Report: Brian Daboll leaving Patriots for Alabama

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Patriots Tight Ends Coach Brian Daboll will be the new offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama,’s Chris Low reported Friday.

Daboll worked under Alabama coach Nick Saban as a graduate assistant at Michigan State early in his career before moving on to his first stint with the Patriots. He’s been an NFL offensive coordinator with the Browns, Chiefs and Dolphins.

Daboll returned to the Patriots in 2013.

Former Texans offensive coordinator Gerge Godsey was also a candidate at Alabama. That job opened when Steve Sarkisian left to become offensive coordinator of the Falcons.

17 responses to “Report: Brian Daboll leaving Patriots for Alabama

  1. Probably expected Mcdaniels would get a head coaching gig and he would get a crack at OC. Three time loser at that position doesn’t make you a hot commodity. Besides, I think Alabama pays better than just aboot any NFL franchise. Academia be damned.

  2. Good luck. Did an excellent job with the Pats, can’t blame him for wanting to make more money and be in a little bit more relaxed environment.

  3. Like Saban, this is just another example of what the Ron Borges of the sports world like to refer to as the “failed Belichick coaching tree”.

    The other super bowl team had some too in their GM and asst. GM. Obviously losers since they were only better than all other NFC teams.

  4. I think he was the heir to the O Coord should Josh have left. Once it wasn’t going to be open, and the Alabama job showed up, I’m not surprised he decided to go for it.

    Good luck to him and hopefully he continues to improve his coaching capabilities.

  5. Dabol leaving doesn’t leave a big hole in New England, it promotes evolution and change. That change might be minor but it helps an organization from becoming stagnant.

    There is a reason why the Cowboys, even when they have great talent and a bye like they did this year, never do anything in the playoffs. Starting with their owner/GM, they are just not that bright. The change in quarterback and running back certainly advanced their prospects forward this year but the team lacks the wisdom Belichick brings and requires from his staff.

    Kraft may have his son at his side but he handed the control over to Belichick. Egos like Jones and Johnson don’t understand their own limitations and either meddle like Woody did with the Revis signing (a colossal screw up) or go megalomaniac like Jones did in making himself GM.

    Both Jones and Johnson were big advocates for Goodell pushing Deflategate to the max. It blew up in their face. Belichick and Kraft aren’t paranoid about the other team (like you see constantly with the Colts). They just make sure they do their job and the players do their job.

    I think the Falcons get it and will continue to compete at the highest levels. The Packers get it (and having Rogers doesn’t hurt). The Steelers use to get it ( they would often let star players go that demanded big bucks) but they are showing signs of weakness in coaching and letting star players get away with actions detrimental to the team. Elway gets it. Miami may be starting to get it as they finally are jettisoning big names and big contracts after years of chasing them.

    Don’t hate the Patriots, learn from them; but understand they are always and evolving target.

  6. Mcdaniels over rated? Holy crap the stupid is strong in some.


    I’m having a hard time trying to figure out exactly why the Pats suffered so badly without McD. I’m having an equally hard time trying to find any success he’s had when he isn’t under Belichek’s shadow. Provided time will tell, I am not seeing anything that suggests he is some sort of superstar.

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