Memorabilia dealer: Tom Brady jersey isn’t sellable

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If it ever surfaced, Tom Brady’s game-worn Super Bowl LI jersey would be one of the most valuable collectible ever. Setting aside the fact it’s stolen property and everything, of course.

Via Marie Szaniszlo of the Boston Herald, one memorabilia expert said the missing jersey is effectively unsellable at this point, considering the attention its disappearance has received.

Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions estimated it would have been worth $500,000 on the open market, the most ever paid for a jersey (someone paid $365,000 for a Mike Piazza Mets jersey in 2016).

“Whoever it was probably had no idea the ruckus it was going to cause,” Goldin said. “Nobody can possibly sell it. Nobody in my business would touch it. Anybody accepting this jersey is knowingly accepting stolen property. And that’s a crime.”

Texas police are still looking for it (though three homicides the night of the Super Bowl have more of their attention), while putting the onus for the security breach on the NFL.

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  1. Personally I will not rest until this issue is resolved…sorry what I dozed off?

  2. Texas police are right. This is on the NFL security. Another example of Goodell’s “fine” leadership.

    Hope your jersey is recovered, Tom, and the thief is charged with a felony if the jersey is really worth $500,000.

  3. “three homicides the night of the Super Bowl have more of their attention”.

    This is just a dumb attitude. The police investigate multiple crimes. It’s not like the same detectives investigating the homicides are the same ones who would be looking into the jersey issue.

  4. The Texas police are looking for it? Are they looking in Boston? They should start with every member of the Patriots. That locker room wasn’t open to everyone. maybe it was GODELL. One of the players could have it for their own collection, they are trading jerseys all the time. But with all the heat on, someone may just BURN IT,because it is so hot.

  5. Memorabilia dealer? Please. A while back there was an unsolved theft of 500 mil worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. You don’t think some very wealthy person spent a lot of money for that private collection hanging on his wall?

  6. They really need to let the idiot Goodell hired to steal it (lol) off the hook on this one. Otherwise the jersey will be gone forever. The person who took it, is probably terrified at this point. It was a dumb move but taking a Jersey after the super bowl has turned into the equivalent of stealing a lambo and going for a joy ride. Lol

    Make it known to the thief that he won’t be prosecuted. Just pack up the jersey in a box. Place it at your local fire department and all will be well. The jersey is useless now. You can’t sell it. You can’t display it. Etc. The jersey is useless. But the real tragedy in all of this is that the thief is most likely going to get rid of the jersey and it will never be recovered.

  7. NFL will never admit or investigate responsibility for a security breach. Goodell more interested in theoretical crime and harsh punishments for them. No cell phone records, no disappearing/reapperaing items and no immediate scapegoat.

    Gee, I just made him a philosopher and Roger Rabbit in two sentences.

  8. Not to mention that now that the chain of custody has been broken, it is virtually impossible for anyone to positively identify the actual jersey worn on game day by Brady.

  9. The more important point is there is no longer chain of custody, therefore it would be impossible to prove it was the actual game worn jersey and not a replica.

    Unless there was some kind of marking that only Brady and the Patriots could know about, the moment it was stolen the value was permenantly destroyed.

  10. His last SB-win jersey was also stolen. And after the preceding AFCCG game one of the NFL officials was quietly fired for stealing and switching Pats balls for sale on e-bay. But at the time the league used the apparent switches as “evidence” the Pats were caught red-handed replacing good balls with dodgy deflated ones.

    Start the search in Goodell’s office and work outwards from there, making every official provide phones and fingerprints.

  11. Of course it’s sellable, and plenty of dealers would be happy to do so.

    The problem is proving it’s authenticity.
    Unless it’s signed by Brady with a supporting document, how do you know this dirty jersey is the actual one Brady wore, and not a jersey that someone said Brady wore?

  12. I wonder if he got Brady’s jock strap as well. If the jersey is worth a half mil, the jock strap ought to be worth a few thousand.

    Yep, this entire thing is just THAT stupid!!

  13. Robert Kraft took it, he is trying to trade it Putin for his Ring back.

    Putin said to Kraft: “No TB Signature – No Deal”

  14. Spy-Gate

    What is next ???


    Goodel will announce that he has the Jersey and it was tipped off to him that Brady had Computer Chips sown into his Jersey that enabled him to be more accurate on his passing then without them.

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