Report: Bruce Allen won’t let Scot McCloughan talk to media

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Not everyone is seeing eye to eye in Washington, and we’re not just talking about the Democrats and the Republicans.

General Manager Scot McCloughan has team President Bruce Allen breathing down his neck, the Washington Post reports. That includes Allen not allowing McCloughan to talk to reporters either at the Senior Bowl or at the Scouting Combine, where most general managers do talk to the media.

That report comes as part of a longer story that describes the team as “uneasy,” “nervous” and “desperate” after missing the playoffs last season. The story suggests that there’s discord on a coaching staff that has lost both coordinators this offseason, that there’s disagreement about how valuable quarterback Kirk Cousins is, and that McCloughan, Allen and coach Jay Gruden could all be fired after the 2017 season if the team doesn’t improve.

Reporters would surely like to ask McCloughan about all of that. Apparently they won’t get the chance.

38 responses to “Report: Bruce Allen won’t let Scot McCloughan talk to media

  1. Jed York : No one could possibly run a team worse than I do.

    Dan Snyder : Hold my beer.

  2. McCloughan seems like a good talent evaluator.
    If they fire him, then who do they get?
    I don’t follow the Red Skins and don’t know what this panic is about. The Cowboys had an incredible year, and the Giants spent heavily in free agency and didnt have their entire secondary injured like they did the last few years.

    They better keep Cousins otherwise be prepared for years of QB hunting.

  3. If Bruce Allen is not allowing Scot McCloughan to talk, then it’s time for reporters to start going directly to Allen and Dan Snyder and have them answer questions. And don’t be bashful about ambushing them – especially if they’re avoiding ways to talk to reporters. It’s their own actions that are putting them in this situation.

  4. I follow the Redskins regularly and this is the first time I’ve heard of this discord between Allen, McCloughan, and Gruden. There aren’t any specific or reliable sources in the Washington Post article, so I’m inclined to believe it’s heavily exaggerated to get some attention at the beginning of the offseason.

    I do think there’s pressure on all three of them to win, and to have a good offseason. I wouldn’t hold that against Dan Snyder. We have a young and developing roster and just had back to back winning seasons. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. Doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary.

  5. Bruce Allen was always perceived as an appropriate successor to nincompoop Vinny Cerrato, except more paranoid, insecure, and controlling.

  6. Are they crazy? Guys, come on – you have the best team you’ve had in ages. Really good QB, solid coach, many good support players. The Eagles are still behind you, the Giants will likely collapse for a while after Manning retires in the next few years, and you have a legit shot at winning the division.

    Panic? Desperation? Sheesh. They’re set up to be contenders for years. I miss the NFL of my youth, where these teams ground it out and didn’t panic over every little thing.

    I say this as a Cowboys fan. They have a good thing going and would be silly to mess it up.

  7. Leave Scooter alone. His daddy Kent put up with Al and babysat Mark in Oakland for decades. Clan McCloughan has been identifying NFL talent since the 70’s. Scooter deserves better than Bruce and Dan.

  8. I hope this ends up ok for Scot. He’s a good guy. I realized long ago that it’s impossible to win in Washington. Dan Snyder and Jed York should donate their brains to science.

  9. Scotty legitimizes that franchise. Without him they will fall back into obscurity. Snyder needs to back off and let Scotty build them into a contender

  10. The Post story is a lie. Why are you guys believing it? I read the story. It’s conjecture. There is no plausible reason to say that McCloughan, Gruden and Allen would be fired after they have produced two consecutive winning seasons. Snyder is actually happy with progress during the last 2 seasons. Stories like this is why Snyder doesn’t do interviews with The Post. Mike Jones who wrote it is a hack. He thinks the coaching staff has been weakened when in fact it has been strengthened. The story is speculative and hypothetical.

  11. THE STORY IS NOT REAL. I don’t know why you guys believe it. Read it. It’s hypothetical and speculative. Nothing has happened. Snyder is pleased with Gruden and McCloughan.

  12. Scot McCloughan would be the most sought after FO guy in history if he is let go. The man has flat out delivered every where he has been. His personal demons with alcohol are the only thing that has stopped his career.

  13. Maybe he doesn’t care to talk the so called media…and who actually stated he can’t talk to the media? Bruce has nothing else to do except make sure the grass is cut and what uniforms the team will wear, so maybe they added talking to the media to his job description, heck if I were Scot I wouldn’t want to deal with the media anyway, to many dumb and repetitive questions.

  14. If Scot McCloughan or Cousins is let go that would mean another 20 years of futility for this franchise. Those 2 are the base for building a successful competitive franchise…..Bruce Allen caan go….we can always find another comoetent numbers guy. We can’t find many people like Scot with an eye for talent and sure as heck can’t pluck a good qb from the draft or free agency.

  15. and the circus continues…seriously….worst run organization in the NFL and will be cellar dwellers for many years to come with this horrible Executive Management structure including the King Midget Weasel……LOL. Their restaurant down the road from the training facility is going out of business from what we are hearing too……FAIL!!!!

  16. Scary part is you just know that in private Dan Snyder believes he’s got the master plan and it’s everybody else’s fault for failing to implement it.

  17. skinsdiehard says:Feb 10, 2017 12:46 AM
    The Post story is a lie. Why are you guys believing it? I read the story. It’s conjecture.

    skinsdiehard says:Feb 10, 2017 12:48 AM
    THE STORY IS NOT REAL. I don’t know why you guys believe it. Read it. It’s hypothetical and speculative.

    You don’t like the story, so, therefore it MUST be fake news, right?

    Waaah, negative polls are fake news!

  18. “Dan Snyder and Jed York should donate their brains to science.”

    As long as they don’t claim a tax deduction, OK; and of course it would only work for junk science.

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