Is Adrian Peterson’s message to the Giants, or the Vikings?

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On the surface, Adrian Peterson’s flirt-tweet with the Giants seems to be a fairly obvious message to Big Blue. But the real recipients could be the team that wears purple.

There’s no way the Vikings will pay Peterson $18 million in 2017. So then question becomes how much less will they offer him — and how much more that will be than the Giants or anyone else will pay?

Even if Peterson is determined to seek his freedom when the Vikings squeeze him to take less, he needs to get the best offer on the table in order to compare it to what others would pay. Technically, Peterson isn’t supposed to know what’s behind Door No. 2 before rejecting Door No. 1; as a practical matter, most agents know how to discreetly “gauge the market.”

Maybe he’ll take $1 million less to go elsewhere. Maybe $2 million. But maybe he won’t take more than $3 million less.

Arguably, Peterson means more to the Vikings than he does to any other team, given his achievements, his time with the team, and his connection to the fan base. Regardless of what he’s worth to his current team or any other, Peterson needs to know before making a final decision about whether he’ll be moving on.

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  1. Honestly, I think he’s done with Minny. Not for money reasons (he’s already made bank) but purely for football reasons such as a realistic chance to advance in the playoffs.

    Now, before everyone jumps on me, I’m not saying that NYG is any better or worse than Minn. I just think he might want to escape the division that Rodgers has a stranglehold on. Look, Minny’s best chance was last year getting off to a hot start but even then, they couldn’t put away GB. The NFCE is always a toss up division, which is probably what he’s looking for at this stage.

    If Mac is committed to running an offense from under center instead of shotgun and maybe picks up one of these released OL or two, I say do it and don’t look back.

  2. He’s going to make a lot of money as a Viking, or have a bidding war as a FA. The move basically said “I’d like to play for the Giants if the Vikings don’t pay me, and if you want to change my mind, pay up.”

  3. This egomaniac hasn’t come to grips with the fact that he’ll be lucky to make $3,000,000 per year going forward. He probably thinks the Giants are clearing caps space for him. Totally delusional.

  4. As a Viking fan… what connection to the fan base? He cares more about his individual achievements than team achievements.

    All you need to know about this guy, other than child abuse, is his handshake. Firm handshakes are sign of mutual respect… trying to hurt the other guy shows disrespect… its a classless interaction more centered around intimidation.

  5. He’s always playing games,needs attention, dictates direction of the team. Let’s just move on from him and the vikings… thanks for the good times.

  6. Probably depends on how many illegitimate children turn up this month. And how many teams are classless enough to insult their younger and family-fans. Meanwhile, AP, please use the offseason to keep looking for all that charity money your foundation “mislaid” instead of founding more family in need of charity.

  7. Doesn’t really matter. Great athlete who will fumble the football when the game is on the line. Doesn’t matter who he is playing for. It is a bit funnier in a vikings uniform though so I hope he takes a pay cut and stays in Minny. Although asking anyone to run behind the worst line in football is a cruel punishment for anyone.

  8. well the giants just tried keeping a woman beater kicker (kicker?!) at all costs why not the strongest man on earth that also hits children with a stick till they bleed?

  9. The Vikings will pay Peterson more than any other team will.

    That amount will still be far less than the $18 million.

    The question will come down to whether Peterson’s ego will allow him to come back to Minnesota on a pay cut, or go somewhere else for less money.

  10. His expiration date has passed. No way I’d pay more than $3M for him. And that would an incentive laden $3M deal.
    Look, given his age, injuries, the O-line needs, offensive philosophy, OC, QB and his skill-set then he needs to take what he can get. At this point, he limits rather than enhances an offense. Any fear he instills in a defense is predicated on past performance, not present ability.
    RBs are cheap and plentiful, both current players and draftees. O-line is where the money and draft picks need to be spent, not on AP.

  11. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    AP is a one trick pony now.
    While his trick was really impressive for a 3-4 year span, he’s no longer in a position of strength when it comes to negotiating a deal with anyone.
    Over 30, coming off injury and really only useful as an RB that needs a running start to be effective. D Johnson, L Bell, D. Freeman ( when he’s not missing critical blocks at critical junctures and very important games like the SB), are the prototypical RB in today’s NFL.

    When we last saw AP, teams had gameplanned him out of the game and he was constantly getting spelled by McKinnon, a more versatile back.

  12. the message is to the vikings. he wants to stay but will not take a paycut. my best guess is that this is the last of AD in a vikings uniform but he may still play on contender for the cheap if he has an opportunity at a ring–btw. not the giants.

  13. He’ll most likely end up in Seattle. Seahawks and Vikings have been cozy trade partners for years, but even if he is a FA, Seattle is a strong enough contender and struggled to get the ground game going all last year. He’ll make less than almost anywhere else and he’ll have to share carries but that could keep him fresh for playoffs.

    As a Seahawks fan, I hope they address the RB position somehow, but I won’t be super happy if they sign AP. If he contributes and stays out if the news and the Seahawks get the 1 or 2 seed, then I will be happy

  14. As a Vikings fan I think it’s time for the Vikings to send Peterson a message, a message that can’t be misinterpreted even by someone as dumb as A.P. Release him

  15. $3 Million LESS? More like $3 Million TOTAL. And that’s with a premium on his name. Name any other post-30 RB who would get much more than a vet minimum deal with a chance to earn a roster spot, even a year removed from an excellent season.

  16. You can find really talented young RBs in the draft late. It boggles my mind why any team would want to spend a large chunk of their cap space on the RB position, let alone an aging RB with injury problems who hasn’t really ever demonstrated that he is particularly good at blocking or catching or not fumbling.

  17. I can’t imagine even Adrian is even clueless enough to think that a message like that, if directed toward the Vikings, would have any impact whatsoever.

  18. 9 yards short after a terrible ACL injury in 2012… just saying.

    296 yards in a game as a rookie… so ya

  19. lacerated the scrotum of a four year old, with a whip-like stick. repeatedly. and that was just the time he got caught.

    i hope he gets released, and is greeted by crickets.

  20. Anyone betting against A.D. is foolish. He is a freak and has proven people wrong his whole career. Maybe he is a bad dude, so what. Half the people posting on here, no wait, all of the people posting on here have skeletons in their closet. Watch: Peterson goes to Denver or New England and wins a Superbowl! Would you really doubt that?

  21. If Peterson thinks he can game the Vikings in 2017 like he tried to do in 2015, he’s fooling only himself.

    He can send any message he wants to the Vikings; what he’ll get in return in pretty plain: Either he takes a pay-cut down to $2-3 million a year, or he gets cut and becomes a free agent. Peterson holds no cards over the Vikings, though he may be the only person left who doesn’t realize it.

  22. I sincerely hope Spieldope and Co. resign this piece of garbage.
    I also hope they give him another raise.
    He fits perfectly with that team and their fans.
    They’re made for each other.
    And you can bet that their inbred fans will lap it up.

  23. I love AP & what he has done, on the field, for the Vikings. But, let’s be honest, he simply isn’t the running back that he used to be. He is injury prone, and doesn’t possess the physical skills, that he did at one time.
    All that said, I really would love to see him end his career, in MN. But not at the current salary he will be due in 2017. That means PAY CUT!
    The ball is clearly in the Vikings court & if Peterson isn’t thrilled in what they propose as a restructured contract, then let him walk.
    If that is the case, I really don’t care where he winds up….if it’s NY then so be it.

  24. In order to keep from totally embarrassing himself in 2017, he’ll need to sign with a team that has an O-line that is top-notch. That team will also need to have a good 3rd down back.

  25. Peterson should remain a Viking for all the obvious reasons;

    not many teams and their fan bases would tolerate a child beater on their team, the Viking fan base not only does but is happy to make him the face of the franchise.

    The next highest paid RB in the NFL is paid less than $8M, the Vikings are not only willing to beat that number by $10M a year, they gave Peterson a salary increase after he was convicted of child abuse, let that one settle in.

    Peterson is rapidly declining and likely to not last a full season. For declining players (Benard Berriman, Darren Sharper etc), the Vikings are the place to go. They not keep you on the team, they let you play just to show how far you’ve declined.

  26. His personal life aside, I don’t understand the hate from a football only perspective. Yes he’s had some injuries but when healthy he’s been a beast. If he just had a 14-16 game season with 700 yards, okay, I would agree. But that’s not the case. If he lands somewhere with a decent qb and OL, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him put up 1500 yards barring injury.

  27. Why would the Giants want him on anything other than a “prove it” deal? He did not play well at all last year and is coming off an injury at an accelerated age for a RB. As a Giants fan who has admired AP’s play his entire career, I would rather have Paul Perkins get the bulk of the carries next season unless AP wants to come in for 2-4 million with incentives on a 1 year deal.

    I realize that won’t happen, but if I were Jerry Reese, that is the ONLY way he’s a Giant next year. He’ll be in Minnesota again and finish his career there. Which is a good thing.

  28. cheeseisfattening says:
    Feb 16, 2017 1:50 PM
    I heard the Packers are prepared to offer Eddie Lacy an unlimited supply of cheeseburgers.
    Only in Barneyland would a child abuser be preferable to a RB with a perceived weight issue.
    Sad, truly sad.

  29. Way to much self importance and far too little self awareness. It’s not the message he’s sending that matters, it’s the one he doesn’t seem to be getting.

  30. Packers’ Aaron Rodgers: Struggles until garbage time in NFC championship game 44-21 loss.

    by RotoWire Staff Jan 23, 2017

  31. “The next highest paid RB in the NFL is paid less than $8M, the Vikings are not only willing to beat that number by $10M a year…..”

    The rock you live under….granite, or limestone?

    The Vikings are NOT going to pay him $18 million.

  32. So here’s his resume:

    7X Pro Bowler
    5X First Team All Pro
    3X NFL Rushing Yards leader
    2X NFL Touchdowns leader
    NFL Record for more yards in a game (7TH CAREER GAME!!!)

    Plus almost 12,000 yards and 100 rushing touchdowns.

    The guy’s still got it, no question.

  33. Citing a resume that 95% of the accomplishments were achieved more than 5 years ago is no way to convince people that he’s “still got it.”

    Heck, Emmitt Smith has a great resume, so let’s sign him instead.

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