With NFL’s highest ticket price, tiny stadium will pay off for Chargers

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The Los Angeles Chargers will play in by far the NFL’s smallest stadium this year, a soccer stadium with just 30,000 seats. And the Chargers plan to profit from scarcity pricing.

When the Chargers announced ticket prices this week, the average ticket came out to about about $192 a game at the StubHub Center. That’s by far the highest ticket price in the NFL: The Bears are expected to have the second-most expensive ticket, at about $135 a game. The price is also a huge increase from an average ticket price of $84.55 in San Diego last year, according to Team Marketing Report.

The Chargers had an average home attendance of 57,024 last season, which means the average gate for a home game was about $4.8 million. To top that this year in Los Angeles, the Chargers would only have to sell about 26,000 tickets a game at $192 a ticket.

Even though the Chargers’ welcome in Los Angeles has been lukewarm at best, selling 26,000 tickets a game should be no problem. This is, after all, NFL football. Even as NFL attendance declines, 26,000 tickets is nothing. The Chargers have said they expect their season ticket inventory to sell out.

Obviously, the Chargers think they’re going to make more money in Los Angeles in the long term, once the new stadium they’re sharing with the Rams is built. That’s why they’re moving. But even in the short term, in their tiny stadium in Carson, the Chargers will make more money from fewer fans.

69 responses to “With NFL’s highest ticket price, tiny stadium will pay off for Chargers

  1. Take notice guys…

    You have a 50 yardline seat to watch the slow death of the integrity on the NFL.

    (and the cheapest tickets aren’t at StubHub Center, they’re at PFT.)

  2. Let’s wait to see if 26,000 idiots with too much money
    really pony up for that
    before the Spanos weasels pop that $2 bottle of champagne…

  3. The Chargers are going to be the tree that fell in the woods but nobody was there to hear it made a sound so did it? If they don’t improve dramatically and fast, there’s going to be a lot of empty seats in a very small venue and that is known as an embarrassment. So when are the Padres moving to L.A? San Diego has already lost the Clippers and the Chargers.

  4. This for a team that went 9-23 over the last two seasons, finishing last in the AFC West both times.

    Coincidentally, last year, the Rams and Chargers combined for a 9-23 record.

    Bet the Los Angelenos are salivating at this opportunity for chump-dom.

  5. This is why you never let an accountant run a company. Yes, the numbers fit– until you factor in a mediocre team trying to establish a fan base in a new territory with established competition, many distractions and near complete loss of its old fans. Gouging like this is fatal in such circumstances. Rename the team the Hollywood Stars, Spanos, and sell out to a LaLaLand billionaire or foeigner.

  6. Usually, you cut the costs of your stale, unsellable product in order to attract new customers, not increase the price! I can’t remember when an NFL franchise decreased in value, but the ” genius” Spanos is going to prove that it can be done.

  7. Move into a rival city , let’s have the most expensive tickets. Thought it would be a cool experience to have the NFL in a cozy little stadium, hope now the attendance is terrible. $200 for a ticket is absurd for a regular season game. No reason to attend games anymore when the home viewing is a much better option.

  8. My cousin from LA is in town he told me no one cares about the Chargers in LA and the move was a plan to get SD to give in which backfired. I am sure this can be confirmed by LA posters that the city is Raiders/Rams territory and no one cares about the Chargers. That being said, I highly doubt it will be that expensive to go the games during the season, the ticket holders will be trying to give them away for cheap.

  9. More revenue from fewer fans is not a business model that would work in most markets, but LA is not a pro football market. Fortunately there is a large enough population to put 26k Fannie’s in the seats. In any other NFL city, that would be a pathetic turnout.

  10. If I took my 1 son, based on average I’m looking at $400 for tickets, + parking, +gas mileage, +couple dogs, burgers, pop.

    Sheet, new tv, grilled eats and 16 games in the comfort of my own home? Priceless.

  11. The city of San Diego had this coming. Thinking the chargers were bluffing about a move, they denied new stadium funding. But it was no bluff. Qualcomm stadium is one of the worst in all the NFL. This LA move is more on the city than the Chargers. Although they could of done more to secure funding.

  12. So, the Chargers just HAD to go to LA this year instead of waiting another year until the new stadium was built?? Sometimes I think that these owners just make it up as they go along.

    They are probably going to see that there are a lot of Charger fans that will learn they don’t really HAVE to go see them and can spend their money elsewhere.

  13. “Let’s wait to see if 26,000 idiots with too much money
    really pony up for that”

    What most likely will happen is the ticket agencies the NFL has shadow ownership of will buy most of them, in hopes of reselling them at twice that.

    And will then go on and lose a lot of money as by the end of the season they’ll be lucky to get 20 bucks a ticket for them.

    What were the tix in Buffalo and Cleveland going for at the end of last season 8, 10 bucks weren’t they?

  14. I used to feel different years ago, but now when I see the blatant degree of greed by these owners, I love it when the players play hardball and milk evey $50-100 million dollar contract they can out of them. Ticket prices are going to get increased regardless, part of daily life in NFL.

  15. First time in 10 years this Charger fan won’t be buying a ticket to see a game in SD, won’t be buying an airline ticket from Montana to SD, won’t be booking a hotel in SD for 2 days, won’t be renting a car in San Diego, won’t be spending hundreds on restaurants and parking . . . .

    Excellent business Chargers.

  16. So they doubled the price so it’s pays a 60k capacity stadium ,,, wow brilliant Wharton School of Business move ,,,,,, anybody that pays that is an idiot !!!

  17. They’re nuts, watch how all the games will have to be tight shots because they can’t show how empty this stadium will be.

  18. Here’s to hoping that the fans put their foot down to these increases in ticket prices and a decrease in value to money. You are almost doubling the ticket price and getting a smaller stadium, crappy ownership and poor outcomes.

    Fans need to say enough is enough. Boycott a game or 2 and watch them from home with friends. Yes, the experience of being there live is great, but the NFL needs to realize that what they are putting out on a per team basis is not worth that cost. Yes, this stadium will still fill up and they will act as if its a success, but how many unsold tickets will be gifted to charities to give the appearance of sell-out crowds to mislead everyone?

  19. You are forgetting a couple things. First there is next to no premium seating in that stadium. Teams are not required to share revenue from luxury boxes and club seating. So that is a huge revenue stream the chargers are going to miss out on. Second, their concession stand revenue is going to be paltry with roughly half the fans they had in SD.

  20. The resale market is where the real profit will be. Anybody who can get their hands on a season ticket will do just fine–most will probably never attend a game themselves but will unload all their tickets at a big markup. Probably to fans of the opposing teams. This will look like a neutral site on the best of days and like a road game on the worst.

  21. Guys, This is bigger than what you are all thinking. Its a social experiment. They have decreased attendance and have a hard time getting cities to pony up for 1.5 Billon dollar stadiums. So try a small venue out and see if that’s the direction to go. Even on TV its going to be different. This Is A Test.

  22. If they can’t sell out 30000 seats a game, they need force this guy to sell the team….if Jax can average 65000 a game they should be able to sell half of that….

  23. At $192/game – I guarantee you they do not sell 26,000 tickets – I don’t care if it is the LA market. They team is no good. San Diego is going to look like a homeless team next season – so weird.

  24. So much for the common man, or woman scraping up enough moola to take the kid(s) out to the park for a real game. Way to keep in touch with the little guys, NFL!!

  25. serfboard2000 says:
    Feb 16, 2017 7:02 AM
    Uh…how does Chicago (not NE, NYG, etc.) have 2nd costliest tickets?!

    State of Illinois & City of Chicago taxes, also paying for the UFO transition of Soldier Field, and the Chicago-Green Bay game buffing the overall average (you don’t want to see those prices) are how.

  26. Not about the Chargers putting a good product on the field… with this sized stadium, the other team playing can be the main draw. The LA market is the 2nd largest in the country. Plenty of transplant fans living here in LA.

  27. They will include some sort of “buy tickets this year get privilege/seating priority in the new stadium” deal. They won’t have a problem selling the seats this year. The question is how well they will do long-term.

  28. The Raiders game will be 100% silver and black. And LA has plenty of fans of every other team the Chargers play. Catching your favorite team destroying the Chargers in such a small setting would certainly be appealing.

    But no way do the Chargers make out great on this deal. No luxury suites, limited concessions… it’s a lousy deal for them and just another huge goof up by Spanos. And get ready to hear them whining about how the season ticket holders are selling at a huge markup to opposing teams’ fans.

  29. In a few years everyone will look back at the Chargers move as the straw that broke the camels back for the NFL. When LA fans are as indifferent as ever about pro sports and fans across the country are less and less interested in spending time and tax dollars on this particular brand of entertainment the Chargers and the NFL will be stuck with few options.

  30. Why are you all bashing LA? We didn’t want the Chargers. Spanos is that super rich guy who moves into your neighborhood, takes up all the parking spots, throws wild and obnoxious parties, leaves rusted cars on the front lawn, and burps loudly at restaurants.

    Oh sure, they’ll sell out a few games for the novelty factor, but I’m willing to bet that by mid season, the stadium will be half empty.

  31. $192/ticket?


    For once, just for once, I’d like to see the fans boycott the NFL. This ticket price is insane. With a box of popcorn it’ll cost $400 to see a bunch of losers.

    Anyone who supports this kind of insanity is nuts.

  32. I am sure they will sell from the other teams fans, but I still question their numbers because yes ticket prices is part of the revenue stream, but what about parking, food, apparel, etc? Going from 57k to 30k fans will see a huge decrease in those numbers.

  33. Plenty of NFL fans will pay this happily, and every Sunday lock up their trailers and drive their 1987 Cheverolet Chevette’s to the ol’ soccer stadium to watch some good ol’ fashioned, quality professional sports.

    Even in LA, there enough rubes that think sitting in the stadium, waiting through commercial breaks after every third play, being offered the chance to spend $12 on a Coors Light, is the highest form of entertainment and well worth spending a thousand dollars a week for their families to see.

  34. 1 ticket to Chargers game – $192
    Parking Pass – $100
    1 Hot Dog – $10
    5 Beers @ $12.50ea – $62.50
    Foam Finger Souvenier – $29.00

    When does the season start!!!!!!!

  35. Regardless of their record, the bet here is that the Chargers will always sell out at their new bungalow. LA is the land of flash and cash, a place to be seen and admired. For the A listers that don’t have court side seats at the Lakers, the LA Chargers are just their game. Chardonay anyone?

  36. bellinghamfitz says:
    Feb 16, 2017 12:17 PM

    Prediction, the Chargers will be the first NFL franchise to fold since 1952 (Dallas Texans).

    And the Earth is flat…

  37. thetooloftools says:
    Feb 16, 2017 5:33 AM

    If they don’t improve dramatically and fast, there’s going to be a lot of empty seats in a very small venue and that is known as an embarrassment.

    Nobody has sympathy for homeless billionaires.

  38. How much are bad seats in the upper end zone?
    Crappy teams like the Jets have their seats going for $7-$15 on StubHub, thats $100 for 8 games at that rate.
    Pay $192 for the Chargers who also stink?

  39. Taking a family of 4 to two regular season games just cost you a new, sweet OLED TV.

    That’s the kind of pricing model that looks good when you’re fooling around in Excel, but you know it just doesn’t make sense in the real world. It’s a crazy bad value proposition. Which would explain why they ended up doing exactly that.

  40. If you can’t afford $192 for a ticket to a football game, you need to find a better job.

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