Tom Brady due to “talk to somebody this week” about search for jersey

Getty Images

On Monday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft sounded confident about the eventual retrieval of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey. On Tuesday, Brady seemed less sure that he’ll see it again.

“I hope I get it back,” Brady said on PFT Live. “If I don’t, I don’t. It’s a jersey. . . . I put it in my bag because I wanted to keep it. It’s just a nice piece of memorabilia to have, but I’m not sure where they’re at with that. I know I have to talk to somebody this week in regards to them trying to find it, but if they don’t, they don’t. It’s just a nice something to have, and we’ll see if it comes up.”

The Patriots have been largely mum about the specifics, in deference to the ongoing investigation regarding the apparent theft of the jersey from Brady’s bag. Last week, TMZ reported that the jersey could be in a truck that was transporting equipment from Houston back to Massachusetts.

Presumably, the jersey hasn’t been found; if it had, there would be no reason for Brady to talk to anyone about the effort to find it.