Jay Cutler has durability issues, too

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Two of the biggest names at quarterback since 2006 likely will be available in 2017, via trade or otherwise. Between Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Romo widely is regarded as the more risky option from an injury standpoint.

As John “Moon” Mullin recently pointed out on a visit to PFT Live, Cutler actually has been unavailable in recent years for more games than Romo.

Since 2011, injuries have kept Romo from suiting up in 23 regular-season games. During that same window, Cutler has been unavailable for 25 regular-season games.

Of course, Romo may have missed more than 25 games if the Cowboys had used him in more than one of the seven games for which he suited up in 2016. But they didn’t, and the end result is that Cutler has missed more games than Romo.

That doesn’t mean Cutler will be injured more than Romo moving forward. Cutler is three years younger (33 vs. 36), which surely counts for something as the Father Time Zero Hour approaches fore both of them. Still, Romo has been healthier than Cutler on an apples to apples basis over the last six seasons, which surely will count for something to the teams that are trying to figure out which of the two should be pursued, if either.

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  1. In fairness to Cutler, his missed time isn’t so bad when you consider he’s playing without a heart.

  2. He has mediocrity issues too. After the Bears cut him, he should hold a clipboard the rest of his career or be out of the league if we’re going on what he’s actually done. What is it now, 1 playoff appearance in 12 years, and don’t give me the team garbage. Part of why they went downhill was because he was sucking up the cap like a Hoover vacuum. I maintain that this will be the team to take the biggest jump next year if they find the right QB. Fox and Trestman and Lovie Smith before him had one hand tied behind their back having to roll out with the inconsistency monster that is Jay Cutler.

  3. He’d always get hurt on some messed up play too. A strip-sack fumble for a TD, a pick-six, or just getting flung around because of an utter lack of pocket awareness.

    His injuries, like his turnovers, would always be huge momentum killers. Nothing was ever just bad with Cutler. It was always devastating.

  4. Romo has desire and balls. Could you see Cutler staying in a game with broken ribs and a punctured lung and leading his team on a game winning drive? He took himself out of the Super Bowl.

  5. Not even close to the same. Romo has been hurt constantly and has always had a VERY good to great O-line in front of him. And for some reason they rarely get called for holding even though they hold more than any other line in football. In contrast Cutler has been stuck with some of the worst o-line in football. Just surviving the season behind some of the crap he has been given should be considered a win.
    Romo would not have lasted 1 year and would retired with the front 5 that has been in place up until last year.

    I am Bears fan and far from a cutler lover, but dont let your hate for him color the facts that he owns almost every QB record in bears history despite being given some of the worst supporting cast in the game.

    A 5’10 punter returner as your #1 receiver with a 5’6 knox who had alligator arms as your #2

    A left tackle that was graded as one of the worst in football for two years

    A defense that would have you down by 31 at HALFTIME.

    O. coordinators so bad most that have been thrown out of football or at best demoted back low level coaches.

    Like I said I have never liked the cutler trade but as a real bears fan I can say that most of the years he was here, there were far worse problems with this team than our QB.

  6. filthymcnasty3 says:
    Feb 13, 2017 5:26 PM
    Jay is a borderline top 10 QB, but nothing more. He gets a bad rap, even though there are only a handful of guys that are clearly better than he is.
    If Jay Cutler is borderline top 10, how wide is the border? It must be at least another 10 players wide.

  7. Cutler just needs to move on from Chicago. Too much bad history to bury. He will find a gig elsewhere.

  8. Cutler is one of the toughest QBs in the league. That guy has taken more abuse behind those zombie linemen than any other QB in the league, and STILL he owns every franchise record in Chicago.

    Ever see Romo absolutely lay out a DB, the way Cutler has?

    Ever see Romo chase down a play form behind and make a tackle to save a TD after a pick?

    Ever see Romo lower one of his brittle shoulders and plow/launch himself into the endzone?

    And how may OC has Romo had in Dallas? 1 or 2?
    Jay has had a new OC/system almost EVERY. SINGLE season (and the season he does get a good one in Adam Gase, he leaves to go coach in Miami).

    You want a REAL opinion on Cutler’s toughness, leadership, and ability? Ask someone who would actually know – ask Kyle Long or Matt Forte – read the quotes from his own coaches & teammates.

    You all are just a bunch of blind lemmings/parrots who mindlessly repeat whatever rumor or gossip the media programs you with.

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