Terrell Owens has “lost all respect” for the Hall of Fame process

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Terrell Owens apparently won’t be heeding Dan Fouts’ not-so-subtle warning that criticizing the Hall of Fame selection process will continue keep him out of Canton.

In an interview with Tim Graham of the Buffalo News and WHLD in Buffalo, Owens elaborated on his views regarding the process — views that already were crystal clear based on his Twitter feed.

“Obviously, what I did, the Hall of Fame, that should validate it,” Owens told Graham. “But now it’s something else. Now they’re adding to the bylaws; they’re adding extra things to the criteria to be inducted. . . . . For me, that’s where I’ve lost all respect for it, in a sense.”

They haven’t really added to the bylaws, but they have started onto a slippery slope that considers behavior between the sideline and the parking lot — behavior that may or may not have been factored into the candidacy of other players and that will definitely cause issues when future players who may or may not have been bad teammates are up for consideration.

Owens also addressed the accuracy of off-field concerns passed along to the voters on a second-hand or even more remote basis.

“You listen to guys like Bill Polian and Dan Fouts that have said, you know, coaches and players have come to them or pulled them to the side and said that I was a horrible teammate,” Owens said, via Dave DeLuca of SportingNews.com. “That’s what really rubs me the wrong way, because I know . . . how I was raised. When you talk about character, that’s a sensitive subject for me, because I know who I am as a person. Just because I had some disagreements with some coaches or some players, that doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person or disruptive or a locker-room cancer as they would have it.”

Owens also has concerns (as do I) about the ability of the people who are bad-mouthing him to be kept secret.

“When it comes to questioning my character and what I did in that locker room,” Owens said, “the thing that a lot of people are missing, is these coaches and these people are saying that I’m this type of person in the locker room, well who are those guys? Nobody’s attaching any names to anything. They’re just saying, ‘Oh, this is what I heard.'”

That’s why the process needs to be more transparent. Each player’s on-field accomplishments are out in the open, for anyone to see and to assess. Everything else is, to some degree or another, concealed. The process of picking through those facts shouldn’t be.

Until that changes, Owens isn’t the only person who will have issues with the process.

78 responses to “Terrell Owens has “lost all respect” for the Hall of Fame process

  1. What does TO know about respect? You get what you give. This is just Karma slapping him around a bit before he gets the nod. I’m loving every minute of it.

  2. Strangely enough, the HOF is a private organization and has every right to determine its’ own criteria for entry. If your behavior is though to be unacceptable and embarrassing, you might not be elected to join.

  3. I remember the time TO stabbed an offensive lineman in the neck right in the locker room in front of witnesses…..oh wait, never mind.

  4. Maybe his play justifies his election, but the irony of Terrell Owens claiming that a loss of respect by him for something indicates a shortcoming by someone else is apparently lost both on him and the author.

  5. Many feel like you do T.O.

    Joe Jacoby should be in the HOF, but isn’t because of the name Redskins….

    This is just another example of political opinion affecting something that shouldn’t be political…

  6. Lol…who didn’t see this coming? Love it—TO reinforces the very sentiment that’s keeping him out of Canton.

  7. I lost all respect for T.O. when called Garcia gay, demanded a new contract less than a year after signing a four year deal, complained that he wasn’t getting the ball because Romo liked Witten better…etc, etc, etc.

  8. This is what I’ve been saying all along. Owens’ as the bad teammate is a media fabrication, or at least embellishment. Find one guy that will go on record and say he was a bad teammate (not named McNabb).

  9. This is exactly why he’s not in the HOF and should never be.

    The greatest team sport on earth should not be honoring selfish players and selfish people.

    He’s always had a serious mental disorder. A little of the woe is me routine.

    If that guy had only 1% of the commitment to the team and guts that Edelman has.

    What a loser.

    “That’s my quarterback”


  10. Owens is a whinny jerk that deserves to be in the HOF.

    Reasonable people don’t care what he thinks. Reasonable people are concerned about the judgment of the HOF voters who most of us expect better from. There is a disturbing trend of questionable decisions in the last few years, not coincidentally during the time that people like Dan Fouts and Jason Cole were given votes. There clearly has been a change recently that has led to people not qualified to have a vote to be included. Fouts was a great Football player but that in itself doesn’t make him qualified to have a vote.

  11. Once I knew how the process worked I lost respect for it. It’s an antiquated system that hasn’t worked well in decades and the older the league gets, the more history that exists, the more asinine the unchanging HoF process becomes.

  12. Gee, that’s a change…usually he waits until he’s part of a group/team before bad-mouthing it…

  13. The guy should be voted in! Let’s talk about character and names like Sapp and Lawrence Taylor. Great players, not so great citizens…

  14. Seriously, who doesn’t agree with TO here?

    The guy is #2 in NFL history in receiving yards. That’s pretty impressive. His showing in the 2004 SB was VERY impressive on a broken ankle.

    The HOF is about as bad as the Pro Bowl is now. Jerry Jones getting in is ridiculous. TO should have been first ballot. TO never once committed a crime. Youre letting in Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Brett Favre, but keeping TO out?


  15. Just another case of someone who will not take responsibility for their actions. IF he was a standup teammate, IF he was not a festering lockeroom cancer, only thinking of himself and not others, he would have a yellow jacket. But the jerkstore called. Take note snowflakes.

  16. … and this is any different form life in general. People in the form of governments, business owners, lawyers, are always moving the rules, boundaries and regulations to suit their own ends.

    Pretty sad that a bunch of sports writers feel they have to be a moral compass for society especially in this day and age when many of them publish sensationalistic facts without even checking to see if they are correct.

    You know it would be really nice to see some human beings in power who actually use it for the good of society, just like it was always supposed to be.

    As for T.O. anyone who understands the game knows he belongs in the Hall of Fame, its not rocket science.

  17. If the HoF can consider a player’s positive leadership abilities (ie Ray Lewis, Junior Seau, etc.), I don’t see why they can’t judge Owens’ negative effects on the team as well.

    If Parcells is to be believed, Owens was not only a problem in the locker room, but on-field as well. When a veteran WR can’t run the right route regularly (or worse, INTENTIONALLY run the wrong route) then I would have an issue with him being selected into the HoF.

  18. If guys like OJ Simpson and Lawrence Taylor can be in the Hall, despite obvious character flaws, it seems a bit unfair to exclude TO because he was whiny.

    If we are going to be excluding people because the media simply doesn’t like them, it will be a very interesting conversation when it comes time to vote on Belichick.

  19. I watchedthe Super Bowl week festivities in which TO appeared and a cast of talking heads asked him how he would feel if he did not get in this time and he answered “I will sleep well it’s no big deal the HOF does not define me ” seems quite the opposite,, !

  20. The man, single-handedly, RUINED

    not 1

    not 2

    but 3 teams.

    It is NOT at all unreasonable that that weighs much more than any stat.

    And to keep it a fair and objective process, you can’t go around revealing identities because once that happens, you will have social, internet and professional blacklisting and bullying. which will lead to attempted ruining of lives of voters.

    You’ll have all kinds of cabals out to get any voter who doesn’t do what they wish.

    And you think the internet is nuts now…

  21. That’s why the process needs to be more transparent. Each player’s on-field accomplishments are out in the open, for anyone to see and to assess. Everything else is, to some degree or another, concealed. The process of picking through those facts shouldn’t be.


    first of all it’s not like everyone didn’t know TO was a PIA and a diva so what more transparency do you need?

    Secondly, sorry for his luck but TO’s caught in a changing (necessary) culture and this is they way it’s going to be from now on. The league is awash with the children of TO and the like (ahem Odel) and they need to make some changes. Maybe this will help.

  22. hey TO shut up and wait until next year….it will happen looks like you’re just be punished because you are a jhole

  23. The problem here is that “journalists”, most of whom NEVER played the game, are the ones voting/making the selections. Players should be the ones voting/making the decision…..

  24. He’ll get in and he deserves to be in. At this point Owens just needs be patient and stop complaining. Regardless of how flawed the process may be, it is what it is. There have been other deserving players who had to wait much longer than three years to get in.

  25. So since TO has lost all respect for the HOF process and is such a principled person, he would reject the Gold Jacket? I call BS.

    Just another self loathing person that needs the admiration of others to feel good about themselves.

    Now I hope he has to wait till he is a Senior Finalist.

  26. What goes around, comes around. He was a jackass on the field, in the locker room, and the parking lot.

  27. This is not about a good old boy’s club. This is not about politics. Media members are consistently fools regarding Owens and the hall. Off the field should not matter. This is not about off-the field. There are compelling reasons, regardless of his stats, to not vote him in.

    Terrell Owens accumulated generational statistics by demanding the ball, throwing a temper tantrum when he did not get it, and then throwing all of his Quarterbacks under the bus. This is not “off-the field.” This is locker room and on the field behavior. Owens only played with regular pro-bowl Quarterbacks (and one HOF)– Young, Garcia, McNabb, Romo. He had to have huge stats. If he ever did not get great stats, he threw a fit. He insulted three of his pro-bowl QB’s. Then he managed to drop the most passes in the league. His chemistry killing behavior enabled his massive statistics.

    Imagine if Owens is a professional and stays with the 49ers through their rebuilds or is traded to any random team– say the Ravens with Kyle Boller. His stats do not come close to what they are now. His huge stats are inflated because he refused to help a team through hard years, develop a QB or accept any less than pro-bowl #’s. When Owens was on your team– to him– his stats were far more important than winning games. Of course he has generational stats– he refused to play for any team without a pro-bowl QB feeding him the ball.

    Maybe he should be in the HOF, maybe not. But stating that this is political or “off the field” is simply dumb guy stupid. The people who played football seem to look at T.O. and wonder– would we have wanted him on our team to try and win a Super Bowl? The answer appears to be no. That is not a hall of famer.

  28. Owens isn’t doing himself any favors. He has the right to remain silent, unfortunately it’s the ability he lacks.
    As far as transparency goes we aren’t talking about a Supreme Court judge here. If the electors rat people out for giving asked for input who will talk to them in the future? There are a lot of things wrong with the HoF, electors doing their due diligence in talking to people that played with or coached a candidate is hardly one of them.
    That said, Owens belongs in the HoF. Letting him twist in the wind seems like small beans given what a PITA he was and continues to be until we consider the slippery slope. Look at the baseball HoF, the BBWA has turned that selection process into a farce with clowns sometimes not voting for a player simply because they think no one should be a unanimous selection.

  29. Continuously running his mouth is not helping. He’s only proving that he is still and will always be a jerk. At least Randy Moss is keeping his mouth shut.

  30. Lol this guy is so damn ignorant its not even funny. They didnt elect him cause he runs his big mouth, so he continues to run his trap. I hope he doesnt get in until he’s 80 years old.

  31. unclebluck says:

    The problem here is that “journalists”, most of whom NEVER played the game, are the ones voting/making the selections. Players should be the ones voting/making the decision…..

    Sorry, but your comment is just moronic. Just because a journalist wasn’t born with the physical talent and skills to excel at football as a kid doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy watching the game and recognizing great players.

  32. unclebluck says:

    The problem here is that “journalists”, most of whom NEVER played the game, are the ones voting/making the selections. Players should be the ones voting/making the decision…..

    And how did that work out having NBA players vote for all-stars this year? Like Mo Williams getting a vote even though he HASN”T played this year?? Benchwarmers like Ben Simmons, Khris Middleton, Brice Johnson, Quincy Pondexter, Bryn Forbes, Daniel Ochefu, Mike Miller, Thon Maker, Marshall Plumlee, Adreian Payne, Pierre Jackson, Michael Gbinije, Quincy Acy, Rakeem Christmas, etc??

    Can you explain how NBA players “making the decision” would ever cast a vote for these guys as all-stars?

  33. unclebluck says:

    The problem here is that “journalists”, most of whom NEVER played the game, are the ones voting/making the selections. Players should be the ones voting/making the decision…..

    Players concentrate on their upcoming game only. They’re not worried how the other 30 teams are doing or watching any of it. In fact they’ll just vote their buddies in or based on hype. Worse, grudges between heated rivalries (Pitt vs Bal, Dallas vs Redskins, etc) would skew results.

  34. As per his M.O., TO doesn’t know when to stop. He had everyone’s support but he is still talking about it…

  35. this asshat causes all his own problems and always blames someone else. i’ve been a football fan for years and i’m tired of these idiots who can’t stay out of trouble or people like moss and owens with great talents who ruin it with being morons

  36. Memo to T.O.

    The Hall of Fame has zero respect for you and since they vote and you don’t……………Good Luck

  37. I’m sure they’ll turn the H.O.F. selection process into “American Idol”-style fan voting soon enough…

  38. Ladies and gentlemen, see exhibit “A”

    He never could keep his mouth shut and he still can’t.

  39. Transparency and accountability?? Really?? This is the Football Hall of Fame, not the US government! Please get over yourselves.

  40. Just stop. This process is not new. TO is being held accountable for the things he did/didn’t do on the sidelines, practice field, locker room and in the media that directly impact his teammates and their ability to come together as a team. This is not unique to Owens. A prime example is Charles Haley. He waited a few years (most of which while TO was playing) to get in the HoF and he was at the time the only 5 time super bowl champion with a good record on the field. He was held out because of the crap he did in the locker room, meetings, and even the team facility parking lot. I don’t remember him getting in trouble with the law or even publicly trashing his organization and teammates.

  41. I have issues with the HOF process too, but I’m having no issues with keeping Owens out. To me, if you made you team worse, you’re not a great football player. The goal is to win, not to accumulate individual stats, while weakening your team’s chances to win. When he does eventually get in, I won’t lose any sleep.

  42. I’m a Rams fan and I’m glad to see Kurt get in…but anyone who knows football (and that excludes about half the moral judges here that post about karma and locker room cancers) knows that T.O is a hall of fame player. His name should have been the FIRST one in this year. His impact and numbers cannot be argued against. Dan Fouts should be booted right out of there for his comments and Peter King with him. Very curious to see how these people view Ray Lewis next year…another guy who’s numbers and impact scream HOF but who wasn’t exactly a choir boy.

  43. I’m sure the HoF really cares what TO thinks…

    TO also holds the record for most dropped passes, passes thrown to him that were intercepted.

    The biggest knock against Owens is the pure number of passes thrown his way is huge, his success was greatly tied to his complaining and getting more balls thrown his way. Ultimately this was good for Owens but not always good for the team.

    This discussion will keep him out of HoF for a few ballots at least.

  44. This eight ball needs to get a life and quit P***** and m****** about the HOF selection process. T.O. is older but none the wiser. Move on chump. Better luck next year.

  45. Met TO down in NO before a game. He was cordial and kind and, when I shook his hand, it was awkward as his hands are GIANT.

    My take is the play on the field should be the driving force here, not people who hide behind a veil of anonymity. He was truly exceptional…a little crazy and demanding at times but many winners are.

    Put him in the Hall!!!!

  46. Until he learns to keep his mouth shut, he’s probably going to continue to be left out. Right or wrong, when you declare war on those people who are responsible for electing members what can you expect? He’s not very bright.

  47. thirdand43 says:
    Feb 16, 2017 8:53 AM
    Terrell stated his case quite eloquently.

    LOL, Terrell and “eloquently” should never be in the same sentence.

    Owens just doesn’t get it. He never did and never will. Most people grow up and mature. Owens has the maturity of a teenager. He still doesn’t own up to his actions or think he did anything wrong as a locker room cancer. Even his coach admitted he didn’t run the proper routes and disrupted team play.

    He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame…. one day. Let him stew for many years

  48. I’m glad he spoke up. Most don’t thinking it will effect future votes. Bottom line, Voters think they’re God. So he was an ass, so what. Lots of guys are asses who are in the HOF, weather it the NFL or MLB etc..

    Why should the voters determine who should and shouldn’t get in because they’re an ass. Criteria should be stats.. NFL players who will one day get into the hall have done much worse.

  49. “but they have started onto a slippery slope that considers behavior between the sideline and THE PARKING LOT”

    Or more specifically in this case, the driveway.

  50. To use his own words against him, “If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat.” He’ll get in soon, don’t everybody run to their safe spaces.

  51. There’s been more talk of TO not being inducted than the
    seven other inductees combined, and that’s where the real focus
    should be – the seven inductees who actually got in…

    He is a polarizing force, a spotlight seeker, and often for
    the wrong reasons. This tells you all you need to know about
    who TO is, what he does and what he did throughout his career.
    It’s all about TO. It’s always been about him.

    Classic TO – whining, sulking, creating drama
    and being a distraction – right up to the door of the HOF.
    Further reinforcing the stance of the HOF voters, that TO was,
    and remains, a disruptive force and hurt his team(s).

    He is deluding himself by believing he was a good teammate.
    Keep that HOF door closed for another 5 years, plz.

  52. Favorite TO moment: trying to make a roster in Seattle, he is basically himself in a practice and showboating, disrespects the wrong guy, Kam Chancellor levels him in a full-speed hit like he was Antonio Davis ….

  53. I cannot remember TO ever respecting anyone or anything but himself.

    I think the HOF should just ignore him…eventually he will realize he needs them far more than they need him…

    oh wait, no he won’t.

  54. There are a lot of comments on here about TO not belonging in the Hall of Fame because of his attitude. I bet every one of you saying as much will be all for the cheater Coach and the cheater Quarterback getting in, though.

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