Kevin Colbert: Lawrence Timmons “has to see what his market is”

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Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert touched on several contract matters during a meeting with the media on Thursday, including the team’s desire to sign wide receiver Antonio Brown to a long-term deal well before he has a chance to hit the open market.

There doesn’t appear to be the same urgency to get a deal done with linebacker Lawrence Timmons before the start of free agency next month. Colbert said Thursday that the Steelers would be happy to see Timmons finish out his career as a member of the team, but it doesn’t sound like they will make a major push to get it done in the next couple of weeks.

“Would you love to have him stay? Absolutely,” Colbert said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Does it all fit? I think we can make it fit. At what cost? He has to see what his market is. He’s never been a free agent, and we have nothing against him finding out. Let’s stay in touch as we go through the process. We’d love to see Lawrence finish his career here, and I think he would, too.”

Timmons has started every game for the Steelers over the last six seasons and has missed just two games since selecting Timmons in the first round of the 2007 draft.

6 responses to “Kevin Colbert: Lawrence Timmons “has to see what his market is”

  1. Just an observation from a fan of another team. I thought Timmons was as skilled as any LB in the league that rushed and also dropped into coverage. He would be an upgrade on any team that acquired him. I would love to see him on my team…

  2. Watched LT for years and he may of lost a step, he is a great MLB. If he leaves, Vince Williams is a good tun stopper bu not as good in pass coverage

  3. As a Steeler fan I have no idea where I stand in regards to Timmons. He started the season off pretty bad. He simply didn’t look good. Yet he finished really well. He’s lost a step but if he can turn in another season that resembles the 2nd half of 2016 rather than the first then he’d be worth keeping on. Determining what led to his poor start in 2016, and whether it will follow him into next season (age does catch everyone) will go a long way, along with salary, into determining his situation.

  4. UNLESS Lawrence Timmons has a crazy jacked up assessment of his own Fair Market Value, I think it is stupid to let the HIGHEST bidder set the FMV for a player as key and essential to the Steelers as Timmons.

    Not liking the approach at all. How would anyone reading this like to buy a car at the price the highest bidder in the market wants to pay?

  5. the Steelers are being smart. why bid against themselves. Let him find out what the high bid is and then offer a little less hoping for the home team discount.

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