Report: Broncos want to talk to Victor Cruz

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Before wide receiver Victor Cruz was released by the Giants, he said that getting an opportunity to play out of the slot again “would definitely be great.”

Now that he’s a free agent, Cruz can prioritize that opportunity when it comes to finding a new team. One opportunity may lie in Denver.

Jeff Legwold of reports that the Broncos started working to set up a meeting with Cruz shortly after he got word of his release from the Giants.

The Broncos have Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders at the outside receiver spots and they combined to catch 169 passes last season, but it was a big drop to Jordan Norwood with 21 catches as their third receiver. Cruz had 39 catches last year and could prove a better fit on the inside as the Broncos try to put together a team that can get back to the playoffs.

9 responses to “Report: Broncos want to talk to Victor Cruz

  1. Are they planning on having Cruz compete for the QB position? If not, does it really matter? The Broncos won’t sniff the playoffs with their current QBs

  2. The loss of Wade will hurt, but if they could tie up Romo they could be a playoff threat again – but does this interest in Cruz seem worryingly more like lining up a pricey vet safety-blanket for a rookie QB?

  3. “as the Broncos try to put together a team that can get back to the playoffs”. Gosh this line strikes hard. I cant help but to remember how the talk was this time just a single year ago. The big argument was whether it was going to be Carolina or Arizona that faced Denver in the 2017 Superbowl.

  4. If they are trying to “put together a team that can get back to the playoffs.” They better start with a QB and O-line.

    The rest is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  5. No…not being considered by Denver. Legwold did none of his own work (shocking) and got duped by a fake Mike Klis account.

    Denver is not considering Cruz at the moment.

    Don’t get me wrong, Cruz is a good guy and if I was Elway, I’d probably give his agent a quick call to see what he thinks, but at this time, Denver isn’t looking at Cruz…

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