Colin Kaepernick changes agents in advance of meeting with 49ers

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There are plenty of quarterbacks potentially on the move this offseason, and one of the them has made a move within his own representation.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has parted ways with XAM Sports, who represented him when he signed his 2014 contract extension with the team. Kaepernick brought in a third party (Jeff Nalley of Select Sports Group) last year to handle a restructured contract, but currently has no agent listed in the NFLPA’s records.

There have been reports that Kaepernick has already decided to opt out of his deal with the 49ers, but new General Manager John Lynch said last week that the quarterback reached out to him and coach Kyle Shanahan and that they were going to meet soon.

“The first order of business is Kyle and I both really attacking it and seeing what we have here, and we’ll do that with his situation,” Lynch said. “We’ll sit down with him, and if we see fit that he’s a part of it, we’ll commit to that. If not, we’ll figure things out.”

The 49ers are effectively quarterback-less if Kaepernick opts out or is released, since Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Thaddeus Lewis are all scheduled to become unrestricted free agents next month.

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  1. It doesnt matter who his agent is since thats basically an administrative role. His girlfriend calls the shots for him. Its not unlikely that at least some of the turnover is because not all agents like to work that way.

  2. noose18 says:
    Feb 14, 2017 10:21 AM
    I would definitely take kaep over Matt schaub.

    I would definitely take anyone over Kaeperstink.

  3. With the 49ers, Jets, Bills, Browns, Texans, Jags, Cards, Rams, Bears, Vikes all with QB problems and a crappy FA market for QBs (Minus Romo is he becomes available) the QB class in this years draft is going to be overvalued and teams will be reaching trying to find the Derek Carr and Dak Prescott of this years draft.

  4. As a great 49er coach once said
    “It’s more about them, than it is about the team. You cannot play with’em, cannot win with’ em! Cannot coach with’em, can’t do it. I want winners! People that want to win!”

    The 9ers would be better off with just about anyone.

  5. His kneeling is less of a distraction in San Francisco than anywhere else. There is a history of civil protest there.

    In SF, it can be a football decision — and he may be an acceptable option there for a few years. The team has LOTS of personnel problems, and QB is just one of them. They are not going to have the cap space to fix them all in year one of the new regime. Keeping Kaep as an place-holder while they fix other problems might make sense.

    If Kaep goes anywhere else — it’s both a football decision (which is iffy — but he’s not at the bottom of the barrel insofar as available QBs go but he’s not at the top either) AND a social issue — where many fans can not get by the kneeling during the anthem.

    Overall, Kaep should probably NOT leave SF voluntarily. Whether Lynch and Shannahan wish to keep him is their call — and it’s not nearly so clear cut to me as it seems to be to those here who see him as an unpatriotic buffoon and can’t get past that. He is NOT seen that way in the SF locker room.

  6. If you don’t know if Kaepnerick is a fit or not, watch out.

    Sitting down with him is not necessary. Pop in some film, that’s all you need to know.

    John was a analyst who watched the dumpster fire unfold over the last couple years. Not a good sign that he doesn’t have all the information yet…. that he has to find out what they’ve got there.

    As for Kaep, he now wants to stay because he knows that….

    A) His starting chances elsewhere are slim to none.
    B) He won’t make anything close to what he is now under that contract.

    He’s going to try to play Lynch and Shanahan into thinking he wants to stay committed to the 49ers and really wants to be part of turning this thing around.

    If they don’t dump him then the new regime is the same as the old. It might as well still be Tomsula and Baalke if they keep Kaep.

  7. I dont care for the 9ers one bit but dont be stupid. Dump this clown. He’s a public relations nightmare and really not that talented. Not to mention the fact that he’s a terrible spokesperson for the team and looks ridiculous on camera. Like it or not football is entertainment and there is an “image” component to it all.

  8. He needs to dump his “activist” pro-BLM idiot girlfriend too. That’s his only chance to rehab his image and turn his life around. And quit wearing T-shirts that promote communist butchers, or socks that denigrate law enforcement.

  9. Kaepernick needs to move on from the 9ers and the 9ers need to move on from Kaepernick. Films will shows his lack of ability to see the defense to throw the the correct receiver. It will also show his lack of Accuracy. Even if Kaepernick take a big pay cut.. Let Him Go! That’s the one Big Mistake Harbaugh made is taking Kaepernick over Smith.
    If I haven’t made it clear “I don’t want Kaepernick on the Team this year!” 50% is his lack of play and 50% is his eye rolling protesting.
    Hopefully this new staff lets the players know there will be no protesting while on the job… want ever they do after that is fine.

  10. Keep Kap HE had a decent season all while having the needed protest. Y’all non blacks need to get over it. When black take a stand y’all get intimidated. Lol

  11. They don’t want anything to do with Kaepernick, they want Mitch Trubsky. The part of the job John Lynch will be good at is the cat and mouse games. These guys are going to act like they’re considering Kaepernick, and they’ll do everything in their power to throw off all the other teams. They have the second pick in the draft, and they don’t want to tip their hand so that someone trades up with Cleveland for the number one pick. I can guarantee you they’re drooling over Mitch Trubisky, but they’re going to do their best to keep the drool to themselves. I mean they must be absolutely giddy. Don’t worry Kyle. Nobody is leaking stuff from inside the building. I just figured this out on my own from watching tape of Trubisky.

  12. The 9ers averaged more points scored per game under Gabbert, both last season and the previous season. They were 10 points closer to winning on average with Blaine at QB, than with Squid. That shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s a team sport.

  13. The only person who will decide whether to file for free agency is the player himself. Unless the player said publicly what he will do, any “report” that does not cite any verifiable source(s) is probably just an unfounded rumor. I don’t think he has decided what he will do yet. He wants to find out if the new coach and the GM want him back. If they don’t then he may file for free agency.

  14. Some people claim that the 49ers can save $14 million if they release him, but if you look around the league, that amount of money can get you a free agent like Ryan Fitzpatrick or a Brian Hoyer at best. A guy like Kirk Cousins, even if he is available, won’t be paid anything less than $20 million, and he has not won as many playoff games as Kap yet.

    A cheaper alternative would be to draft a college quarterback but this year is particularly thin at that position in the draft. The top ranked guy has one good year and there is no assurance that he will be a good pro qb.

  15. Gabbert has never led any NFL team to the playoffs. It would be foolish to think that he is a better QB than Kap, who led the team to 2 consecutive NFC Championship games and came within a completed pass of winning one SB and another pass of going to a second SB in a row.

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