T.J. Lang hasn’t heard from Packers on new deal

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Packers right guard T.J. Lang got emotional near the end of the NFC Championship Game last month and said after it was over that the possibility that he will be leaving the team this offseason touched off the reaction.

Lang is set for unrestricted free agency next month, although he said after the loss to the Falcons in the playoffs that he wants to stay put in Green Bay. He’s yet to hear if the feeling is mutual.

Lang said on Sirius XM NFL Radio Monday that he has not heard anything from the Packers since the end of the season in regard to a deal that would keep him in the organization. The Packers have until March 7 before Lang can have conversations with other teams, so there’s a fair amount of time for the team to chat with Lang about their plans for 2017 and beyond.

Once March 7 rolls around, the Packers and Lang would get a chance to see how other teams value the veteran blocker. That could work out well for a reunion or it could lead to an offer to join another team that Lang doesn’t refuse.

16 responses to “T.J. Lang hasn’t heard from Packers on new deal

  1. The Packers will not overpay for him. Next man in line. Rumor is Bulaga to RG to extend his career. Spriggs to LT.

  2. Jags & Indy will be calling offering 1/2 of a Brinks truck. The Packers will offer you a decent deal but not what those two will. Where do you want to finish your career?

  3. wib22 says:
    Feb 13, 2017 2:18 PM
    vikings line > packers line

    Well they play less games in Jan so they tend to be fresher – I’ll give you that.

  4. Come to Jacksonville where you can just mail it in…oh wait, Gus is gone and who’s that older guy in the window?

  5. Lang has been a warrior, but he’s also had a TON of injuries and he’ll be 30. TT hates 30 year olds and OG is not a premier position on a football team. They cut Sitton when he got mouthy. Lang has not been loud in the locker room, but he’s expendable.

    Despite Bulaga playing so well last year, I also expect him to move to RG and Spriggs to move to RT. If they want Tretter back, they’ll resign him as the 6th man. But TT will let Tretter test the marked first.

    The only way Lang is back is if he’s still on the market by April and he is super cheap. In other words, he’s gone. I hope he signs a huge deal with another team and has a lot of success. Great guy.

  6. “Lang has been a warrior, but he’s also had a TON of injuries and he’ll be 30.”
    Since he became a starter in 2011 he’s started 91 out of 96 games (plus playoffs). He may have dings, bumps, minor injuries but the guy keeps playing ~ one tough SOB.

    The Packers want players who are accountable… show up and do your job well. Lang isn’t expendable, he will get extended.

  7. He’s developed the difficult skill of tuning out whiny QBs. That just leaves the pack and pats as a logical landing place.
    -Steeler fan

  8. As much as I don’t like Packers signings, and it is more grist for the mill for Pack fans to troll Vikes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikes are looking at him. With the release of Fusco and Harris and the inevitable release or contract restructure of Peterson, they’re going to look to pay money for a FA O-line. This would not be a shocking sign if it does end up happening.

  9. come on over to the dark-purple side T.J.!

    You’ll love it here and there’s more to do than cow-tipping and Applebee’s!

    Going to look great in purple!
    I’m all for the Vikings overpaying this guy because it’ll make the packers o-line worse.

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