Eagles raising season ticket prices for 2017

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The Eagles are raising season ticket prices for the 2017 season.

Per Philly.com, each season ticket is increasing by an average of $70. The report said it’s the first time the team has raised season ticket prices since 2014.

In a letter to season ticket holders obtained by BleedingGreenNation.com, the team announced it will again use variable pricing for individual game ticket sales.

The Texans, Bears and Lions are among the teams that have previously announced they’re raising ticket prices. The Browns are lowering prices on many of their tickets, while the Bills, Vikings and Rams have announced that their prices will remain unchanged from last season.

16 responses to “Eagles raising season ticket prices for 2017

  1. SEASON tickets prices an average of $70. That’s for 10-games (8 Reg., 2 Pre-), or an average of $7 per game.

    It’s still bad, but not $70 a ticket, knuckleheads.

  2. captainwhodat says:
    Feb 14, 2017 8:34 PM
    raising a ticket an average of $70.00…Philly fan is so lucky…

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    Each SEASON ticket by $70. That means that each game ticket is going up an average $7. Hardly a deal breaker. Thats a shot glass of beer at the stadium, or half a hot dog.

  3. tindeaux says:
    Feb 14, 2017 8:32 PM
    what? again?

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    What do you mean, ‘again’? It clearly says that they haven’t gone up since 2014… thats 3 years without a change.

  4. My season tickets were 1 row from the top of the stadium. If I reached back, I could touch the concrete. They were already $75 when I gave them up in 2014. A $70 raise makes them $82 now. That’s $164 face value for the pair. Add in $30 for parking, $11 for 1 beer, and heaven forbid you take a kid that wants a Snapple…

    Im sorry, but a 10% hike for losing football is a pretty hefty increase.

    I put my money where my mouth is. I spent 2015 on my couch, watching on my 70″ TV that me not getting season tickets paid for. I don’t have to go up 200 steps to get to my couch. I don’t have idiots from other teams next to me. I can go to the bathroom anytime I like. I can buy a 6 pack for what they charge for 1 beer.

  5. And not to mention, you pay $164 each for those 2 preseason games that are on a Wednesday or Thursday night, and nobody wants to go to. Biggest rip off. I see people selling 100 level seats for $50 just to get a few bucks back. And I understand why. Who wants to watch a game with 5th and 6th stringers with the starters on the sideline for $200?

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