Cliff Avril announces he had surgery

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Add Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril to the list of players who have had surgery since the end of the regular season.

Avril shared a picture of a hospital identification wristband on Tuesday along with a caption announcing that his surgery was a success.

Avril did not elaborate on the reason for his surgery, but the wristband provides a hint. It says Avril’s doctor is the Philadelphia-based William Meyers, who has been the go-to guy for sports hernia and core muscle surgeries in recent years. Avril’s former teammate Marshawn Lynch is among Meyers’ past patients.

Assuming that Avril had one of those surgeries, the recovery time should be somewhere in the neighborhood of two months. That would put him on pace to return in plenty of time to prepare for a 2017 season that should again find him among the top players on Seattle’s defense.

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  1. That pass rush was horrible vs Falcons. Don’t pedal the ol Ryan got it out quick. No he didn’t. Either Seattle just doesn’t have the horses by the 18th game of the season, or NE is just much better coached. That whole 2nd half, they did what Seattle failed to do all divisional round playoff, and the Patriots weren’t known for their pressure.

  2. As as Lions fan it sucks that we let him go. We could have been running an Ansah, Aaron Donald, Suh, and Avril front four if we played our cards right! And those who would complain about the costs, the rest of the roster outside of Stafford and Slay are scrubs anyways and don’t deserve the cash. At least the d-line would have been active unlike the joke that it is now (outside of Ansah). Lions defense gave up a historic league record high in comp % this year.

  3. ariani1985 says:
    Feb 14, 2017 12:40 PM

    Will he demand another over paid contact?
    Pretty sure Avril has stayed quiet about his contract and his demands. It’s Bennett who did all the complaining about the contract. If you want to troll on another team make sure yours wins more than 3 games in a season (2-14 doesn’t even deserve to be in the league).

  4. Hey @ specialteamsposter

    The Lions did not let Avril go. We offered him 30 million over 3 years. He turned it down and played for the franchise tag for 8.5 million then signed the following year with Seattle for less money. He is a great guy and a great player but was not worth more than 10 million per year.

  5. Another example of a player playing through an issue that will undoubtedly be on next years injury report. How many players in the NFL report surgery or other issues that they take care of in off seasons that aren’t known until the surgery. Common place. Shows why Sherman issue wasn’t listed.

  6. Wait, did he get that injury after the season? I thought these had to be disclosed if it was nagging him throughout practice?

    Nevermind, just read the Sherman article.

  7. Cant wait to own division once again…Pigeons paying geezer Palmer 20 million….hahaaha all or nothing self proclaimed delusional twits….ready to get owned again Nothings…Hawks own NFC West get use it…you beat us by a field goal without our best player last year and tied with hobbled QB you always have that losers…to bad we beat you by like 40 when we last played you in AZ last 2 seasons….barely beating us and then getting jacked stompt by Hawks…funny you always have sqeakers right AZ clowns.

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