Terrell Owens defends himself on Twitter

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Plenty of people have taken up the case for receiver Terrell Owens getting in to the Hall of Fame. But that doesn’t mean Owens shouldn’t defend himself.

Taking a page from a certain politician who has elevated tweeting to an art form, T.O. has been using the popular social media platform to push back on the narratives that have been used by those who seem to believe that Ruthian numbers should be undermined by vague, amorphous, and incomplete accounts of conduct occurring from the edge of the field to the exit to the parking lot.

Scroll through his Twitter page. There are plenty of nuggets from Owens that reflect his frustration with the effort to justify ignoring one of the greatest all-time careers for any receiver in NFL history. Most recently, Owens engaged Jason Cole of Bleacher Report in a back and forth in which Owens correctly pointed out that he never “held out” in Philadelphia, and that his effort to be traded or cut when the team flatly refused to reward him after the 2004 season “was business.”

“Was I or am I the only one to do that?” Owens asks. “Didn’t Eli Manning get drafted to Chargers? What did he do? #checkmate.”

As the debate continued, Owens said to Cole: “Whatever u try to accuse me of there r plenty of examples well before me. U better stop before someone gets ur job.”

That continues to be the biggest problem with this loophole that allows Hall of Fame voters to consider off-field issues that manifest themselves in the locker room, on the practice facility, or anywhere else inside the perimeter of the property. It becomes impossible to do a fair comparison between Owens and others who have been enshrined without the same scrutiny that Owens experienced.

Regardless, Owens isn’t a close case for Canton. He’s a no-brainer, slam-dunk Hall of Famer. And those who are resisting can either continue to hide under the bed (with the exception of Vic Carucci) or they can stand up, own their vote, and explain their case. Maybe, just maybe, the process of talking it out will cause them to realize that maybe, just maybe, they were wrong to exclude him.

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  1. He wasn’t excluded, he was made to wait. The same thing was done to Cris Carter. Part of the consideration is whether or not your off field behavior caused any distractions to the team. In Owen’s case, they did. In many instances he put himself before the good of the team. He was a great player and he will get in, but as punishment for his childish BS, he lost the ability to be first ballot.

  2. Great players help their team win. The greatest of the great get in the HOF. Owens hurt his teams chances to win. I can’t think of any player in the HOF that actually made his team worse, the way Owens did. The guy was a complete lunatic. He didn’t care one bit about winning. His brand became much bigger than whatever was in the best interest of his teams. That’s why he’s on the outside looking in. You can’t go back and re-do history. Hopefully enough time will pass and the voters will forgive him some day. But if he continues to run his mouth, he’ll just keep reminding them of why they’re not voting him in. The funny thing is, I haven’t heard one word out of Steve Mariucci.

  3. Am I the only one who understands why he’s not in the HOF? These arguments that focus on his more than HOF worthy numbers are missing the point I think. This is not a case of a productive player who had off the field issues…. this is the unusual case of a player who, as much as he helped his team(s) production wise, he DESTROYED those same teams with his character issues. At what point do you separate baggage from production. For me, when your baggage hurts the team(s) you play for to the point YOU have to go, then HOF should no longer be a consideration. But that’s just me.

  4. Thought maybe T-OH might not say anything, but no, that’s possible……an “I” guy.

  5. Eagles aren’t a SuperBowl without TO in 04. Yes he got hurt towards the end of the season. Against doctors wishes he played( and kicked a$$) in the super bowl. I to this day wish he would have approached 05 better who know what might have happened.

  6. Don’t elect TO. Elect Marvin Harrison who didn’t have as many numbers and may have killed two men. But, hey, he was a good teammate, right?

  7. Whyamiacowboyfanagain. You’re not wrong, but until the HOF admits its a popularity contest and stops saying its about performance on the field they look full of crap. Based on numbers and dominance its a slam dunk. Also until they remove OJ’s bust from the hall, I have a hard time justifying keeping TO out just because he’s a douche.

  8. “Taking a page from a certain politician who has elevated tweeting to an art form…”

    Flung Poo is not an art.

    I’ve said it before (many times), and I’ll say it again: Twitter does not make you look like an idiot. Twitter only confirms it.

  9. The last time I checked, HOF is based on what you do ON THE FIELD…TO is only second behind Rice….JERRY RICE, the greatest receiver EVER! TO has NEVER had on off field incident or issue, and for you young uns that just started watching the NFL, he was the single reason the Eagles went to the SB, and he dominated that game…If I was TO, I would have had an issue with McNabb as well, not only did he make McNabb great that year but he put him and Eagles in position to win the SB….TO is a sure bet HOF’er despite how you feel about him…Character my butt, there are a lot of Characters in the HOF….

  10. I think the cancer stuff is just a smidge overblown. People remember the sit ups in his driveway, but was he really bad besides that? I’d say no. TO is right about Eli, too. Him forcing his way out of Philly is no different than Eli forcing his way out of San Diego. Or Brett forcing GB to trade him. Or any of the countless other players who did the same. It all comes down to the fact that many (including media) seem to view him as an unlikable guy. So they ran with the negative narratives.

  11. Does anyone else think it is better for T.O…. NOT to defend himself and just keep quiet?

    Great player. Nut Job. Not a clue when to shut up.

    Being crazy won’t keep you out. Running your mouth sure will.

  12. Give it a rest already!?! So they are making him wait – Cry me a river. I get it, he is one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game, and yes, he WILL be in the Hall of Fame and as he should be. But there are valid reasons to make him wait weather you disagree with that or not.

    As an Eagles fan, I still remember his introductory press conference. He was asked about signing a contract that may have been less than what he would have received on the open market. His words verbatim were ‘Its not about the money. It’s about playing for a great team and organization and having a legitimate chance to go to the Super Bowl.’ Fast forward just one year later and he’s demanding a new contract; ripping McNabb in the media; fighting with his teammates in the Locker room and dividing the team and ending it with doing push ups on his front lawn while Rosenhaus and he drag everything through the media. He was beloved in this town, and even without a SuperBowl win he would have had statues in his honor. In just one year he squandered all of that. He was just ONE year into his contract. How many teams have you seen over the years renegotiate that early on?

    He was a supremely talented athlete, and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. But he had a track record of divisiveness and the Eagles fallout is a perfect example of that. It is a team sport isn’t it? I think both aspects of what he brought to the table should be a part of his evaluation for the Hallof Fame, and it’s fair to make him wait a few years because of it. Throwing a hissy fit because he didn’t make it in as a First or even second ballot Hall of Famer is just ignoring that part of the equation. He’ll get in. No need to throw a temper tantrum to make it happen.

  13. We have record books.

    Based on numbers, alone, yes, TO should be in.

    But whoever said that the Hall should be nothing more than a building for the record books?

    Why HAVE a Hall of fame unless you want to feature the best of the best? I think that SHOULD include how good of a teammate you were.

    He’ll get in sooner or later. I don’t have a problem with him cooling his jets for awhile, because it does this: gets fan talking about what doesn’t show up in the stats.

    Moss will get in, eventually, too. But I’m fine with HIS jerkiness giving him a little time to think, too.
    Both guys deserve to be in, based on numbers.
    But both can wait, based on intangibles.

  14. Last week there was a story about Steve Young endorsing him as a teammate. When I hear Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo and Jason Witten do it, I’m sold on T.O!

  15. The HOF is just giving Owens the Fast Times at Ridgemont High Mr Hand treatment. Owens was such a pain in the backside that now the shoe is on the other foot and they can be annoying make him wait forever for a change.

  16. First, I think TO belongs in the hall.

    However, while it’s true he didn’t hold out in Philly, he did something worse. He showed up and was antagonistic to certain team members and the FO; thereby, causing a distraction to the team and was sent home.

  17. I don’t see how this whiny baby routine that persisted throughout his career helps him now either

  18. He gets on a team and causes disruption between the other players…

    He gets to the HoF finalist list and causes disruption between the voters…

    Eventually he’ll get into the HoF and cause disruption between the other enshrinees…

    So, we have that to look forward to.

  19. tonebones says:

    Owens hurt his teams chances to win. I can’t think of any player in the HOF that actually made his team worse, the way Owens did.

    I suppose that’s why the only time the Eagles have been to the Super Bowl since 1980 is when TO was on the team. And he had 122 receiving yards with a broken leg.

  20. “Was I or am I the only one to do that?” Owens asks. “Didn’t Eli Manning get drafted to Chargers? What did he do? #checkmate.”

    Uh….TO is making the HOF voters points for them with statements like this. As I recall Eli was drafted but told the Chargers that he was not going to play for them so they traded his rights to the Giants. He was never under contract with the Chargers to play for them.

    TO was traded to the Eagles in 2004 after a spat with the 49ers front office. TO was under contract with the Eagles and yes he did have a great year in 2004 but he was still under contract to play for the Eagles at what he agreed to when he signed the multi-year contract. During the 2005 season, Owens continued to voice his displeasure. After more remarks about Eagles management and Donovan McNabb, Owens was suspended for four games without pay and then deactivated for the rest of the season.

    Gee why isn’t he considered a great teammate????

  21. If you argue your case on twitter you are such a loser you don’t deserve to be in the HOF. This is EXACTLY what people mean. He can’t leave well enough alone and sit back and wait his time like every other HOFer until him. He has to be the only one I have ever known to make this big of a deal out of something that is a priveledge and he is acting as though it was his right to be in the HOF. It was this type of childish BS that kept him getting thrown off team after team after team for throwing temper fits for not getting his way. He also had several years left to produce and no one would sign him. That should be the utmost proof he doesnt belong in the HOF. Why put a player who in his peak couldn’t get signed, into the HOF. That is just stupid. TO has proven he hasnt changed and is providing all the ammunnition the next HOF voting class needs to not put him in again.

  22. We are talking about football here, and the best of the best football players. This is so damn silly lol.

    Trump can get in the white house, but T.O. isn;t a 1st ballot HOFer? Did you SEE him play football? Laughable.

  23. …. And now that TD got in (and deserved to) with his injury shortened career (where he played with John Elway and that Defense), I’m waiting for Bo Jackson. Did you see HIM play football? Sorry he played with Jay Schroeder and Vince Evans and had to split time with HOF rb Marcus Allen and STILL was one of the best rb’s I’ve ever seen, but come on now….

  24. T.O. didn’t help his teams win? At least do your research before you make false claims. Teams T.O. has been on have a win % of 70%. About the same as Jerry Rice. No I’m comparing him to Jerry Rice ,but it puts winning in perspective. There are guys in the HOF with no Super Bowl rings, drug history, domestic abuse. Football is not a nice persons spoet.

  25. once again TO, SHUT UP!!!!!

    you’re going to get in…but NOW it’s going to look like it’s because you whined about it

    and it shouldnt. they’re making you wait because you were an ass-hat and it’s the only thing they can do to make you experience a moment of humility. it’s immature and petty, but it’s the bed you made. your numbers say plenty. NO MORE INTERVIEWS ABOUT IT

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