Vince Young’s agent says there have been “discussions” with CFL team

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A day after agent Leigh Steinberg announced that Vince Young has “a dream” of playing football again, Steinberg tweeted that he’s been in contact with a Canadian Football League team.

Steinberg wrote that he has “opened discussions” with the Saskatchewan Roughriders about the possibility of Young playing in Saskatchewan.

Young, 33, announced his retirement from the NFL in 2014. He was cut by the Bills in 2012, the Packers in 2013 and the Browns in 2014, all without playing in a game.

Young, the No. 3 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, last played in 2011 with the Eagles. He spent five years with the Titans and twice went to the Pro Bowl.

It’s not likely that an NFL team would give Young another look without Young proving he still can play and avoid some of the off-field headlines he’s made in recent years, so the CFL might be a good place for Young to start.

16 responses to “Vince Young’s agent says there have been “discussions” with CFL team

  1. There’s no such CFL team as the Ottawa Roughriders.

    It’s the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

  2. Good luck, Vince.

    He never fully reached his potential. Much of it was his own choices, but I do wonder what could have happened if he went to a different team. Houston, perhaps.

  3. Young of course has been working with famed quarterback guru Doc Brown to complete his journey back to 1996 when the ottawa roughriders still existed

  4. Vince was a great college QB, and actually a great pro QB for a while. He was a big time winner. Then the relationship between him and Jeff Fisher deteriorated rapidly. I think Vince became bigger than the coach and the coach didn’t like it. If Vince would have gone to a team with Andy Reid or Bruce Arians, I think he would have continued is winning ways.

  5. If he hasn’t learned to read a defense yet, or understand a offensive playbook, then he’ll never make it up there. It may be Canadian football, but it’s still football.

  6. There are a lot of QB’s who you can wonder what would have happened if they were drafted by a team that actually had quality staff on the payroll and knew how to develop a quarterback instead of ending up on a bad team with bad coaches that sit there and waste these guys prime years. They never even have a chance to become successful. It’s said. It happens far to often. It doesn’t seem fair to these guys who come out of college and are never given the development to actually prosper and reach their potential.

  7. Let me tell you something. The CFL starts in June and you can see it easily on the WatchESPN app. Johnny Football and VY up there can be real fun and would get people who wouldn’t normally watch the CFL to realize it has a lot of things to like about it. I went up to the Grey Cup in Vancouver in 2014 and had an awesome time. Give it a shot my friends come June.

  8. Vince Young is pretty long in the tooth to start learning a completely new game in CFL football. The only good thing in his favor is that Saskatchewan has no starting quarterback and are desperate to find anyone who can throw the ball to anyone.

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