Patriots beware: Tom Brady may return to his prankster ways

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In his younger years, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady specialized in practical jokes. As he closes in what inevitably will be the final years of his career, his teammates should heed this advice: When you least expect it, expect it.

“I gotta get back to that,” Brady said earlier this week regarding practical jokes, during a visit to PFT Live. “You know I’m so much older than everybody else now I’m always trying to build bridges with everybody so sometimes I don’t want them taking my pranking too seriously. But it is a fun part, and we’ve had a lot of jokesters over the years.”

Brady said there weren’t many pranks at all in 2016, and he reflected on the purple-foot trick that Drew Bledsoe played on Brady.

“He got me with this purple ink that he put in my sock,” Brady said. “It looks like a clear ink or whatever and when it contacts your skin it turns this dark purple. So I worked for all of practice, by the time I got inside I had to peel my socks off my feet because I looked like Barney the dinosaur with how purple my feet were. So I’ve tried to use that a few times. I tried to use it on Dan Koppen once. I tried to use it on Matt Cassel.”

So watch out, young Patriots. Brady perhaps has been setting you up by laying low for the past several years. As he prepares to turn 40, there could be a rash of feet with a purple rash and other similar jokes aimed at lightening the mood in a place where sometimes things are taken too seriously.

In case you missed it, or if you didn’t, the full interview is above (if you’re reading this in the Rumor Mill) or below (if otherwise).

29 responses to “Patriots beware: Tom Brady may return to his prankster ways

  1. After pranking us all by spotting Atlanta 25 in the Super Bowl before flicking the switch I can’t even imagine what he might come up with for his teammates.

  2. @chipwrecked

    You’re allowed to do these things when you win a lot.

    So, by that definition, you wouldn’t know.

  3. Kevin Faulk, the former Patriots running back published a piece Friday for The Players’ Tribune giving fans insight into New England’s much-ballyhooed “Patriot Way.” But the best part of Faulk’s article was his tale of Brady’s prank war with backup quarterback Matt Cassel, and how TB12 took things to a new level during the 2006 season. “One day in 2006, we all walked into the locker room after practice,” Faulk wrote, “and there were three tires — like, car tires — stacked up in front of Matt Cassel’s locker. We were all looking at each other like, What the hell is this?” “… So come to find out, that day Tom Brady had hired somebody to take the tires off of Cassel’s car, put three of them in front of his locker and then hide the fourth somewhere around the facility.” That’s pretty cold-blooded, but it created a pretty hilarious scene in the Patriots’ locker room. “I mean, picture this: Cassel comes in from practice, and he’s sitting in front of his locker on top of his own car tires, unwrapping the tape from his ankles,” Faulk continued. “Meanwhile, his car is out in the parking lot on cinderblocks. And guys are just walking by, laughing.” Brady wasn’t immune to other shenanigans, though. A few days after the tire prank, Brady’s teammates got him back by dumping several bags of Styrofoam packing peanuts into his car through the sunroof. “Every nook and cranny of Tom’s car was filled with Styrofoam peanuts,” Faulk recalls. We’d say Brady still got the upper hand in that prank-off — then again, he’s used to coming out on top.

  4. Man, I cant believe how many haters the Patriots have. A simple article about Tom Brady having fun at 40 years old, and every cranky jerk in their moms basement comes out to hate hate hate.

    I guess Tom Brady wins the player haters ball? He got all of you Nancys to hate on him on EVERY article. He’s doing something right.

  5. thelastwordyaheard says:
    Feb 16, 2017 11:25 AM
    Looks like Brady got the last laugh, eh Drew?
    Say what you want, but Drew had Brady’s back through out the deflategate witch hunt. He also had a very successful career and his wine business is doing very well. That’s not a bad encore for a guy with two AFC Championship wins who helped the Pats get to SB 36, the first won by the franchise. Some Patriots fans still hate on the guy. Ridiculous.

  6. redlikethepig says:
    Feb 16, 2017 11:11 AM
    Like destroying evidence?

    kneedragr says:
    Feb 16, 2017 11:13 AM
    Yeah like letting the air out of the balls, thats hilarious!
    mnrasslinggovjesse says:
    Feb 16, 2017 11:20 AM
    Have a flunky deflate some footballs!


    I can appreciate how tough it must be to be a fan of a crappy team and have to reach deep for these uneducated comments. Oh wait, no I can’t, cuz I’m a Patriots fan!

  7. babygaga19 says:
    Feb 16, 2017 11:51 AM
    Brady’s kids are still in counselling after he horrified them by jumping out of a pile of leaves wearing a bizarre turkey costume.


    You know, for someone who dislikes Brady so much, you know an awful lot about him and his personal life.

  8. New England>Your Team says:
    Feb 16, 2017 11:23 AM
    You know what else is a good joke?

    Joe Montana being mentioned in the same sentence as Tom Brady.

    SB winning percentage

    Montana 100%
    Brady 71%

  9. I feel sorry for the bitter, angry little people who have no sense of humor.

    Why are you saying that about your fellow Patriot fans? Pretty obvious to non fans there is no sense or humor in Pat’s fans unless they are making fun of someone…..but I don’t feel sorry for you Harrison.

  10. I’d like to see him take the intensity up a notch like maybe taking a dump in someone’s helmet.

  11. unclebluck says:
    Feb 16, 2017 12:21 PM
    New England>Your Team says:
    Feb 16, 2017 11:23 AM
    You know what else is a good joke?

    Joe Montana being mentioned in the same sentence as Tom Brady.

    SB winning percentage

    Montana 100%
    Brady 71%
    Making to the SB, therefore not losing BEFORE the SB

    Brady – 7
    Montana – 4

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