Report: Tom Brady’s jersey may be on equipment truck

How convenient.

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey, which someone removed from Brady’s bag after the game, possibly will be found inside an 18-wheel tractor-trailer that is hauling equipment from Houston back to Boston.

The information comes from TMZ, which explains that unspecified law-enforcement officials are “hopeful” than the jersey was placed on the equipment truck. Per the report, the truck wasn’t “thoroughly searched” before it began it trip back to Massachusetts.

In other words, whoever stole the jersey now has a way to return it without repercussion. The jersey merely needs to be taken to the truck and placed inside it, which should be slightly less difficult than reeling in a marble rye.

Even if the jersey turns up in the equipment truck (and even if it’s the real jersey and not a Michael Strahan-style copy), the notion that someone deliberately reached into the bag of Tom Brady, removed the jersey, placed it on the equipment truck, and never bothered to tell Brady is ludicrous. Which suggests that, in lieu of actually finding the jersey, the NFL and law enforcement have come up with a way to allow the jersey to be discreetly returned.

Or at least for a replica to be placed in the truck.

37 responses to “Report: Tom Brady’s jersey may be on equipment truck

  1. Florio let this story die a quiet death. I am sure you put out another ten more stories to keep the frat boy clicks coming while the rest of us die of boredom.

  2. So they reached into his kit bag and took the jersey to put it on the kit truck – but left all the rest of his kit? – sounds plausible – I’d buy it!

  3. Ian Rpoport posted the picture of the guy with the jersey. What the guy should do is sell it and sell it now to any pawn shop for 20k and not show his ID. He gets a free 20k, the pawn shop will then have to hand it over for nothing….
    What I wish would happen is someone post a video of the jersey being burned..
    That would be great!!!
    I would steal Bradys Helmet though, that’s what I want to look into. Doug Flutie said someone is in Bradys helmet through out play telling him where the throw the ball…
    any qb that plays for Patriots looks good because they cheat…Nobody finds it odd that Matt Cassell looked so great and then went to other teams and was terrible???

  4. So, it wasn’t stolen via a media type’s backpack? The two guys I saw in the video stuck out like sore thumbs.
    The two security guys looked like they didn’t have a clue. Can’t believe this is the best security detail the NFL could get.

  5. Doubt the Texas Rangers are talking with TMZ. Texas Rangers are a professional law enforcement organization. Not some rent-a-cops.

  6. I mean… Tom Brady is a hell of a football player, but hes never been characterized as a smart person. Who is to say that it ever actually made it into his bag?

  7. Brady’s jersey, the game winning ball, the Falcon’s testicular fortitude and the trolls minds, there’s all kinds of missing things to check that truck for.

  8. After conducting a thorough analysis of the facts surrounding the 2017 Superbowl, I can now say it was more probable than not, that Mike Kensil was at least generally aware of a scheme to steal Tom Brady’s jersey.

    *Mike Kensil was at the game
    *Mike Kensil has yet to give over his phone and allow his house to be searched

  9. Why is he so concerned? Didn’t Brady trade equipment and clothing for underinflated balls?
    BTW, where is that Patriots equipment manager?

  10. tinkletinkleonyourstar says:
    Feb 9, 2017 2:28 PM

    Who cares. I just want to know what damning information was on Tom’s cell phone

    Absolutely nothing.
    Which is why the NFL decided to use the national media to dupe everyone with the “Brady destroyed his phone” headlines. Marketing a sensational headline instead of facts.

    • The phone is private property and he can afford to replace it.
    • The NFL already had printed paper logs from phone.
    • The NFL already had the 2 team owned phones. Which means that they already had every text message that Brady would have sent or received.
    • The NFL told Brady they didn’t need his phone but later used the media to dupe everyone with the “destroyed phone” headlines.

  11. Nov 30 2014 – Vikings and Panthers were both filmed violating NFL rules by using heaters to warm footballs during a game played on a very cold day in Minnesota.

    Vikings – NFL asked them not to do it again.
    Panthers – NFL asked them not to do it again.

    Jan 18, 2015 – Colts and Patriots footballs were found to be below the NFL minimum 12.50 PSI. NFL assumed that the Patriots cheated while science indicates that the lower PSI measurements of both team’s footballs was a natural result of taking footballs outside on a cold day.

    The Colts PSI measurements were slightly higher than the Patriots PSI measurements because:
    • The NFL didn’t account for allowing the 4 Colts footballs to warm up indoors while the 11 Patriots footballs were all being measured twice.
    • The NFL didn’t account for time of possession in the 1st half which resulted in the Patriots footballs being exposed to more rain and wind while the Colts footballs were kept dry in a bag. Evaporative cooling and the wind chill factor were not considered.

    Colts – no punishment.
    Patriots – 1st round draft pick taken away.
    Patriots – 4th round draft pick taken away.
    Patriots – Tom Brady forced to miss 25% of regular season.
    Patriots – fined 1 million dollars by the NFL.
    Dec 04, 2016 – Giants footballs were reported to be below the NFL minimum 12.50 PSI. Science was seen again lowering the PSI in footballs that were taken outside on a cold day.

    Giants – no punishment – and the NFL publically stated that they were “Comfortable that protocols were followed”.
    The NFL collected PSI measurements during games played in the 2015 season but still has not released that information. Presumably because science already tells us that the measurements will show everyone that Deflategate a natural occurrence.

  12. Seriously, folks, no tv appearances, no interviews, no Rich Eisen, no Parade, no Sportscenter, no Skip Bayless, no NFL Now, no nada. The man has vanished.

  13. Call Roger, it is bad for the shield.

    Hire Teddy Wells, he’ll leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this.

    No one destroy your cell phones.

    One of the equipment guys is probably nicknamed the de-shirter.

    Email Harbawl, he will claim its deceptive to use a different shirt.

  14. Love the haters, so butt-hurt after another legendary SB victory from the GOAT!!!!! The fact that they had to watch the GOAT for the entire 60+ minutes only to once again crash and burn is pure sweetness., it just doesn’t get any better. The fact that they can’t believe their own eyes on just how great this organization is just further proof that they are completely delirious and fanatics. Just imagine if it weren’t for some key injuries, this team would most likely have 2-3 more SB’s! Keep hating, because I don’t see this outcome changing anytime to soon. I just feel bad for those that live with you during theses very dark and depressing playoff/ SB runs!!!!! Even your brain washed kids have to be thinking like really dude, we are seeing the GOAT here!
    Just think, we are now well into our 2nd Dynasty, that’s just incredible. Keep up the sorry arse excuses and denial, we’ll just continue to savor your hate baby!!!!!

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