Von Miller steers clear of Denver quarterback controversy

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A year after the Broncos won the Super Bowl, the team still lacks long-term clarity when it comes to the quarterback position. With multiple options for 2017, linebacker Von Miller tiptoed around expressing a clear preference.

“I feel like [John] Elway has always put us in a great championship position, whatever quarterback that we’ve had,’’ Miller recently told Mike Klis of 9news.com. “Me, personally, I like [Trevor Siemian]. He’s done a great job for us. Of course, you’ve got to come back and do it in training camp but I like that healthy competition between him and Paxton [Lynch].

“And who knows, Paxton could come alive and become a star. It happens every single year.”

What could happen this year is the potential arrival of a veteran quarterback who will compete with (or flat-out supplant) Siemian and/or Lynch.

“I like our two guys that we have right now,” Miller said. “If we were able to get somebody else, then that will be a decision of the guys in the front office. But I’m happy with where we’re at right now.”

The new coaching staff has made it clear that it will be an open competition between Siemian and Lynch, and various reports have indicated that the preference is to develop their internal options in lieu of rolling the dice on an aging and damaged star like Tony Romo. Regardless, the pressure remains squarely on the offense to complement a championship-caliber defense that won a championship with, as the team’s website described it a year ago, “sub-optimal, near-replacement-level quarterbacking.”

13 responses to “Von Miller steers clear of Denver quarterback controversy

  1. Mr Ed brought in PHGHton Manning thinking he was still good.

    Manning was completely done though and their defense won them a Super Bowl in spite of Manning.

    Mr Ed got lucky and bought himself some time.

  2. Paxton Lynch is a bust. I’m sure Kubiak saw it but Elway is a stubborn s.o.b and is not yet ready to admit it. No way they kept playing dinged up Siemien last year if Lynch was any good.

  3. What’s the controversy? Neither is a future franchise QB.

    Better sign Romo and hope you can find your next QB in however much time Romo can give you.

  4. Maybe if Dancin’ Von Miller didn’t drain every dollar out of them they could sign a QB.

  5. They are in a weird situation at QB. If Cousins becomes available or someone else via trade I would not be surprised if they made a move. If not then I see Elway being a little stubborn and going with Paxton.

  6. Von Miller is a great player who took that team on his back and helped win a Super Bowl as a defensive leader. As a Patriots fan, I respect him to no end. He’s also acting with class here and not pushing his own agenda. The Broncos are lucky to have him.

  7. Unless DEN has another QB fall into their laps again (like with Manning), they won’t be sniffing the playoffs again any time soon.

  8. Romo would be too expensive and I’m not sure he would last more than 3 or 4 games, so why waste the time or $$? I think a reasonably priced veteran to help siemian and lynch grow while backing them up. Spend the bucks/picks on a good tight end, shore up the O-line and see which of the youngsters can take the reigns.
    Withban improved running game and pass protection, I could see them back in the playoffs … fix the run defense and they may go deep into the playoffs.

  9. Paxton Lynch can become one of the top 3 or4 QBs in the league. He really should have been the first player chosen overall in the draft. Elway has an advantage over everyone else when it comes to evaluating QBs.

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