the Dallas Cowboys. Since then, his life has fallen into disarray.

Via the Wichita Eagle, Randle has now been charged with assaulting a fellow inmate in jail. Randle now has five criminal cases pending against him.

Randle is awaiting trial on allegations arising from claims that he purposely hit people with a car last February, avoided law-enforcement officers who were attempting to serve him with a warrant a month later, threatened to kill a deputy who refused to let him use the phone while in jail in May 2016, and damaged a TV at the jail in July.

Randle spent three seasons with the Cowboys, rushing for 822 yards on 181 carries and scoring nine touchdowns.

20 responses to “Joseph Randle charged with assaulting fellow inmate

  1. Jerry Jones kisses Roger Goodell’s ass and yet he still signs morons.
    Pacman, Hardy and Randle.
    Still waiting on the Elliott case.
    Jerry you should be proud.

  2. A lot of this guy’s behavior seems like untreated mental illness. Criminal, sure, but dude’s not normal.

  3. Perhaps he needs to be in a facility that works on mental health. He is obviously not able to control himself at this point.

  4. That’s hall of famer jerry to you. And after years of kraft kissing rodger’s ass things fell apart. Now pats fans want to try to play off like the two weren’t bffs before and they are super mistreated and life’s not fair. Spare me. Welcome to the five club though!

  5. He is mentally ill. Part of his sickness is refusing treatment.
    This is sad. He is really not a criminal he is sick.

  6. Sure, it’s “mental illness”. Let’s be real. It’s CTE and nobody wants to admit it because their afraid CTE will take away their precious football. Randle is acting just like Titus Young did. Same with Chris Henry, who unfortunately died and was discovered to have had CTE.

  7. TheDPR says:
    Feb 9, 2017 11:07 AM

    A lot of this guy’s behavior seems like untreated mental illness. Criminal, sure, but dude’s not normal.

    I think you nailed it, DPR

  8. Love the double-standards in our society.

    You get a guy who is good at running around on grass with a ball in his hands that continuously commits criminal offences, and people will rush to come up with a million excuses for him. (He’s sick. CTE. He just needs help. etc)

    And I’m not saying that this isn’t the case, especially with Randle.

    But… on the flip side, you have an average Joe who commits a criminal act(s), and people can’t wait to vilify them, put them in prison, then throw away the key.

    I think it’s interesting that society tries to justify or condemn people who make poor decisions, simply based on if they’re famous/can run fast on grass or not.

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