Jared Goff working out with quarterback tutors

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It worked out pretty well for Matt Ryan, so it probably can’t hurt Jared Goff.

The Rams quarterback has started working with quarterback tutors Tom House and Adam Dedeaux this offseason, adding him to a group of pupils which includes the reigning MVP.

And Ryan’s old quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur, who was just hired as the Rams offensive coordinator, can vouch for the work they did with the Falcons quarterback.

I’ve seen the benefits,” LaFleur said, via Alden Gonzalez of ESPN.com. “What those guys do is pretty valuable, and it’s not always obviously with the time constraints that we can work with these guys. And I think they offer some things that maybe we can’t as coaches, from just a strength and conditioning standpoint in terms of how these guys train and keep their core strong, keep their shoulders strong.

“You’re talking about a long season for these quarterbacks. I didn’t see Matt Ryan fall off from day one to the Super Bowl. His arm strength was as good as it was at the end of the season. I think a lot of that was a credit to how he trained.”

House and Dedeaux’s 3DQB training facility has become an offseason home for many quarterbacks, and they focus on some of the technical and biomechanical facets of the game. House worked with Brees after his shoulder surgery in 2006, and they’ve added to their stable of clients over the years. Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, and Eli Manning are among the guys they’ve worked with at their Los Angeles facility.

Goff could certainly use the help, after a rookie season that saw him eventually replace Case Keenum, and then struggle as part of a bad offense. That led to the coaching change that brought head coach Sean McVay and LaFleur into his world, but he had started working with House and Dedeaux previously.

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  1. He should have a mentor every year he’s in the NFL – Tom Brady does.

    No matter the level of your craft, you have to stay diligent and stick to the basics. Most of the great ones do.

  2. Goff is going to be a top QB.. Gone is the 2016 cluster**** of a coaching organization. This kid with a good line and good receivers will shred any defense..

  3. Brady has spoken very highly of House, it can only help Goff to be working with him.

    It also shows a commitment to become the best he can be, instead of just being lazy in the off season like a lot of players.

  4. QB is a position for intelligent people. Any guy that doesn’t know that the sun rises in the east, is going to have problems. If they’re going to get him a tutor, maybe he needs a different kind of tutor.

  5. Most great athletes have special coaches. Tom Brady used this guy. Usain Bolt has a running coach, and Tiger Woods has a swing coach. No matter how good you are, the best ones are always working to get better. Jared Goff is going to be a really good QB. Sean McVay will get the most out of him.

  6. Spending last season being ‘groomed’ under incompetent Fisher was basically a wasted year for this kid. This year really has to be looked at as his rookie year, and every moment he spends under a real QB coach may actually turn him into an NFL quarterback.

  7. Whenever I hear this I think “Oh no this cant be good”.
    Why, the problem aint the arm or the throwing motion, unless your Tebow that is. The problem is between the ears.
    Take Travaris J. He had all the tools, arm, legs, speed. Could have been a specimen of a QB but lacked one thing no one could teach him and he never overcame. The Jets have a guy just like him – cannot for the life of him read defenses and worse, if the D backs are in motion it really screws things up.

    My take Goff isnt able to read the D and his arm isnt commanding enough to make throws he is mentally unsure of. Put a fork in this sucker

  8. According to local Philadelphia papers Carson Wentz over a month ago also said he had committed to working with House & Dedeaux.

    Mechanics progression in the NFL is critical each and every year.
    Look at Aaron Rodgers and much he has improved to a level that I haven’t seen in terms of accuracy and quick release. That was the knock on Rodgers coming out of college.
    I think he changed that don’t you think? Rodgers is unbelievably talented and money!

  9. I think the Rams were set up the worst they could be last year to help Goff succeed. Watching him on hard Knocks, he came across as an entitled, lazy guy that didn’t seem to work very hard. I have a feeling he will be one of those top picks that had some much better players picked after him.

  10. I wouldn’t give a 3rd round pick for Jimmy G!

    But do you see how New England players and coaches are pumping him up, trying to get his value up….

    Anything higher than a 3rd rounder would be a act of desperation and PR move.

    But don’t take my word for it, just watch his production next year, if he even plays.

  11. This is Rams mentality.

    If Rams have a decent team and needs only a few positions to fix.

    Example: Rams have a QB and RB and Defense/Special Teams.

    The they’ll wait until the current players are gone or Over the hill or playing poorly before they address the needs of

    Example: WR’s , TE’s, OL…

    Then they fix the WR, TE, and OL problems years later when the QB, RB, and Defense suck.

    It’s endless negligence on the part of the Rams Organization.


    We have the Cap Space!

    Address the OL and WR PROBLEM NOW!

    Give US the Rams Fans Something to look forward to now! We have suffered enough!

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