Patriots file for “Blitz for Six” trademark

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During their latest victory parade, Patriots coach Bill Belichick failed to stir the crowd with a chant of “No days off,” perhaps because everyone he was trying to get to say it was taking a day off to celebrate.

Now they have another corny slogan to avoid.

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, the Patriots filed to trademark the phrase “Blitz for Six” hoping to sell it on clothing. They also have filed to trademark “No days off,” but they trademark a lot of stuff.

They’ve also applied for the rights to “Ignore The Noise,” “Do Your Job,” and “We are all Patriots,” and recently received trademarks on “19-0” and “Perfect Season,” nine years after the Giants ruined both by beating them in Super Bowl XLII.

Setting aside they’re not a team identified by their blitzing defense, “Blitz for Six” is just sort of hokey and sounds like the thing Belichick would glare at and say “We’re onto 2017.”

Maybe that’s what they should be printing on the next generation of hoodies.

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    These things are dreamed up by the marketing people who want to sell you hats and t-shirts. It’s not an on field issue.

  2. Blitz! Aarrgghh NO!!! Look, my English Grandpa lost 2 siblings, a mother and uncle in the Blitz, which was Hitler’s ultimately failed attempt to terror-bomb the Brits into submission in 1940-41. I accept that “blitz” has entered the common lexicon, but please don’t use it to actually promote something. How would everyone feel if we had a “9/11 for Seven”? Well, the Blitz (40,000 dead & 140,000 wounded) was many times worse than 9/11.

  3. Settle down streetyson. I realize the blitz you are referring to is a stain on history, but in America, we have a sport called football. You might have heard of it. In football, when the defense sends more pass rushers than the offense has blockers, we call that a blitz. Blitz for six is lame, but it’s hardly offensive. Maybe you should find a safe space…

  4. Complain all you want and vote with your wallet.

    The only phrase out of the various they’ve trade marked (or attempted to) that I embrace is ‘Do Your Job’ and that is with one t-shirt.

    The rest, if you don’t like them, don’t buy the merchandise.

    In the end they are running a business and if they can slap a phrase on a t-shirt, hat, jacket, toque or a variety of other items to get people to buy it more power to them. The phrases may sound dumb but I remember in high school when people proudly displayed No Fear or a litany of other stupid phrases so I can’t criticize the Patriots for bolstering their bottom line.

  5. THANKS for enamoring us all with your NEGATIVE tact on this story.

    A recent study said those involved in social media are 30% less happy. [Author] you may want to think on that fact…

  6. knowspinzone says:
    Feb 13, 2017 7:42 AM

    The greed is getting a little bit too much.


    We have an embarrassment of riches in Patriots Nation.

    Wait till you see what our GM does with draft picks.

    We aren’t going away soon.

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