Darrelle Revis’ preliminary hearing pushed back to March 15

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Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was arraigned on five criminal charges last Friday and scheduled to be in the courtroom this Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

That hearing has been pushed back, however. According to multiple reports, Revis’ first hearing in the matter won’t take place until March 15. Revis was charged with four felonies after being involved in a physical altercation in Pittsburgh last week.

That’s about a week after the start of the new league year and four days after Revis is due to receive a $2 million roster bonus. He’s also due $6 million in guaranteed money that would be paid if he’s released, but would be voided in the event of a league suspension. That suspension wouldn’t come quickly, but Revis could be put on paid leave pending the resolution of the case.

That would give the Jets time to wait on making a decision about how to proceed with Revis, but the change in hearing date could also push back a ruling on that front.

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  1. Once the league can determine exactly what is in the Jets best interest and start working backwards from that desired outcome the investigative and disciplinary process will kick into high gear.

  2. The guys down at the courthouse needed a rest after that Porter case.

    But seriously….Really after seeing the video if thats what the prosecution is riding on I dont see this going very far. Especially if voice print analysis doesnt come back confirming Revis.

  3. Even if he’s found guilty, there is no way Goodell suspends him. If anything, it will run concurrently with any jail time and/or house arrest.

    After what Goodell helped the Jets cover up the massive tampering and the covering up of Josh Brown’s serial abuse, is there any doubt of his favoring certain teams?

    KC fans, how do you feel about the $100K fine the Jets received for tampering with Revis? Private cell phones (did Roger demand to take possession of them) secret face to face meetings, etc.

  4. to me, it seems like both sides think Revies didn’t do it, but knows who did.

    The felony charges were the first salvo in trying to get him to name the assailant.

  5. This actually means that it is likely that Revis has a defense to the charges Uaually in these matters where no permanent injuries were sustained, no guns, the matter is disposed of at the prelim. Usually
    a plead to one or two summaries and payment of medical bills with
    max fine and courts coats. Approximately 350 plus courts costs
    ( 500- 600 for each summary offense)
    Where there is no defense it’s usually handled without a continuance.
    Just go and plea.
    . One questions I had after reviewing the film ( which wasn’t easy to see )
    but I have seen video from surveillance camera’s from businesses nearby and in similar cases. The 2 victims were lying on their backs with their arms perfectly stretched out. When I have seen someone get knocked out …they fall on their face ..to the side and sometimes on their back. But I gotta say …it sort of looked staged. Perhaps not, but it was just weird seeing the victims both laying in the exact manner.

  6. So the Jets tampered to get Revis, paid a bloated contract for him, and got one good year of production out of him. Once again, I’m embarrassed to be a Jets fan…

  7. As a former prosecutor and based only the public info available, it doesn’t appear that the prosecution has much to carry their burden with.

    Having said this, Jesus Revis, what were you doing roaming the streets of south Pittsburgh at almost 3 am? Really, seriously? Way to make your self a target. I have Chris Carters cell number. You want it?

  8. “Patriot Way”

    So even though he’s been a Jet most of his career, was a model citizen the one year he was in Foxboro, and this happened 2 years after he was a Patriot, you somehow attribute this to the Pats?

    Has to be the silliest thing I’ve seen anyone say all day and that takes a lot on PFT


  9. It’s the revelation from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that the tampering the Jets engaged in when they were prying Revis loose from the Patriots was way, way more involved than what the NFL fined them for. And that Jets owner Woody Johnson knew all about it.

  10. getnakedandrunwild says:
    Feb 21, 2017 4:17 PM
    Sad. All the Cheetah Nation feels discriminated against even after Bobby Kraft’s BFF Man bro, Goodell, did everything he could to hide the elephaBT with Spygate
    Yeah, taking away a #1 pick for something that wasn’t even against the rules until the next year was a great help!

  11. It’s the revelation from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that the tampering the Jets engaged in when they were prying Revis loose from the Patriots was way, way more involved than what the NFL fined them for. And that Jets owner Woody Johnson knew all about it.

    ” prying Revis loose from the patriots”- Now thats funny.

    Wasn’t it “Mevis” that was quoted that the patriots were not even in the same neighborhood in the negotiations. Boy he played the jets like a fiddle…..Got them bidding against themeselves and now it sounds like the fans were fooled too.

  12. @donbat67

    Voice print analysis is a key tool often used in criminal cases. Unlike polygraphs, it is admissible evidence in state and federal courts. You may go now, just leave your brain bag.

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