Chargers left tackle King Dunlap arrested for violating protective order

Getty Images

Chargers left tackle King Dunlap was arrested last night in Nashville, for violating an order of protection filed by his girlfriend.

He has posted bond and was released from jail, and his lawyer told WKRN the issue was a “misunderstanding,” after he went to the girlfriend’s house to get some clothes.

“This event was a misunderstanding between the parties as to what was allowed under the order,” attorney Worrick Robinson said. “They had been discussing a joint resolution. This was not an egregious event, but two parties trying to come to a mutual understanding.

“Unfortunately a literal reading of the order meant absolutely no contact, and we trust the facts will resolve all issues in a favorable way for Mr. Dunlap.”

Neighbors apparently called police when they saw Dunlap’s car in the woman’s driveway.