John Lynch called Matt Millen to see what not to do

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When the 49ers hired former NFL safety and broadcaster John Lynch to become their General Manager, the easy punch line was that it sounded a lot like the Lions hiring Matt Millen.

But Lynch touched base with Millen as he embarked on his new gig, to make sure his team didn’t turn into the same kind of joke.

Via Matt Maiocco of, Lynch said he had a conversation with Millen about what not to do.

“Matt Millen and I had a great conversation the other day,” Lynch said during an interview on 95.7 The Game. “I found it was very interesting to talk to him. He shared with me some of the things that he would’ve done differently. I think you can learn a little bit from everything and everyone, but ultimately you go to put your head down and go to work.

“We’ve put together a really, really quality team that I’m excited about. We’re in full stride and working every day to knock down things on our list. It’s a big list, and we’re ambitious on how aggressive we want to attack that. But it’s going very well.”

Among Lynch’s moves was hiring the guy who replaced Millen in Detroit as a senior personnel executive. And while Martin Mayhew’s 47-81 record as G.M. wasn’t sterling, it was better than Millen’s 31-61.

20 responses to “John Lynch called Matt Millen to see what not to do

  1. So we can safely say Lynch won’t draft a WR in the 1st round three years in a row? You know you are remembered for being a failure when someone calls you to see how to NOT emulate you. The sad part is some forget how good of a player Millen was with the lingering stank of his GM career overhead.

  2. Millen is a good guy. it’s not his fault he got offered the job as GM of the Lions.

    Anybody would have taken it.

  3. “But Lynch touched base with Millen as he embarked on his new gig, to make sure his team didn’t turn into the same kind of joke.”

    It’s a different kind of a joke, John.

  4. I assume the advice was “Don’t take a GM job when you have no front office experience, because being a former player and broadcaster has nothing whatsoever to do with running an actual NFL franchise.”

  5. skittlesareyum says:
    Feb 21, 2017 11:53 AM
    There can be as much to learn from those that made mistakes as from those that succeeded.


    Well said

    Sometimes success is not as easy to duplicate as failure

  6. john lynch will be a smashing success in san Francisco. give him and his coach two years and they will have earned respect by then.

  7. Wow……that must have been a long call……perhaps days, Millen did almost everything wrong!!!! Worst GM jn NFL History.

  8. just listening to the two of them announce games gives me a modest amount of confidence in Lynch. He sounds much more intelligent and thoughtful in his comments. Millen always repeats a lot of the same phrases with supreme authority. I could imagine him being overly confident in his GM skills and not humble enough to reach out to someone else to learn.

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