Ex-Saint Robert Meachem jailed for unpaid child support, alimony

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Former Saints receiver Robert Meachem was thrown in jail yesterday for failing to pay child support and alimony.

Meachem was given 30 says in jail because he is behind by $388,019 on support owed his two children and his ex-wife, according to the Advocate. A judge ordered that Meachem can be released if he comes up with at least $100,000 of that; otherwise he’ll stay in jail for 30 days.

The child support and alimony were set when Meachem got divorced in 2014, when Meachem was still playing for the Saints and making an $855,000 salary. Meachem has not played a down in the NFL since 2014, although he has tried to get back into the league and has worked out for some teams.

It seems unlikely that Meachem, who turns 33 this year, will ever earn an NFL paycheck again. If he’s already so broke that he can’t even come up with the money he owes to keep himself out of jail, it’s hard to see how he’ll ever come up with the money. He’s the latest in a long line of players who go broke soon after their NFL paychecks go away.

27 responses to “Ex-Saint Robert Meachem jailed for unpaid child support, alimony

  1. Never understand what jail time will do to collect the child support, and $400,000 in child support and alimony. Like really? Even if it was over 18 years, that would be steep since the mother, you know, should be helping to pay to raise those kids too. Yep, I’m sure all of that money was needed to house and feed the kids. SMH. Family court in this country is a joke.

  2. Does the slate get cleaned after 30 days because 30 days in jail for $300k? Well worth it in my opinion. Wish it was the same for mortgages or other debt.

  3. Why do they deserve 100k a year for nothing? Just because he earned that money? System is a joke.

    Im not arguing that he shouldn’t support Im arguing that outrageous cost.

  4. Alimony and child support should be something like 50% of your current income. Not a set large amount for a set amount of time. Not many people go from making $500K-$1mil per year down to little to nothing like professional athletes do. But maybe there are ways to help or change the payments that he ignored though.

  5. My guess is the amount is a percentage of his income from that time. If he had stayed married, they would all be partaking of 100% of his income…you don’t get to set a fixed (low-ball) amount.

  6. If you play, you better be prepared to pay. Is he gainfully employed outside of the NFL? Doubtful. After football, there is a real world you have to live in.

  7. Wait till a lot of players with several ” baby Mommas” retire. It’s going to be a circus unless they can play until all the kids at 18

  8. If NFL players aren’t smart enough to move for a child support reduction once they’re out of the league, they deserve everything they get.

  9. This is nobody’s fault but his own.

    The amount is based on what he made when he was playing. Now that he’s out of a job, he could’ve went in and had the amount adjusted. But because the selfish idiot (yes, you are selfish if you don’t pony up for your own damn kids) is so far behind, he wouldn’t go in and get the order altered. So it continues to go based off what he previously made and continues to accrue interest as well.

    Stupid to.criticize the system for this loser when it’s nobody’s fault but his own.

    Parts of the system may be broken but paying child support for your kids isn’t a part of it. It’s his duty as a father.

  10. The legal system in America is amazing. A 16 year old single mother without a high school education can support her baby working at McDonald’s. But the wives and girlfriends of celebrities and professional athletes can’t support their baby on $15,000 per month…

  11. So does this count on the “Virtual Arrest Meter” or not? I mean, he is a former player that was pretty known. Thumbs UP for counting it, Thumbs down for it NOT counting.

  12. If it’s been a full 3 years that comes out to just under $11,000 per month. He might want to talk to an attorney about getting that amount reduced. And who needs $11,000 a month to raise 2 kids?

  13. Anybody with half a brain with a half a million dollars could figure out a way to never work again if they chose to do so. i know i sure as hell could. spending my days in the garden or hunting and fishing…it`s incredible how foolish people can be.

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