Report: Dolphins looking at trade options for a cornerback

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The Dolphins want to add some help at cornerback this offseason, and they may not be content to sift through free agency and the draft.

Via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are considering trading for a starting cornerback again, after landing Byron Maxwell from the Eagles last year.

The report mentions Aqib Talib and Richard Sherman as possible fits, though that seems ambitious, and it’s unclear why the Broncos or Seahawks would be interested in such a thing.

The Dolphins have the cap space to take on big deals, and the track record for doing so. Executive Mike Tannenbaum acquired Maxwell and Kiko Alonso that way last year, and they appear to be putting left tackle Branden Albert on the block after receiving interest from other teams once word got out they were cutting him.

The Dolphins have some young prospects in Xavien Howard and Tony Lippett, but a deal for a more established player to go alongside Maxwell would be easy to justify.

35 responses to “Report: Dolphins looking at trade options for a cornerback

  1. What would Miami offer Seattle or Denver for an excellent QB? Draft picks? Players?
    How about 3-4 above average (both at pass blocking and run blocking) 22 year old linemen, each with 3 years left on their rookie contract for Richard Sherman.

  2. I love Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie but the New York Giants could surely use some linebacker and/or offensive line help. However, I am unsure if the Miami Dolphins have any formidable pieces they’d be willing to part with that in return the Giants would want.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how when Dolphins spring up out of the water the “Big Splash” they make is when they are crashing back into the ocean?

    (I’m teasing. Not a hate post. Have a great weekend flippers.)

  4. If they don’t get a cornerback thru trade I can see them picking up Logan Ryan from the Pats… Why? That’s what the AFC East do, pick up former Pats players and overpay them…

    – Pats fan

  5. picking6s says:
    Feb 17, 2017 9:01 AM
    I can see them picking up Logan Ryan from the Pats… That’s what the AFC East do, pick up former Pats players and overpay them…
    I’d be surprised and saddened. Logan is a young Belichickian – Pats drafted him, no he’s not stunning but is versatile (happy to go where they want him, works hard, teamer) and played his part in an SB year. So I’d imagine the Pats want to keep him and it wouldn’t take much to entice him to stay. And Pats are $63M under the cap (one of the roomiest in the league) and frankly can pay all the FAs they want to keep – unusual for an SB winner to be in that position.

  6. How about Joe Haden. He has about 2 years of talent left to play for a contender. Browns are rebuilding anyways and have said it is a “make or break” year for Joe. Mid rounder?

  7. Just like Tannenbaum to swing for the fences!
    It’s always a swing & a miss, he’s never been known to hit that big home-run. The ONLY decent deal SINCE he’s been a Miami VP is the Kiko/Byron trade. Kiko looks like he’d play better moved outside – so he’s a keeper. Byron on the other hand had ups & downs ALL season, alot more downs so I’m just not sold on him.
    Not sold on EITHER Sherman OR Talib – they BOTH have
    “issues” – just hopefully Gase will have a say into what type characters are being put onto his team.

  8. I wouldn’t call Miami a dumpster fire you idiot Jet fans. I remind you that we made the playoffs while you played for a higher draft pick. Good luck with that approach. BTW, who is your QB? Dumb Dumb !

  9. FatSlowTri says:
    Feb 17, 2017 10:13 AM
    Hey PatsFan … I guess you’re forgetting the NUMEROUS Dolphin players that have been or are on your team? Welker, Hogan, etc? Check your facts.


    Very true, but Patriots don’t overpay these players like most teams do. We’ll take your late round and undrafted player for a cheap contract and turn them into ballers and win championships.

  10. picking6s – The Patriots have an incredibly talented coach and QB – probably the best tandem ever.

    That said, in what universe is ex Dolphin Chris Hogan worth more than Julian Edelman???
    Chris Hogan 2016 = $5.5 mil
    Julian Edelman 2016 = $4.4 mil

    Larry Izzo made the Dolphins as an undrafted player based on his special teams ability.
    He went to the Pro Bowl as a Dolphin based on his special team play. He went again as a Pat.
    Wow – such development taking a Pro Bowl player and sending him back.

    Only one player in NFL history, Gale Sayers, had more all-purpose yards in his first three NFL seasons than Wes Welker did with the Dolphins.
    So how exactly did NE improve Welker from there?

    Or please tell the story how you made Junior Seau great?

    In reality – Belicheck is insanely smart and has the ability to grab great players from a rival at the right time.

    Now please do us all a favor, and go grab your Brady jammies and thank the football gods that your last 2 Super Bowl opponents choked under pressure.

  11. I think Welker did just a liiiiiiitle better while having Brady throw to him for 5-6 years than when he was with the Dolphins. Hogan too.

    Better team, better coaches, better qb = better production–when you bring in the ones that “get it.”

  12. The Dolphins should take a small fraction of the money they’d spend on a high priced veteran CB, and invest a little more in their scouting operation so that they can go out and find their own players. This year there are 6 or 7 legit pro bowl caliber CBs in the draft. Most will go in the first or second round, but there’s always a good CB that is hanging around in the 4th or 5th round. The good scouts know how to find them.

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