Long-term deal for Antonio Brown “a priority” for Steelers

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Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert confirmed to reporters Thursday that the team has been working on a long-term extension for wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Colbert called getting that deal done “a priority” for the Steelers. Brown has one year remaining on his current contract.

Earlier this week Brown posted on social media some pictures of his agents, Drew and Jason Rosenhaus, in Pittsburgh. They also represent Steelers pending free agent linebacker Lawrence Timmons, and prior reports stated that the Brothers Rosenhaus were also due to be two hours west in Cleveland this week to talk about a new deal for Browns pending free agent wide receiver Terrelle Pryor.

Brown, 28, is of the NFL’s best wide receivers and has caught over 100 passes in each of the last four seasons. He had 1,284 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns last season.

17 responses to “Long-term deal for Antonio Brown “a priority” for Steelers

  1. It has been Steeler protocol to not give up huge money for free agents – their own, or other teams’. What do Steeler fans think about the likelyhood of both Brown and Bell being given long term deals?

  2. Finally they have room under the cap. Lock up Brown, franchise Bell, extend Shazier and Tuitt. Maybe add an under the radar CB in free agency and fill the rest of the defensive holes through a pretty deep draft. At that point, this team got younger, talented, and fast very quickly. That’s not even counting on Bryant coming back, which would be huge as well.

  3. He’s just the distraction the Steelers need for another busted run at the Superbowl.

  4. I wish that was true stillabengalsfan, but they seem to always keep the guys they want to keep. I think they will keep Brown and Bell, but both seem dangerous to me. If I was a Steelers fan, I would want to blow the whole thing up and start fresh. I don’t see them ever getting there with this core… Too many divas, not good enough coaching…

  5. He only had 284 more yards than Terrelle Pryor. Considering the QB situation in Cleveland, Pryor should feel pretty good about that. Imagine what Pryor could do with a decent QB.

  6. Are they going to send him humility classes as well?
    They should remove every mirror from his house for a year.

    3 5

    Being a Pat’s fan I am surprised you know how to spell humility let alone know it’s application.

    Brown is a good guy that needs some direction…we want to keep him.

  7. Hey the Steelers actually rolled over almost $3 million in cap room from last year. I know for the crappy teams like the Browns that have $30 million sitting sitting around in the owner’s pocket that might not look like much, but it’s a lot for the Steelers.

    That stooge Woodley is finally off the books, plus the cap goes up by $10 million every year. I’m very optimistic not only do the Steelers get Brown and Bell contracts, they can save cap room in other places from year. Timmons comes back much cheaper, they resigned all their important exclusive rights free agents. Former 1st round pick OLB Jones is probably gone, saving some more money.

    They might even lock down the NFL’s best story, 3 tours in Afghanistan and former U.S. army Ranger Captain, the current Pittsburgh left tackle Alejandro Villanueva as well.

    Bring on the draft! Can we start preseason games yet?

    Go Steelers!

  8. He’s often the only guy hustling out there to get open. Bryant is high. Coates is either injured or dropping balls. Rogers is just not good. If they lose AB, they got not much other than Jesse James.

  9. I remember when you Steeler Chodes were crying when they told Wallace to take a hike and inked Brown to a long term deal. Good thing you don’t run the front office.

  10. The right move is to pay Bell, sign Bouye, and trade Brown. You can’t have three players, especially on one side of the ball, take up 30% of your salary cap. Well, you can, and Baltimore will eventually get it right and pass you again.

  11. yes yes yes – please do- give him loads of money, it’s always much more fun to see the rich ones implode.

  12. “It has been Steeler protocol to not give up huge money for free agents – their own, or other teams’. What do Steeler fans think about the likelyhood of both Brown and Bell being given long term deals?”

    Steelers have paid their players hence why they were in cap hell a few years back.

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