Terrell Owens: “At this point, the Hall of Fame doesn’t mean anything to me”

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The Terrell Owens Hall of Fame fallout continues, nearly two weeks after he was snubbed.

Owens appeared Thursday on WFAN with Mike Francesa to continue the discussion regarding the decision to keep Owens out of Canton for a second straight year. And Owens continued his assault on the selection process.

Would it be a nice thing? Yes,” Owens said. “But I feel at this point, it’s been purely based on personal feelings, emotions that are being involved. . . . At this point, the Hall of Fame doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Apparently, it means something, because Owens already has had a tailor produce the primary piece of clothing that goes with getting into the Hall of Fame.

“I can get a gold jacket made, which I have already done, that means much more to me than something that they can give me because, again, the system is flawed,” Owens said.

During the interview, Francesa pointed out that three of T.O.’s coaches — Andy Reid of the Eagles, Bill Parcells of the Cowboys, and Steve Mariucci of the 49ers — said Owens belongs in the Hall of Fame. Owens embraced Reid’s comments, took issue with Parcells’ contention that Owens wasn’t always reliable, and claimed that Mariucci has “gone behind my back and talked to these reporters” about keeping Owens out.

Owens said he’s irked not because he didn’t make it, but because his character has been impugned in order to justify excluding him.

“From Day One when I stepped into the National Football League, trust me, I know how to be respectful,” Owens said. “I’m not insubordinate. Am I a guy that basically had disagreements and arguments with coaches or players or what have you? What players haven’t? I’m not the first one, and I’m probably not gonna be the last one.”

Owens is right, and the heart of the problem remains that the selection process now supplements undeniable on-field performance with potentially vague and incomplete information regarding events happening from the sideline to the parking lot. Plenty of other guys have gotten in without those issues being fully considered; moving forward, the selection committee will now be expected to apply that same standard to other players with rumored or actual misconduct on the practice field and/or in the locker room.

37 responses to “Terrell Owens: “At this point, the Hall of Fame doesn’t mean anything to me”

  1. It’s ashame he isn’t in. TO and Terrell Davis should have been inducted last year over Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy.

    The HOF should have a special section for coaches (they shouldn’t keep players out), and I don’t think that Dungy was a HOF coach (even though I like him as a person). And, Owens was a better WR than Harrison. TO played with way more different starting QB’s, and in more systems than Marvin did.

  2. at this point, does the HOF mean anything to anyone? Tony Dungy made it in. its just another way for the NFL to line it pockets a little more.

  3. Florio, get off the soap box. TO is and was a bad team mate, a bad sportsman, and an egotistical prick. He continues to exhibit why he does not belong in the hall. Let him have his tailored coat. The only one he deserves is the one he can buy.

  4. This is still news? Anyway, he was one disruptive player with the niners and im sure the team couldnt wait to get rid of him. He fought with his QB, showboated, and was a ME type player. he did this to himself

    Who runs to the dallas star and spreads his wings? Carries a sharpie in his sock? Works out in front of cameras on his driveway, etc?

  5. I turned on WFAN just in time to hear the final moments of the interview. This caught me up nicely, thanks.

    Also, TO deserves to be in. He played for 3 teams that I HATE and I’m big enough to admit when i see greatness even if it was against my team 2 times a year. TO was great. He was better than any WR in the league right now in my opinion.

  6. Thank you for joining us on today’s episode of “Put Terrell Owens In The NFL Hall of Fame” (formerly Pro Football Talk).

    The program looks in great depth at Terrell Owens’ candidacy for the Hall of Fame, why he is currently not in the Hall of Fame, how much Mike Florio would like him to be in the Hall of Fame, what other people think about Terrell Owens being in the Hall of Fame, and just about any other excuse you can think of to put the words “Terrell Owens” and “Hall of Fame” within 20 words of each other.

    (As it happens, there are no other players in the history of the NFL who should be in the Hall of Fame but are not, so it is totally appropriate to spend each and every day going on and on about Terrell Owens.)

  7. Well first off … maybe you shouldn’t have been such a jerk when you played … and secondly, if it doesn’t mean anything why are you constantly talking about it?

  8. While I think Owens should be in, his mouth continues to get in the way. Just shut-up, and let the outrage in the process and your support do the rest.

  9. I’ve found that people that ask themselves questions and then immediately answer them, have very little to say.

    If the Hall now means nothing to him, then he needs to shut up about it and go away.

  10. Yes, he is being snubbed. If they could draft wr from their prime, he would be drafted in top 10 if not top 5. I actually prefer T.O. over randy moss cause he was a deep threat as well as cross the middle, plus he put more effort toward the team by risking a broken leg while randy moss play when he want to play. Betcha Randy Moss make 2nd if not 1st ballot

  11. T.O. Shouldn’t respect any system and persons that clearly supports racists agendas. Period! The HOF shouldn’t have people voting if they don’t know anything about football either, because not voting T.O. in the “Pro Football Hall of Fame” means, you don’t know anything about football or you are clearly a racist or you might be both! It’s inexcusable!

  12. ya right, next year he’ll be crying again.

    you want in the hall? should have been a better team mate.

    Hines ward didn’t have t.o. numbers, but he will get in because he played the way your supposed to play- SELFLESS not selfish.

    bye-bye head case

  13. ya right, next year he’ll be crying again.

    you want in the hall? should have been a better team mate.

    Hines ward didn’t have t.o. numbers, but he will get in because he played the way your supposed to play- SELFLESS not selfish.

    bye-bye head case

  14. ” . . . At this point, the Hall of Fame doesn’t mean anything to me.” – T.O.

    If that were true TO, you would have stopped your bitching long ago. He’s just another entitled brat that thinks the world should go exactly they way he wants it to and if it doesn’t hes going to throw a temper tantrum, like a little child. I now hope he never gets in, just because of all his bitching and crying. Sorry TO, this is the real world, where most of the time things don’t go your way. Get used to it, and get over yourself.

  15. This guy is freaking delusional. “The Hall of Fame doesn’t mean anything to me” Yeah right dude! you are crying and whining non-stop about not getting in. Better luck next year!

  16. To paraphrase Terrible Owens…”If I don’t make it into the HOF, then it’s their fault and I don’t want anything to do with it!”

    (phew…) This guy’s schtick got old 5 years ago and soon you’ll see him cryin’ about it on ESPN.

  17. If it means nothing why do you continue to dwell on the matter?

    You were not a first ballot Hall of Famer so what? Why continue to cry and make a big stink?

    I’m sure someday you will get in but to this point your behaviour speaks towards why you did not get in on the first ballot. If people had character concerns it is probably best not to continue to put on display your me-first character issues.

  18. If the Hall of Fame means nothing to him, he sure is spending a lot of time talking about it. Just like in his playing days, he didn’t know when to keep his piehole shut. That’s the reason he’s in the position he’s in now. Should he be in the HoF? Yes. But running your mouth complaining about those doing the voting isn’t going to win you many votes. He’s so dumb it’s comical.

  19. He doesn’t care about the HOF but can’t stop talking about it…a perfect guest on Francesa…

    This daily TO talk is as tiring as all of the people who clog my twitter feed Monday nights live tweeting the Bachelor…I get the point!

  20. HOF, Pro-Bowl or Prom/Home-Coming King or Queen. All popularity contest are subjective. If the Hall wants to be fair, it would be based purely on production in context of era. Charles Haley was far worse than TO with “off the field” stuff. There are murders, wife-beaters and straight up addicts in the HOF. Only difference between many is that there wasn’t a Facebook or Twitter at the time, doesn’t mean the reports or stories were any less real.

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