Texans and Chiefs could be the favorites for Tony Romo

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With more quarterbacks than normal available this offseason, it might take the first domino falling to make them all drop in a hurry.

And one of the first could be Tony Romo, when/if Dallas releases him (and if he plays nice and allows that).

If that happens, a small group of teams who are clearly playoff caliber already top the list of possible destinations.

According to Peter King of TheMMQB.com, the Texans and Chiefs make the most sense as a possible post-Dallas destination for Romo.

While other teams (specifically the Broncos) have been mentioned as possibility, there’s a clear confluence of opportunity and proximity there. Romo clearly doesn’t want to play for a rebuilding team, or one too far away as his family is about to welcome a third child.

So the opprtunity to easily leapfrog Tom Savage or gently nudge Alex Smith aside provide reasonable alternatives for the soon-to-be 37-year-old Romo.

Houston might prefer a younger alternative (such as Jimmy Garoppolo), but plugging an established and able starter like Romo in would be a boost for a team which has played championship-level defense in recent years, with and without J.J. Watt. The Texans would need to invest in more offensive line help to make it make sense, but have a receiving threat in DeAndre Hopkins who has been underutilized.

Kansas City would stand a chance to upgrade from the good-not-great Alex Smith, and many of the same things apply there as in Houston.

King also mentioned that Romo turned down an off-field offer this offseason, which indicates that he’s focused on getting back on the field somewhere, and soon.

65 responses to “Texans and Chiefs could be the favorites for Tony Romo

  1. I wouldn’t say that gambling on Tony Romo is an upgrade from Alex Smith. The Chief should just stick with Smith.

  2. Romo likes living in DFW. With his money, he could charter a private jet in Houston and be home in less than an hour.

  3. That’s crazy – Alex Smith is a fine player. Plugging in a new QB is harder than it sounds, and KC had a great run over the past 2 seasons.

  4. I don’t see any way the Chiefs bring in Romo to “nudge” Alex Smith out of the starting role. Dorsey and Reid have shown no inclination to bring in hired guns. They’re building an organization to compete for the long term. Bringing in Romo just doesn’t make sense.

    The immediate need is much greater in Houston and he would be the starter day one. I’d say the odds are that Romo will be a Texan.

  5. Just a thought. Maybe Houston can actually DRAFT a franchise QB instead of being perennial poachers. The Texans are teetering on the brink of irrelevance no matter how much the media wants to hype them up.

  6. I’ve been loving the idea of Tony Romo in Kansas City. Nobody talks about it because Alex Smith has bored people into talking him up since nobody cares to actually watch him, but Smith took a huge step back in 2016. If Andy Reid thinks this is gonna be a pattern, there’s not a reason in the world to not take a shot at Romo.

  7. I think King is way off on this, neither team makes sense because of economics. The Texans would have around $35 million in cap room tied up in 2 QBs. Sure it might make sense because Osweiler is bad, but because they’re tied to his contract for at least 1 more year, it seems unlikely.

    And the Chefs are tight against the cap with 2 of their most important defensive players needing to be re-signed. They have to release/restructure several contracts just to get those 2 signed, it seems difficult for them to then also be able to free up enough space to sign Romo.

    Both teams makes sense from a need stand point, but neither makes any sense due to economics.

  8. As a Chiefs fan I would LOVE IT if Romo started at qb for Chiefs next year. They would have to draft or sign a capable backup, but it would be Awesome. Smith is good not great. Good to get you to the playoffs and lose. Romo could help us close the deal.

  9. While Alex Smith may be the equivalent of Steve DeBerg, Tony Romo cannot be similarly equated with Joe Montana. I would considered it a mistake for the Chiefs to do this.

  10. KC makes little sense to me. Romo is not an obvious upgrade over Smith. Especially with Romo for all practical purposes not having played for a year. To believe that at this point in his career Romo is going to return to his previous level of play AND learn a new system seems quite risky.

  11. The Texans don’t have the cap space unless he’s willing to take a huge pay cut and with the level of interest in him very unlikely. Please stop with the Romo to Texans talk. Ain’t happening.

  12. Romo is a stand-up guy, but the fact of the matter, this that without an OL, man, he wont make the season. He’s one tackle away from DL, that shoulder, im calling it now. Broken Collarbone.

  13. Seem odd destinations, but it’s Peter King. Yes, Romo is no Brady, and so makes for a very modest improvement over Smith or Osweiler, and at a very big cost. Given Romo’s age, his injuries and playoff history (2-4) which is no better than Smith (2-4) or Osweiler (1-1), the cost-benefit ratio just doesn’t seem there – at all.

  14. Chiefs problems arent at QB. Romo was a better QB in his prime, I doubt hes better than Alex Smith now, he sure as hell isnt as durable. Smith has also been with Reid since 2013. Houston is a better fit but committed so much to Oz

  15. kcflake……..I was a season ticket holder for the Chiefs for 20 years starting in 1989. I watched the Chiefs pick up one has been after another…. Joe Montana was a GREAT QB and actually won a playoff game. Another injury prone QB is NOT the answer. Just Say No.

  16. Pfftttt…….Tony Romo and Alex Smith aren’t ever taking you to the promised land. The bigger the games the smaller they play.

  17. Okay, so Romo would be your starter for the first 2 games before getting hurt and is out, possibly for the season. What’s your backup plan?

  18. Good, let him go to Houston, or better yet KC. Romo is so overrated and injury prone. My Broncos need to develop a QB, not rent another retread.

  19. Houston or KC might work well for Romo, but would Romo work out well for them? Bringing him in creates more controversy and contract trouble than any value gained. Romo goes to the Jets or Bears.

  20. atwatercrushesokoye says:
    Feb 20, 2017 8:41 AM
    I think King is way off on this, neither team makes sense because of economics. The Texans would have around $35 million in cap room tied up in 2 QBs. Sure it might make sense because Osweiler is bad, but because they’re tied to his contract for at least 1 more year, it seems unlikely.

    Houston could easily structure a contract built around bonus money with a low 1st year hit. Osweiler can be cut in 2018 with only a $6M cap hit.

  21. Why would Romo want to go to the Chiefs? What if gets hurt or doesn’t play well – he’ll lose his job to Smith because the Chiefs win with Smith. His record as a starter over the last few years is one of the best in the NFL. Would Romo want to be benched again for someone else?

  22. The Chiefs are closer than the Texans to get to the SB. They have a very good o-line, great tight end, very good receivers, very good RBs, great d-line, and a very good secondary. The Texans are questionable at the o-line and secondary.

  23. Smith cannot take take this team any further than he already has. And I don’t see where romo is much of a upgrade. How far did romo get the cowboys? Players are pretty similar. Foles is already on the team and played well in reids system, plus was a pro bowl player under chip Kelly. Yeah he stunk it up with the rams but what qb since urt warner hasn’t. I’d roll with foles, trade Smith and make Tyler bray the backup already. And draft one as 3rd. Yes foles

  24. What is this assumption Tom Savage will be with the Texans next year? He didn’t win the job, Osweiler lost it. And then Savage failed to play well enough so when he got injured Osweiler had done enough to keep it.

    Brock Osweiler will be the starter next season if it’s between him and Tom Savage.

  25. I can’t believe nobody here has mentioned this yet:

    There is NO WAY Romo plays for the Texans because there’s no way Jerry Jones will allow it. Even if Jones releases him, there’ll be a “wink-nod” agreement for Romo not to play in Houston.

    Do you really think that Jones, whose Cowboys compete for the minds and hearts of Texas football fans with the Texans, is going to allow one of his biggest names to go play in Houston?

  26. Both of these teams are in win now mode. Romo would be an upgrade at the position. Who has the better Oline? WhO has the deeper cap? The Texans really capped the bed in their haste with Osweiler.

  27. If he goes anywhere it’ll be Denver. But since the afc west play’s the nfc east this yr i’m wondering if that’ll have anything to do with a trade. So chiefs fans dream on alex is the man for at least another year.

  28. Romo is going to be super motivated, and should be very well rested, and ready to have the best years of his career. Just like when Peyton Manning was injured and missed the entire 2011 season, he goes to Denver and in 2013 throws for 5,477 yards and 55 TDs. The best year of his career. I expect Romo to have 2-3 super productive years left. Alex Smith has proven time and time again, that he’s exactly what you’re looking for in a backup QB, not a starter. He’s good enough to beat the bad teams, but he’s not going to get you to the super bowl.

  29. Alex Smith would be good for Houston if they lose out on Romo/Smith gets cut.

    Smith’s problem is that he is a game manager who needs a strong running game/good to great defense to carry him. If he is forced into a shootout, that’s where he gets exposed. Houston’s defense is strong enough to help out and he is mobile enough that the o-line can escape with their continued mediocrity.

    Romo is too injury prone to warrant any big financial commitment. Additionally, the hype around him is a bit confusing since he is not exactly a post season performer.

  30. The Chiefs under Andy Reid are what they are no matter who you put at QB. Romo would make no tangible difference there.

    Houston? I don’t see Jerry allowing that.

    Denver has a couple young QBs who can still get better. I think Elway is enough of a long-range thinker to not bite on a questionable veteran like Romo.

    How about the Bears or the Jets?

  31. And one of the first could be Tony Romo, when/if Dallas releases him (and if he plays nice and allows that).
    I didn’t know players had the say if they were released of not.

  32. Romo won’t be playing anywhere at his current salary cap value. The Cowboys will cut him and take the cap hit. The cap impact to Texans or any other team would be minimal.

  33. Peter King’s approach to writing is the same way I test spaghetti to see if it’s cooked, throw it at the fridge and see if it sticks. Lucky for King we have a short attention span and tend to forget how often he’s completely wrong.

  34. Pass on Romo. Draft Pat Mahomes from Texas Tech. Let him sit behind Osweiller, he’ll take over by game 5. Draft to improve the o-line or get them in free agency or trade. The Texans only need a real QB and they should push into the top level of play-off teams!!

  35. Per tones bones Manning went to Denver and had the best year of his life, so is Manning sending Romo his left over HGH stash??? I also recall Denver was humiliated by Seattle 43-8 that same season, Manning had per you , his ” best year”!!

  36. Denver is a no go for Romo. Their offensive line and run game needs retooling, a first time HC could mean growing pains, and with Wade gone, there’s no telling what the defense is going to be like. The Texans are also out. Brock’s ridiculous contract means that the team is married to him for at least another year, for better or for worse. While it’s great that Alex Smith takes care of the football, his overly risk averse style and bare minimum production means there will always be questions of an upgrade. Still, Alex is the younger, more durable of the two. So the Chiefs are out. Right now, the L.A. Rams makes the most sense. The have a good defense that will get better under Wade’s guidance, they have a decent offensive line and receiving weapons, and a capable quarterback like Romo could be just what Gurley needs to get going again. And the new coach can’t possibly be worse than Fisher!

  37. He needs to take a payout and retire in Dallas.
    If not, Romo goes to Houston, Houston would then be in the Championship game in either Romo’s first or second year. Houston’s Defense, if healthy, will be outstanding in 2017-1018. Because, of this! Romo will have the Opportunity to redeem himself. He will retire before the 2020 season. if not before. Best of luck to him.

  38. I don’t think the Chiefs can protect Romo from the Blind Side(BS). BS hits have put young, fresh QBs on the disabled list. It’s going to be hard keeping a 300 lb. lineman from squaring off on him or keep from falling on top of him. Let alone, a free running linebacker picking him up an slamming him into the turf. Which is what caused his back problems in the first place. Dallas vs Giants 2015-2016.

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