NFL announces 330 participants in the Scouting Combine

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The NFL has released the list of players expected at this year’s Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and there are 330 names on it this year.

Big names like Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson, LSU running back Leonard Fournette, Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett and Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen are all on the list and expected to be taking part in some or all of the activities. Others like Ohio State safety Malik Hooker and Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Davis are recovering from injuries and will be limited to meeting with teams at the event, which starts on February 28 and runs through March 6 this year.

As always, though, there are some players who failed to get on the list whose names are familiar to those who follow the college game. A NFL rule barring the participation of those¬†convicted and/or charged with violence or use of a weapon, domestic violence or sexual offenses means Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly, Baylor wide receiver Ishmael Zamora and Ole Miss wide receiver Damor’ea Stringfellow won’t be taking part.

Michigan has the most players participating with 14 Wolverines on the list, but neither right tackle Erik Magnuson nor right guard Kyle Kalis will be there. Magnuson was an All-Big Ten selection in 2016 and both made a lot of starts in Ann Arbor over their collegiate careers. Kalis has already considered an alternate career path should the NFL not work out.

Northwestern wide receiver Austin Carr isn’t on the list despite 90 catches for 1,247 yards and 12 touchdowns and spearheading the effort to shut down Heisman winner Lamar Jackson in a win over Louisville wasn’t enough for Houston linebacker Steven Taylor to get a call. Utah defensive end Hunter Dimick led the FBS in sacks with 14 last year will also be absent in Indy.

Dane Brugler of CBS Sports points out that 15 percent of the players drafted last year did not take part in the Scouting Combine while 35 percent of those that did were passed over in the seven rounds of the draft, so a combine invite doesn’t make or break the chances of an NFL career.

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  1. New England will probably be able to steal Joe Mixon in the middle rounds. Their fans will go along with whatever they do, and I can’t blame them. This kid is right behind Fournette in ability, and is a really good kid. He was attacked and he hit back. The problem is, it was a girl who attacked him. I was always taught that you don’t hit a lady, but then again, the ladies I grew up around didn’t go around physically attacking people. I can’t imagine one of my sisters walking up and smacking on people. I’m sure Belichick will do his research, and welcome this kid into his winning organization. And the winning will continue.

  2. CharlieCharger – I don’t absolve the female of her wrong doing – but he was still wrong to strike full power.

    I (plan) to treat a physical escalation with a female like a police officer does with a suspect, but in reverse. If the female is just striking with her hands – I will push/tackle/subdue. If she has a bat – I will strike full power, and so on.

    I won’t just let a female assault me because she is female, but you can’t excuse a full-on punch to the face because a female slapped you.

    Men almost always have the strength advantage – and while women should realize that once they strike first they get what they get, but as men we have the responsibility to not abuse our advantage in such situations.

  3. Seahawks will continue their combine tradition of handing out injury cards and seeing who can keep them secret.

  4. Was his reaction to protect his pride (because he was not physically harmed) worth it?

    This started out on the street. He followed them into that bar continuing to escalate the situation. She and her friend were the ones walking away. She was trying to ignore him. But he wouldn’t stop pushing the issue.

  5. Hey look, another number 33 reference from the masonically controlled and owned NFL.

    3+3+0=33…like the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. Pay attention to this number, people.

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